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					The Cameron County Clerk's Office has contracted with Official Payments Corp. to offer
customers the option of paying and court costs online

Official Payments Corp. is not a branch, office or department of Cameron County.

Official Payments Corp. is a third party vendor, operating as a Service Bureau on behalf of the
Cameron County Clerk's Office.

Official Payment Corp. will provide credit card transaction services on behalf of those wishing to
pay court costs using a credit card. Official Payments Corp. will charge a convenience fee for
each credit card transaction enacted.

Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and rewards of credit card payments for fees. In cooperation
with the Cameron County Clerk's, Official Payments Corporation offers individuals the opportunity
to pay Court Costs by directly over the Internet.

This service is safe, reliable and in accordance with all state and government regulations. In order
to process your payment, Official Payments Corporation, the credit card service provider, charges
a convenience fee.

Before you begin...

    •   In order to pay court fees, you MUST have your case number.
    •   If you are paying a Search Fee you have to use cause number 1999CCR9999
    •   If you don’t have your case number please call to our Civil Dept. (956)544-0867

You will be asked to enter information such as:

          Case number
          your credit card information
          the amount of the payment

The system will:

          Tell you the total of your payment including the Convenience fee
          Obtain approval of the charge
          Issue an onscreen confirmation number and a printable digital receipt.
          Confirmation is emailed to users who request it. The charge will also appear on your
        credit card statement: the payment on one line, the convenience fee amount on a
        separate line.

To make payments, go to enter your Jurisdiction Code 6681 or
click HERE.