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									                                        ALBERT BRADBEER JUNIOR SCHOOL                                                Foundation Subjects
                                              MEDIUM TERM PLANNING

Class: 3F                                           Topic: Using Different Media
Subject: Art

Year: 3                                                                                                         Time Allocation: 1½hrs

Week      Prog of        Learning Objective                         Lesson Content                                       Differentiation
Beg        Study
                     To develop awareness of        ‘Mousehole Cat’ Model how to draw the shape          Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                    shape & proportion               of a fish highlighting the need for proportion.      support with drawing fish shapes & using
                                                     Demonstrate the technique of using aquarelle         aquarelle crayons for less able.
  8th      2a, b,    To develop skills in           crayons to ‘paint’ the fish. Chn will draw a         Resources:
 Sept        c      applying & blending colours      simple fish shape using the teacher sheet of         examples of fish shapes
 2003      4a, b    using aquarelle crayons          examples as a support for ideas. Emphasise the       text illustrations of fish (focus on pattern)
           5a, b,                                    need to take proportion into consideration.          A4 paper
             c                                       Using aquarelle crayons as a medium, chn will        aquarelle crayons
                                                     apply & blend the colours with water. Focus on       water pots & fine brushes
                                                     applying stronger use of colour for pattern          sketch books
                     To develop skills in using     ‘Hot Hippo’ Model ways of applying & blend-          Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                    pastel crayons                   ing pastel crayons using fingers to smudge           support with outlining key features & using
                                                     colours to produce a softer effect & highlight-      pastels for less able.
  15th     2a, b,    To explore blending            ing detail with clear strong lines. Using the text   Resources:
 Sept        c      colours using pastels as a       illustration as a stimulus, chn will draw the        text illustrations of the land
 2003      4a, b    medium                           landscape focusing on use of yellows, reds,          A3 sugar paper
           5a, b,                                    oranges & browns to emphasise the heat &             pastel crayons
             c                                       dryness of the land. Chn will use their fingers      fixative
                                                     to blend the pastel colours by smudging to           sketch books
                                                     produce a softer effect & using clear, strong
                                                     lines to highlight detail ie: trees, ant hills etc
                     To explore ways of             ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Model how to             Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                    applying paper to create a 3D    use different types of paper to create an            support with cutting & pasting skills for less
                    effect                           impression of a forest. Demo. how to cut out         able. (Stress import. of using scissors safely)
 22nd      2a, b,                                    leaf shapes & apply to produce a 3D effect.          Resources:
 Sept        c         To develop collage skills    Chn will cut out a branch shape as a basis for       A3 black sugar paper
 2003      4a, b                                     their work. They will cut out simple leaf            brown sugar paper
           5a, b,                                    shapes using different types of paper & apply        dark & light green tissue paper
             c                                       these in circular shapes to suggest clusters of      dark & light green paper
                                                     leaves. Focus on producing a 3D effect. More         green crepe paper
                                                     able chn will enhance their work with trailing       glue
                                                     strips of crepe paper.                               sketch books
                  To apply colour using          ‘Printed Suns’ Model how to print using a            Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                 printing technique               potato. Teach how to apply colour onto the           support for less able with printing skills.
                                                  potato & how to print without smudging. Draw         Resources:
 29th   2a, b,    To develop skills in           chn’s attention to problems arising from using       A3 black sugar paper
Sept      c      printing                         too much paint or pressing too heavily on the        potatoes
2003    4a, b                                     potato. Chn will use potatoes as printing blocks     red, orange & yellow paint
        5a, b,                                    to print paint onto paper. Use colours in consec     knife (teacher use only)
          c                                       -utive order. Start with a central colour &          palettes
                                                  continue to print around this in a second            large brushes
                                                  colour. Repeat activity with third colour etc.       sketch books
                  To explore linear & tonal      ‘Patchwork cat’ Model how different linear &         Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                 qualities                        tonal qualities can be achieved using charcoal.      support for less able with drawing.
                                                  Demonstrate how to smudge charcoal to vary           Resources:
 6th    2a, b,    To develop skills in using     tonal effects. Consider a starting point for their   A4 paper
 Oct      c      charcoal as a medium             work. Chn will use charcoal to draw a cat’s          charcoal
2003    4a, b                                     face using pictures from a text as a stimulus.       fixative
        5a, b,                                    Focus on using charcoal in a variety of ways         sketch books
          c                                       ie: smudge to produce softer effects &               illustrations of cats
                                                  highlighting details such as the eyes & nose
                                                  using different linear qualities.

                  To create a simple             ‘Printed suns’ Model different shapes that can       Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                 template to use in their work    be used to represent the rays of the sun. Using      support for less able with drawing.
                                                  these ideas chn will draw their own shape on a       Resources:
 13th   2a, b,    To develop skills in           piece of card to represent the sun’s ray. Draw       A3 prints from previous lesson
 Oct      c      cutting with accuracy            this repetitively around a circle to create an       small pieces of card
2003    4a, b                                     outline of a sun on the back of their printed        scissors
        5a, b,                                    piece of work from the previous lesson. Chn          cartridge paper
          c                                       will cut out the sun shape & place an                glue
                                                  illustration of Icarus that the chn have drawn in    felt tip pens
                                                  the centre.                                          sketch books
                  To develop skills in           ‘Ancient Greek Pots’ As class activity, study        Chn will work independently. Teacher & LA
                 drawing                          different examples of Greek pottery. Discuss         support for less able with drawing & ideas.
        2a, b,                                    how life in Ancient Greece is depicted through       Resources:
 20th     c       To apply knowledge of          art. Chn will plan & design their pots using &       examples of art from Ancient Greek pots
 Oct    4a, b,   art from an ancient culture to   combining illustrations from Greek pottery.          sand coloured paper
2003      c      their own work                   Model how to enhance work with patterns              pencils
        5a, b,                                    from Greek designs. Chn will draw a simple           black writing pens
          c,                                      outline of Greek figures on a piece of sand          black sugar paper pots
                                                  coloured paper in pencil. Focus on detail &          sketch books
                                                  composition. Highlight drawings using a black
                                                  felt tip pen & glue onto black pots.

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