Ed Pioneers by malj


									                           Spring 2008
                           Social Sector Solutions (S3):
                           Nonprofit Consulting Projects

                           MBA 292N-1/ EWMBA 292N-1
                           Tuesdays 6-9:30pm, 3units

                           MBA/MPH Project Descriptions

    Client                                            Industry       Project                Team Lead

1   LifeLong Medical Care and California              Health         Feasibility study      Pending
    Healthcare Foundation

2   Mission Neighborhood Health Centers and           Human          Revenue generation     Joel Ramirez,
    Levi Strauss Foundation                           Services /     plan                   MBA 08
3   Operation Access                                  Healthcare     Expansion plan         Pending
4   San Francisco Native American Health Center       Health         Financial              Pending
    and The San Francisco Foundation                                 sustainability plan

1. Lifelong Medical Care + California HealthCare Foundation
Industry: Health | Project: Develop a feasibility study for the creation of a Berkeley Community Health and
Wellness Center

The organization: The mission of LifeLong Medical Care is to provide high quality health and social services
to underserved people of all ages, create models of care for the elderly and people with disabilities, and
advocate for continuous improvement in the health of Alameda County residents.

The project: LifeLong Medical Care, in collaboration with the City of Berkeley and other community agencies,
would like to explore the possibility of establishing a Berkeley Community Health and Wellness Center. At this
site, community agencies could collaborate and improve services to clients, who are people with complex
medical and psychosocial needs, including homelessness, HIV, substance abuse and other chronic disease.

The team: Marty Lynch, CEO, will lead the team composed of the Director of Strategic Planning and Business
Development, and co-planners from the city of Berkeley, including a public health officer and the Director of
Mental Health. This project is supported by the California Healthcare Foundation; the contact there is the
former COO of Lifelong and a Haas MBA/MPH alumna.

2. Mission Neighborhood Centers
Industry: Culture and health | Project: Develop a plan for revenue generation

The organization: Mission Neighborhood Centers (MNC) improves the quality of life in the greater Mission
Community of San Francisco by providing culturally sensitive human services that both support and empower
individuals and families and advocate so that all are treated with respect and fairness. MNC promotes
involvement in the civic and cultural life of the community and embodies the preservation of the Latino culture
in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The project: MNC requests a feasibility study and marketing plan for a revenue generating business to increase
support for the Centers’ Senior Services. Current senior services consist of providing meals, health and wellness
activities, and positive peer relationships to offset risks of isolation and depression to monolingual Spanish-
speaking senior residents of this community.

The team: The team will consist of Santiago Ruiz, the Centers’ long-time Executive Director, the events
coordinator, operations director, and the board president. Two of the three project staff have extensive corporate
sector backgrounds in project management, marketing, and human resources, and have previously collaborated
successfully with outside business consultants on consulting projects for MNC.

3. Operation Access
Industry: Public Health | Project: Create a regional or national expansion plan

The organization: Operation Access (OA) was founded in 1993 by two prominent Bay Area surgeons to help
low-income, uninsured people to gain access to necessary surgical care. The organization now works to provide
access, promote local medical volunteerism, and reduce health disparities and barriers to care. The Operation
Access network includes 60 community clinics, over 450 medical volunteers, and 19 hospitals serving 6 Bay
Area counties.

The project: OA was founded to “create model innovative low cost health care programs with the potential for
replication in other communities.” OA was recently replicated in Orange County, and the purpose of the project
is to consider and create a regional or national expansion plan.

The team: Benjamin Aune, President and CEO, will lead the project. Benjamin is a former executive with
Honeywell, President of InterHealth, and EVP of the Benedictine Health System.

4. San Francisco Native American Health Center + The San Francisco
Industry: Health | Project: Develop a financial sustainability plan

The organization: The San Francisco Foundation, the 5th largest US community foundation, grants over $60
million each year to Bay Area nonprofits from its endowment of over $800 million. The San Francisco Native
American Health Center is a $13 million organization that assists American Indians and Alaska Natives to
improve and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being with respect for cultural
traditions and to advocate for the needs of all Indian people, especially the most vulnerable members of the

The project: The San Francisco Foundation last year launched a special 3-year Oral Health Initiative to enable
low-income Bay Area residents to access dental services, a great unmet need. The initiative partners with San
Francisco Native American Health Center for its Caries Free Kids prevention program. The purpose of this
project is to develop a financial sustainability plan for the Center to continue the program as a national model.

The team: Denny Martin, Community Health Program Officer of The San Francisco Foundation will partner
with the team lead, Carolyn Brown, DDS, and her staff. Dr. Brown has extensive experience working with
consultants from McKesson and IBM as a Marketing Analyst for CSX, Inc. in her former career.


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