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									                                          EPP-ED HEARING ON
                                AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND CO2 EMISSIONS
                                        5 JUNE 2008 9.00 - 11.00
                                            Room PHS 3C50

            NAME                                                     SHORT BIOGRAPHY
      Gunnar HÖKMARK              Degree in economics, Lund University (1975). Reserve officer, armoured troops (1975).
(Vice-Chairman of the EPP-ED)     Trainee within the Unilever Group (1976). Product manager, Unilever (1977). Head of Timbro
                                  Idé (1985-1991). Managing Director of the Reform Institute (2000-2002). Chairman of the
                                  Moderate Party Youth League (1979-1984); member of the party's Executive (1979-1984);
                                  Party Secretary of the Moderate Party (1991-2000). Chairman of Democrat Youth Community
                                  of Europe (1981-1983). Member of the Swedish Parliament (1982-2004); Chairman of the
                                  Committee on Laws (2000-2004).
                                   Vice-Chairman of the European Enterprise Institute (2004). Chairman of the Sweden-Israel
                                  Friendship Association. Estonian and Latvian decorations.
                    1st panel Eco - innovation: a tool for improving European industry
     Martin CALLANAN              B.Sc. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (1985). Project engineer, Scottish and Newcastle
                                  Breweries (1986-1998). Councillor: Tyne and Wear County Council (1983-1986); Gateshead
                                  Metropolitan Borough Council (1987-1996). Member of the European Parliament (since 1999).

     Anders KÄRRBERG              Executive Director, Governmental Affairs, Volvo Car Corporation. He provides executive
        (Volvo Cars)              leadership to Volvo Cars global governmental relations, in particular for safety and
                                  environment related issues. Previously, Mr. Kärrberg was the Environmental Director, Volvo
                                  Car Corporation, responsible for establishing long-term strategies and goals as well as
                                  environmental requirements for Volvo cars. He was also responsible for the development of
                                  the Volvo Cars environmental management system. Prior to joining Volvo Cars, Mr. Kärrberg
                                  was Director, AB Volvo, responsible for the environmental strategy, environmental policies and
                                  plans for the Group. Before joining AB Volvo, Mr. Kärrberg has held a broad range of positions
                                  and responsibilities such as Project Manager in the Volvo Truck / Renault
                                  Joint Venture, where he worked on establishing synergies between the two companies. He has
                                  also been active in the Office of the Science Counselor at the Swedish Embassy in
                                  Washington, D.C. and held positions within Engineering at BMW AG, Munich, Germany.
                                  Anders Kärrberg graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a Master's Degree in
                                  Machine Design, and he is fluent in Swedish, English and German. Mr. Kärrberg is also a
                                  member of the Joint Committee of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association,
                                  headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

     Jos DINGS              Director of T&E (Responsible for external representation, strategy, personnel, and funding of the
       (T&E)                organisation), the European Federation for Transport and Environment. T&E is Europe's principal
                            environmental organisation campaigning specifically on transport issues and draws its 49
                            member organisations from nearly every EU Member State. T&E works on aviation, shipping,
                            standards for cleaner vehicles and fuels, and European infrastructure policy. Before joining T&E
                            in 2004, Jos worked at CE Delft, an environmental consultancy, where he headed the transport
                            division. CE Delft is an independent, innovative and effective think tank on environmental policy.
                            CE Delft's mission is to change societal structures at (inter)national level, for the benefit of the
                            environment, through executing and disseminating cutting-edge policy studies and advice. CE
                            Delft employs about 40 people and operates on a not-for-profit basis, but without regular
                            subsidies. (Manager Transport Division as of July 2001). Positioned CE Delft's Transport division
                            as an internationally respected and influential consultancy on transport and environment policy,
                            especially in the field of:transport infrastructure charging policy (EU/NL);aviation: design and
                            evaluation of instruments for reduction of emissions and noise (globally/EU/NL);design,
                            evaluation and prioritisation of environmental measures in transport (NL/EU) (Consultant on
                            transport and environment).
                 2nd panel: Mass vs. Foot print and associated potential incentives
Werner LANGEN (MEP)         Degree in economics (1975). Dr. rer. pol. (1977). Project leader at the Institute for Research
                            into Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Bonn (1975-1978). Lieutenant in the reserve.
                            Chairman of Cochem-Zell district CDU (1981-1992). Land Chairman of the Rhineland-
                            Palatinate CDU (1992-1993). Local councillor in Müden (Mosel) (1979-1994). Member of the
                            Cochem-Zell district council (1979-1994). Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Landtag (1983-
                            1994). Spokesman of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Mainz (1978-1983). Member of the
                            Rhineland-Palatinate Land government (1990-1991). Minister of Agriculture, Rhineland-
                            Palatinate (1990-1991). Chairman of the agriculture committee of the Bundestag (1990-1991).
                            Member of the European Parliament (since 1994). Federal Cross of Merit with ribbon.

