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									                               MOORPARK COLLEGE LIBRARY
                      Health Sciences and Nursing Databases Comparison Chart

                   Health Reference Center                  Health & Wellness Resource                         CINAHL Plus with Full-Text
                          Academic                                    Center
Subject       Use to find information on topics in the   Use to find information on consumer health Use this database to find citations, abstracts and
Content       health care area on fitness, pregnancy,    and a wide range of health topics.         full text of periodicals from the fields of nursing and
              medicine, nutrition, diseases, public                                                 allied health, biomedicine, health sciences
              health, occupational health and safety,                                               librarianship, alternative/complementary medicine,
              alcohol and drug abuse, HMOs,                                                         consumer health and allied health disciplines
              prescription drugs, etc.                                                              information.
Material      Magazines, journals, newspapers,             Journals, Healthology Video Library (698    4,175 journals with date of indexing starting in
Type          newsletters, books, video files, audio files titles), reference titles (Micromedex,      1937, with over 758 full text journals from the fields
              and broadcast transcript                     Oryx Press, Medical Economics & Gale),      of nursing and allied health, 240 full text
                                                           pamphlets, alternative health module (63    books/monographs, publications from the National
                                                           handbooks reports), sourcebooks,            League for Nursing and the American Nurses
                                                           magazines, 332 pamphlets,                   Association, selected conference proceedings, and
                                                           web sites, medical and health information   book chapters. some coverage back to 1937,
                                                           directory, Thomson Healthcare and           books published by the American Nurses
                                                           Micromedex drug guides, periodical          Association, a few government documents
                                                           newsletters, newspapers and herbal remedy   (Chronic Diseases and Notes and Reports,
                                                           information                                 Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report), 135 Evidence
                                                                                                       Based Care Sheets, and more than 1,000,000
                                                                                                       records dating back to 1981

Periodicals   Total number of indexed titles is 2268,    Total number of indexed titles is 1168, 881   4,175 journals with over 758 full text
              1307 full                                  full text and 544 with images
              text, 848 with images
Web Sites                                                  Selected by a panel. Links to national
                                                           organizations, U.S. government sites,
                                                           community support groups such as
                                                           CancerNet, Medlineplus, PubMed, National
                                                           Institutes of Health
Health       Hundreds of videos of medical                 Health Module for alternative and                360 instruments records, full text Evidence-Based
Highlights   procedures and live surgeries                 complementary therapies includes 65              Care Sheets, 169 full text Quick Lessions,
                                                           indexed titles, 49 of which are full-text and
                                                           29 with images.
Full-Text    Yes                                           Yes                                              Yes
Coverage     1980-                                         1997                                             1981-present (some journals date back to 1937)
Update       Daily                                         Daily                                            Daily
Default      Subject Browses (can be changed at the        Keyword                                          Basic Search
Search       beginning of a search)

Limiting     Full text, peer reviewed, documents with      Full-text, refereed publications, consumer       Basic Search: Full-text, peer-reviewed, date of
             image, publication date, publication title,   health, en espanol and                           publication from, year of publication, journal subset,
             publication subject, lexile score,            Advanced Search: Alternative Health              gender, publication type, clinical queries, image
             document type, video results, podcast         Module, consumer health and date of              quick view, image quick view types, references
             results                                       publication in addition to full text, refereed   available. abstract available.
                                                           publications, and en espanol                     Limit in Advanced Search: Full-text, peer-
                                                                                                            reviewed, date of publication from, year of
                                                                                                            publication, author, publication, exclude Pre-
                                                                                                            CINAHL, exclude Medline records, publication
                                                                                                            type, English language, research article, Evidence-
                                                                                                            Based Practice, journal subset, language,
                                                                                                            pregnancy, outpatients, special interest, gender,
                                                                                                            publication type, clinical queries, image quick view,
                                                                                                            image quick view types, PDF full text, number of
                                                                                                            pages, age groups, inpatients, references
                                                                                                            available. abstract available
Advanced    Keyword, subject, author, abstract, entire Keyword, article title/headline, subject,   Title, author, abstract, word in subject heading,
Search      document, company name, ISBN, ISSN, publication name, full text, author, abstract      exact subject heading, word in major subject
Fields to   publisher name, place name, publication and document number                            heading, exact major subject heading, publication
Search      title, publication date, personal name,                                                name, author, afiliation, age group, literacy,
            place name, brand name, document type,                                                 corporate author, gender, publication date, title,
            publication language, etc.                                                             journal title, language, named person, Medline,
                                                                                                   publication type, year of publication, review, special
                                                                                                   interest, subject, and others.
Types of    Basic (keyword) Search, Browse          Basic Search, Advanced Search, Diseases Basic Search, Advanced Search, Visual Search,
Searches    Subjects, Browse Publications, Advanced and Conditions, Alternative Medicine, Drugs Search History/Alerts
            Search, Search History                  & Herbal Remedies, Directories, Dictionary,
                                                    Trusted Sites, and Health Assessment

Citation    MLA (6th ed.), APA, Plain Text            n.a.                                         MLA (7th ed.), APA, AMA, Chicago/Turabian
Styles      Bibliographic Tags                                                                     (Author date) Chicago/Turabian (Humanities)
Export to    Yes                                      n.a.                                         Yes
Third Party
Print/Email/ Yes                                      Yes                                          Yes
Off-Campus Yes                                        Yes                                          Yes

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