Instructions In the folder should be Html files for the affiliate by sofiaie



In the folder should be:

        Html files for the affiliate sales page and squeeze page
        AR (auto-responder) emails
      Instructions

One thing you may wish to do is create graphics for the page. This will help you customize the sales
letter to you. I’d recommend getting:

        Ebook/software box
        Header graphic
      Footer graphic

Of course you do not have to do this and the sales page should work just fine as it is.

Also, the AR form at the bottom of the sales page would need to be customized to your AR account. I
included it as an example or illustration.

With the AR emails, you will need to insert any code/tags and your own affiliate links.

The concept behind this is to capture visitors into a list and continue to “close” them over and over
through your emails.

One other thing you could do is offer a different affiliate program after a while. If one does not work,
maybe a different similar affiliate program will. However, I recommend to “close” them over and over
on one affiliate program.

Later, you can look to cross promote and pitch another affiliate program and further monetize your list.
The options are unlimited.

Each one of the emails gets more aggressive as each email passes. Multiple emails will keep the
program “top-of-mind” and keep reminding the subscriber to buy the product.

Of course, you can change the sales letter or customize it however you like. You can not resell this
sales letter & emails, or provide it as a product in any membership site. It is for your personal use only.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:


Eric Louviere &
Dr. Mike

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