Critical Lens Assignment_ by malj


									                        Critical Lens Assignment:
   “The Most Dangerous Game” and “Where Have You Gone Charming Billy”

Name:                                                       English 9R
Mrs. Fagan                                                  100 Points

Write an essay that uses the stories, “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard
Connell and “Where Have You Gone Charming Billy” by Tim O’Brien to either
prove or not prove the following quote by Nicholas Cage. In your essay explain
what the quote means, agree or disagree with it (no “I”), and support your
opinion of the quote with evidence from these two stories. Be sure to mention
specific literary elements of the works while providing your evidence.

“I like flawed characters because somewhere in them I see more of the truth.”

-Nicholas Cage

Be sure to mention authors of the two stories.

Before beginning your essay read through the following rubric. This is how your
essay will be graded.
Quality                   6                  5                   4                 3                  2                    1
                    Responses          Responses           Responses         Responses         Responses            Responses
                    at this            at this             at this           at this           at this level:       at this level:
                    level:             level:              level:            level:
Meaning: the        - shows an         - shows an          -shows a          - shows a         - shows a            - does not refer
extent to which     interpretation     interpretation of   reasonable        simple            confused or          to the quote
the response        of the quote       the quote that      interpretation    interpretation    incomplete
shows               that is faithful   is somewhat         of the quote      of the quote      interpretation of
understanding       to the quote       faithful to the     - makes direct    - makes brief     the quote
and                 - establishes      quote               connections       use of criteria   - may hint at the
interpretation of   and uses           - uses criteria     between           for analysis      quote, but does
the task and        criteria for       for analysis        criteria and                        not use it to
stories             analysis                               analysis                            analyze the
Development:        -develop ideas     -develop ideas      Develop some      Develop ideas     - are incomplete,    - are minimal,
The extent to       clearly and        clearly, with       ideas more        briefly, with     hints at ideas,      with no evidence
which ideas are     fully, making      reference to        fully than        some              but references to    of development
elaborated          effective use      relevant and        others, with      evidence from     the text are
using specific      of a range of      specific            reference to      the stories       vague,
and relevant        relevant and       evidence and        relevant and      - may rely        irrelevant,
evidence from       specific           literary terms      specific          completely on     repetitive or
the text            evidence and       from each           evidence and      plot summary      unjustified
                    literary terms     story.              literary terms
                    from each                              from each
                    story.                                 story.
Organization:       -maintain the      -maintain the       -maintains a      -establishes      -lacks focus but     -shows no focus
the extent to       focus              focus               clear and         but fails to      suggests some        or organization
which the           established by     established by      appropriate       maintain an       organization
response            the quote          the quote           focus             appropriate
exhibits            - shows a          - shows a           -exhibits a       focus
direction,          logical and        logical             logical           -exhibits some
shape, and          coherent           sequence of         sequence of       structure but
coherence           structure          ideas through       ideas, but may    is inconsistent
                    through skillful   use of              lack
                    use of             appropriate         consistency
                    appropriate        devices and
                    devices and        transitions
Language Use:       - uses             -uses language      -uses             -uses basic       -uses                -use of language
the extent to       sophisticated      that is fluent      appropriate       vocabulary        inappropriate        that is not
which the essay     language           and original        language with     with little       language, that is    understandable
shows an            correctly and      with a good         some sense of     awareness of      not suitable for     and completely
awareness of        when               sense of voice      voice and         audience or       the audience or      inappropriate
audience and        appropriate        and awareness       awareness of      purpose           purpose
purpose             - has a            of audience         audience and
through             noticeable         and purpose         purpose
effective use of    sense of voice
language            and audience
Conventions:        -demonstrates      demonstrates        -demonstrates     -demonstrates     -demonstrates a      - are minimal,
the extent to       control of the     control of the      partial control   emerging          lack of control of   making
which the essay     conventions        conventions         of conventions    control of        conventions that     assessment of
shows spelling,     with               with occasional     -errors do not    conventions       make                 conventions
punctuation,        essentially no     errors only with    hinder            that hinder       comprehension        unreliable
paragraphing,       errors even        sophisticated       comprehensio      comprehensio      difficult
capitalization,     with               language            n                 n
grammar and         sophisticated
usage               language

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