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Interview: Inga “International” Newson

1) What motivated you in becoming a video vixen?

   It wasn‟t a personal choice. It began when Director Hype Williams saw my photo and
   booked me without auditioning me for New York Rapper, Q-Tip‟s music videos, which
   were both a big success. Both videos were #1, and to this very day is a certified classic.
   MTV and BET play them quite often. Thereafter, I appeared in five other popular music
   videos. It was a good experience, however, the reference, “video vixen” isn‟t quite what I
   am. I consider myself to be a video model, and that‟s just one of my many promising
   occupations. Sometimes what you truly desire doesn‟t usually come first. Although I‟m
   very grateful, it was a helpful stepping stool to take me to the next level up. My career
   blossomed immediately, thereafter. I had the option of continuing to appear in music
   videos, but I later decided it was best to walk away and just focus on my acting career.
   Shortly after, I appeared in Indie Film, “Shrink Rap” and also did some print modelling
   for Coors Light Beer, and Captain Morgan. I also established my very own entertainment
   company, I International. Aside from Almighty God, I give credit to my “video vixen”
   experience for making all this possible. It goes to show that with the right exposure and
   association, anything is possible in the biz.

2) With numerous women within the industry what is the competition like?

   The competition is tough, but if you possess a look that is appealing to an audience,
   you‟ll certainly stand out and will be requested repeatedly by Artists and Directors. I
   don‟t personally get intimidated by other talent, because I‟m not at all easily intimidated.
   The Industry is known to be competitive; it‟s expected. The real competition is when
   we‟re all in wardrobe changing clothes. Then and there is when we see each other in our
   birthday suit, and that‟s when the real competition begins. I wish I could explain, but try
   and figure it out if you can. {Laughs} Seeing so many attractive girls in one room
   standing nude with toned bodies was so new to me. One can easily become discouraged
   and begin an instant diet, or maybe even get a gym membership upon leaving the set. All
   jokes aside, but this type of reaction isn‟t usually discussed in interviews. I‟m glad I‟m
   now mentioning it for those that don‟t know, and would like to know. LOL!

3) Do you think that young females have a misrepresented understanding of what a
   video vixen is?

   Yes! Their understanding of it is getting booked, going on set, and personally hooking up
   with Artists and Directors. It‟s considered a lifestyle to many of them. Not knowing that
   it‟s about gaining the right positive exposure to exalt their career. It‟s not about looking
   good and playing, it‟s about looking good and working. It‟s a job, and many of them fail
   to realize that. What they aren‟t aware of is the Director will only approve so much.
   Maybe he‟ll feature them repetitively for three music videos and then later refer them to
   his Director friend, and he‟ll then utilize them for maybe two other videos. After that,
   their video vixen career goes downhill. The face is now worn out, and new (younger)
   video models appear on the scene. It‟s too shady, and deep for me to even continue.

4) The media portrays Video vixens as sex objects, how would you define your role?

   There‟s nothing wrong with being a sex object. Halle Berry is considered a sex object,
   but she‟s a classy sex object. There‟s a big difference! In the Rap/Hip Hop Industry, my
   role is a print/commercial/video model. As far as being a global sex object, I don‟t mind
   at all as long as the image is right and the pay check matches. Sex is appealing when it‟s
   mass-marketable. Keep in mind that Sex sells and it always will. I‟m not referring to
   actual sex, I‟m referring to sex appeal. {Laughs} We‟re not in this game for nothing.
   Money plays an important role, and it always will. In Hollywood, if you possess bore,
   you‟ll get nowhere. As for myself, I think I‟m sexy enough. If you ever noticed, a lot of
   my photos are upper half shots. I would never expose my lower half. Only because I‟m
   not an exhibitionist, and more power to any model that is. In my MySpace „pics‟ section,
   you‟ll find nothing but tasteful upper half photos. I simply prefer it that way!

5) Would you say the role of a video vixen empowers or is derogatory to women?
   (How, why)

   It empowers women in a sense that it glorifies beauty and sex appeal. Its all „Eye Candy‟
   related. It‟s derogatory when the strippers and adult stars make their appearances in these
   music videos and take it to another level, which is usually negative. They‟re usually hired
   to do things the average video models wouldn‟t do like shake their big asses/tits in the
   camera. The average model is present to be featured with her beauty, but these other
   types are usually hired to be derogatory. Don‟t get me wrong, they do what they do and
   they do it well, but it makes the average model negatively labeled by the media. It
   somewhat resemble the reference, “birds of a feather flock together.” At the end of the
   day, the video vixen title is all that matters to the average model, whether it‟s derogatory,
   or not. She feels on top of the world that such a title is hers, and will always defend it
   whenever it should be brought up for debate. Today, watching a music video you see
   nothing but „Eye Candy‟, which defines lust and infatuation, but in reality, it‟s just hair,
   make-up and wardrobe and then the Director says, “Cut”!!!!

