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									Getting Started With Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are a mainstay on the Internet. In doing a Google search, you'll find over 20 million links for affiliate programs and 23 million for it's
offspring known as Affiliate Marketing. It's a huge multi-million dollar market that continues to grow, and offers incredible opportunities for enterprising
individuals. There are affiliate programs for practically anything you can imagine, and can be a great place for the beginner to start when looking to
earn money online. This article looks at affiliate programs from a beginner's perspective to offer insight into just what an affiliate program really is, and
compares the different types of affiliate programs.An affiliate program is one in which you agree to 'affiliate' yourself with a particular program acting
sort of as an agent of that program or business. It' one of the simplest businesses on the Internet, with your main concern being that of generating
traffic to your affiliate website, and earning commissions on your sales. Your commission is usually a one time commission and could range anywhere
from 5% to 75% depending on the type of product or service you are marketing. While digital products usually pay a higher commission than real
products, it doesn't necessarily equate to higher profits since real physical products like electronics, computers, etc, often sell at a higher price. For
digital based products, places such as Clickbank, Commission Junction and Paydotcom have hundreds of products that you can affiliate with. You can
also find an assortment of real and digital affiliate products by simply doing a search with the words, 'Affiliate Programs'.Another type of affiliate
program is related more to business opportunities, and has been used for years by Network Marketing and MLM companies. This kind of marketing
differs in that the emphasis is placed on the business opportunity as opposed to the product. Your primary focus becomes recruiting other affiliates into
the program with the hope that they will also recruit other affiliates. A big appeal for these types of programs is the possibility of earning a significant
residual income. While this concept sounds great in theory, the reality is that it usually doesn't work as well as advertised. Most people find it very
difficult to sign up people into a program, and the turnover rate can be extremely high, particularly where there is a monthly cost involved. Successful
Network Marketers will tell you that it's simply a numbers game, and that it only takes a few highly motivated people to make you money. Whether or
not you locate these people before your patience and money runs out is the big challenge.Regardless of what type of online business you're involved
with, a major issue is getting traffic to your website. You can have what you consider to be the best program or product on the Internet but without
sufficient traffic, you are 'dead in the water'. There are two basic types of web traffic; free and paid. While free traffic sources such as Click Exchanges,
Social Networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc., Safelists, Forums, and Article Marketing don't cost you much in the way of
money, they do require a significant 'investment' in time in order to make them work. Some of the free traffic sources like Click Exchanges and
Safelists are primarily used by fellow marketers so unless you have a unique product that will benefit them in some way, you will probably be spinning
your wheels with this type of advertising. Many savvy marketers are now making use of video presentations through Youtube to market their products,
and others such as myself like to use articles to spread the word. The point is, Internet Marketing is constantly evolving, and there will always be new
ways to market your products.While building an Internet business without having to spend a bunch of money on advertising sounds like the easy
choice, most affiliate marketers rely upon paid advertising such as PPC's like Google and Yahoo, Solo Ads in Ezines, and Banner ads to sell their
products. Payperclicks are basically an online auction in which you place bids for keywords and pay your bid amount whenever someone clicks on
your keyword. Although I have used PPC's with excellent results in the past, increased competition has made the cost of good keywords prohibitive in
many cases. Advertising in ezines and newsletters can be a good option for those with limited funds and little Internet Marketing experience. There are
thousands of these publications available on the Internet, and you can test an ad for as little as $5. Lastly, many affiliate programs provide banners
that are basically images that allows someone to click on it, and takes them to the affiliate website. If you can find good places to display your banners,
this can be a very profitable method of advertising.Affiliate marketing can be an excellent choice for those looking to earn money online. There are
many people making good money marketing affiliate programs and some who earn six figure incomes. It can be done, but it usually doesn't happen
overnight. Take some time to see what type of affiliate programs are out there, and see what you would feel most comfortable marketing.

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