  Thomas BECKER             1977 - 1985: Grammar School in Meerbusch/Germany; A-level; 10.1986 -1.1991Course of
      (BMW)                 Studies:Business Economics (Cologne University); 4.1992 - 10.1994 Conferral of a doctorate;
                            1995 - 2002: Consultant (Department „Environmental Policy“, BDI (Federation of German
                            Industry, Berlin); 2002 - 2006:Manager (Department „Political Enconomy“, VDA (Association of
                            German Automobile Manufacturers, Frankfurt); From 01/2007 – 11/2007: Deputy Excecutive
                            Officer, VDA; Since 12/2007: Vice President Governmental Affairs (BMW Group, Munich)

  Bernard GILMONT           Mechanical Engineer U.C.Louvain (’92); Petroleum Applications Engineer I.F.P School, Paris
(European Aluminium         (’93); Business Administration Certificate, Solvay Business School, Brussels (’01); ’93-’94:
    Association)            Electricité de France, Research Center, Engineer; ’95-’96: Petrofina, Antwerp’s Refinery,
                            Supply Coordinator; ’96-’00: Petrofina, Lubricants, Transport Product Manager; • ’00-ongoing:
                            European Aluminium Association, currently Director for Building and Transport

                                3rd panel: Fines / Super credits
Vito BONSIGNORE (MEP)   Graduate in business studies. Technical Director and General Director of the Turin-
                        Alessandria-Piacenza motorway company. Former member of the DC Central Directorate.
                        Member of the National Executive of the UDC. Town councillor of Venaria Reale (TO) (1970-
                        1980). Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (1987-1994). Under-Secretary for the
                        Budget (1992-1993).

Tayce Ann WAKEFIELD     1984: Master of Science In Management (M.S.M.), Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Boston
     (GM Europe)        University, Brussels, Belgium; Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Osgoode Hall Law School, York
                        University, Toronto, Canada; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science McMaster University,
                        Hamilton, Canada Edwin Marwin Dalley Scholarship for standing first in class. 2005 – Present:
                        Executive Director, Government Relations & Public Policy, Member of European Strategy
                        Board, General Motors Europe, Brussels, Belgium; 2003 – 2005:Executive Director,
                        Environment & Energy,General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan; 1995 – 2003 Vice
                        President, Corporate & Environmental Affairs, Member of the Board of Directors,General
                        Motors of Canada Ltd, Oshawa, Canada; 1993 – 1995: General Director of Corporate Affairs,
                        General Motors of Canada, Oshawa, Canada; 1991 – 1993: Director of Public Relations,
                        General Motors of Canada, Oshawa, Canada; 1989 – 1991: Director of Government Relations,
                        General Motors of Canada, Oshawa, Canada; 1984 – 1989:Government Relations Staff –
                        Progressively General Motors of Canada, Oshawa, Canada
   Nevio DI GIUSTO      Managing Director of CRF (FIAT Research Centre) and Elasis, a consortium participated by
    (FIAT Group)        Fiat, Iveco, CRF . Nevio Di Giusto CEO and General Manager Centro Ricerche Fiat and
                        Elasis S.C.p.A. developed his career in Fiat Auto, where he was hired 1978 as project
                        engineer in the Product Engineering Department. In 1979 he joined the Fiat Researches
                        Center (C.R.F.) as responsible for the Wind Tunnel, and, in 1982 he was given the
                        responsibility for Vehicle Architecture in the Innovation Department. In 1985 he was named
                        responsible for Lancia Interiors design; in 1988, he became responsible for Lancia cars Body
                        and Electronic Devices Development. In 1990 he was also given the responsibility of the
                        Lancia Vehicle testing. In 1991 he was appointed responsible of Fiat Style Center with the task
                        of introducing a new project and engineering culture, taking into particular account the
                        interface between the style and the other different product development process phases. In
                        1992 Mr. Di Giusto was named responsible for the Style and Design Department, with direct
                        responsibility of the three Style Centers (Fiat, Alfa, Lancia) and of the Models Development
                        Department. In 1997 he was named director of the new Platforms Development Department.
                        On July 2001 he became director of the new R&D, Design, Product Concept Department,
                        which consists of Innovation, Product, Style, Engineering, Technical-Legislative Services,
                        Process Development Methodologies. On march 2002 Vice President Product Development
                        Business Unit Fiat Lancia Light Commercial Vehicle On September 2004 – C.E.O. and
                        General Manager ELASIS. Di Giusto holds a bachelor in aeronautics engineering from the
                        University of Turin.


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