6) Would you say there were different genres within the video vixen world? If so what
   are they?

   Yes! There are different genres of the video vixen world. There are girls that are just
   simply beauty queens and there are those that are modern dancers. Then you have the
   hoochies that are just hired to shake their butts/tits like I had mentioned before. Some are
   background and some are back up just in case a talent simply isn‟t working out. Pay is
   also different; it all varies. In many urban publications, you‟ll mainly see in rotation one
   or two extremely popular video models. Those are the ones puttin‟ in sweat off camera to
   be nationally featured. Other models would be like, it‟s just not that serious! Being over-
   exposed could seriously become detrimental to one‟s career. As talent, I try not to get too
   much media attention. My most recent interview was with Blog Talk Radio discussing
   my cover girl appearance on Stunner Baby Magazine‟s July issue. Being featured on the
   cover was exciting! Since, I‟ve laid low only because too much press can hurt my career.
   It‟s sometimes good to be heard and not seen. LOL!

7) Would you encourage young women to get into the vixen industry? If so how would
   you suggest they go about it?

   I see nothing wrong with it, however, it‟s always safe to pursue an Entertainment field
   wisely. I‟m a big sister mentor to many young girls between the ages of 18-21. They
   admire me and desire to be like me, if not better. It makes me feel good to know that I
   actually matter in their lives. Leadership is good, and so I always encourage them to lead,
   and not follow. I think if they truly desire to become a video vixen, they will be
   successful at it as long as they‟re not easily tempted by the illusion it sometimes reflects.
   It‟s a tricky industry that could easily be mastered once approached wisely, and not
   eagerly. Five things I recommend would be to: (1) Have outstanding photos, (2) Sustain a
   good attitude, (3) Hire an authentic Agent/Manager/Lawyer, Bring a bodyguard „on-set‟
   with you (5) Audition well with confidence and book the gig. Those are essential things
   to have, believe it or not. Each time I went on a video/print shoot, I took a temporary
   bodyguard. Now I have a permanent bodyguard, which is vital to have due to possible
   jealousy, rivalry and/or stalkers. Also needed is a personal assistant. Mine is the most
   professional assistant in existence. It really pays to have one!

8) Out side your life as a video vixen what are your hobbies and interest?

   I love spending time with Family and close friends. I love to shop and buy new things. I
   also go to the movies a lot, even if it‟s alone. I dine and wine with my guy friend, which
   is very soothing. Oh, and I love to cook! I‟m a workaholic, if you didn‟t know. I‟m
   President/CEO of I International, Inc., which is my very own Los Angeles based
   Entertainment company. It keeps me extremely busy. If you‟re not aware, I‟m also a
   Writer. I have a half-hour television show that I wrote and developed that‟s currently up
   for consideration at Disney. I‟m the proud Author of two short novels and two books of
   traditional poetry that are soon to be independently published. I am a Rap/Hip Hop
   Journalist for YoRaps.com and Riotsound.com. There‟s never a dull moment in INGA
   International‟s life. As far as being talent, I‟m currently in the recording studio working
   on my album. I have a single releasing soon and a music video to follow. I could go on
   and on, but I‟ll stop here. Better yet, I‟ll have my Public Relations team send Tru Life
   Mag a press package once it‟s all completed and released.

9) Who are you inspired by? (Why)

   I‟m inspired by GOD, and Family. Oprah Winfrey is my mentor. Positive and productive
   people, I respectfully admire. My Parents are great supporters. I lost my Mother nearly
   three years ago, and it still cuts like a knife. She was my strength, basically my whole
   world. My Parents were happily married for forty-five years. I come from an old-
   fashioned traditional family with strict morals and values. I was raised Catholic and it
   was almost convent-like strict. As an adult, I can now abide by these morals and values.
   I‟m inspired by my strict upbringing, because without it I‟d perhaps purse a lot of things
   differently, desiring shortcuts and to be easily bribed and tempted. {Laughs} I‟m
   naturally inspired when it comes to positivity, and productivity. My Family and Friends
   find me to be extremely positive. Having me as a friend is a credit, because my friendship
   is unconditional. As far as inspiration is concerned, I stay inspired no matter what!

10) What is your favourite quote?

   “Live for today with acknowledge of tomorrow.” I originally created that quote a few
   years back. I never revealed it to the world until now. I hope no one steals it…LOL! It
   simply means that it‟s good to live for today, but you should also remember tomorrow for
   it‟s a new day; a different day. Although tomorrow isn‟t guaranteed, it‟s still good to
   think ahead and plan. It‟s almost like saying, “don’t eat all the food today, leave some for
   tomorrow.” I‟m sure we‟ve all heard that scolding sentence before.

   Special thanks to Tru Life Magazine, and Stunner Baby Magazine!!!!

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