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Record Label 2.0

Revolutionizing Management, Marketing and Sales for Acoustic Musicians

Fresh content at artist websites drives fans to return and creates opportunity to increase revenue through
electronic sales and sponsorships. AAI builds, manages and exploits customizable programs to encourage and
monetize these opportunities. In exchange AAI receives a percentage of sales or negotiated project fee.

Our Mission: AAI exists to connect acoustic musicians and companies with their existing and future fans. We
seek to monetize that relationship for both the artist and AAI by offering support staff and electronic delivery of
content, fan subscriptions and other functional systems for the artist website.

Our Goals:
    Provide artists, management and labels with content management, marketing and sales programs for
      their brand, merchandise, digital assets and fanbase.
    Provide fans with high quality music options and rewards for promotion.
    Provide sponsors with a place to reach their audience.
    Promote acoustic music internationally, preserve music and sound to the highest degree possible and
      stimulate growth worldwide.

Products and Services: Currently, AAI offers brand consultation coordinated with graphic design, website
construction and monthly management, PayPal shopping cart for the artist’s account, fanbase building, electronic
sales, delivery and customer support for CD quality downloads, fulfillment of merchandise, and grassroots
marketing programs using entry level staff. A more complete list of programs exists at the AAI website. We are
currently in development for a multi-tiered fan subscription called Back Stage Pass and an affiliate program that
rewards fans for inviting new fans to sign up.

The Magic:
    A management team of experienced music industry professionals with grassroots experience, ears to the
      street, ground breaking history and existing relationships
    Innovative software not currently in use, that provides customizable sales and marketing tools and high
      quality audio options
    Proprietary audio technology that has achieved critical acclaim worldwide for sound quality
    Fans are rewarded for bringing new fans to subscribe

The Core Team:
Cookie Marenco (founder, music producer/engineer/industry vet), Patrick O’Connor (graphics and web), Bo
Carper (artist-New Monsoon), Kai Eckhardt (artist-Garage Mahal), Andrew Currier (artist-Panthelion). Secondary
support from Allen Butler (Montage Music/former President of Sony Music Nashville), Jay Saber (Promoter), Gus
Skinas (formerly Sony America/SACD development), Cathryn Blume (Publicist), and Justyn Baker (Executive
Director, Licensing/Digital, Naxos).

Target Niche: Music Managers working with acoustic or live performance artists who have a fanbase of 1000 to
20,000. Acoustic artists and Record Labels seeking to monetize their websites. Composers and home recording
artists that may have an interest in automated programs for music licensing. Musical genres will include jazz,
reggae, jamband, southern blues, folk, Americana, alternative country, classical, experimental, world, bluegrass,
etc. Targeted niche estimated to be over 30,000 artists in the USA, based on registered members of Jambase,
Folk Alliance, NARAS, CDBaby, etc.

Business Model: AAI is seeking to sign at least 1% of CDBaby’s 150,000 indie artists over the next 5 years.
An example of revenue is:
1500 artists with an average of
2000 fans who sign up for
$40 annual fan subscriptions at the artist's site where AAI receives
25% of each subscription generating a base of
$36M annual revenue with potential for growth.
Ancillary revenue streams come from larger artist fanbases, sponsor advertising, enhanced services, multiple
subscription levels, music licensing, and a la carte electronic purchases.

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