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I am Sergeant Dave Mirams and I am responsible for the direction


I am Sergeant Dave Mirams and I am responsible for the direction

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									I am Sergeant Dave Mirams and I am responsible for the direction and implementation of policing in the
Acocks Green Village and Yardley Road Neighbourhoods. My role as neighbourhood sergeant involves me
working with a variety of partner agencies to provide an innovative approach to increasing trust and
confidence in the service that we provide to our local communities.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my team and tell you a little more about what they do. My
hope is that you will not only get to know your local officers by name, but will also know who to contact
should you have a query or require assistance.

PC Adam Hopwood joined the team in 2008. He is responsible for dealing with, and reducing, crime which
occurs on buses. Adam also works with Taxi Licensing to ensure the safety of both those operating and
using taxis in the area.
PC Maxine Steeples is the coordinator for all business crime in Acocks Green centre. This involves Maxine
maintaining close links with the local retail premises. She oversees our 'Shopwatch Scheme,' liaises with
Elite about the local CCTV coverage and is involved in investigating most retail crime.

PC Rich Cade has worked in Acocks Green for several years now and oversees the team in the Sergeants
absence. He is responsible for Licensing in the area, and works closely with public houses to reduce the
potential for alcohol related crime. Rich also coordinates the team’s ‘Pubwatch Scheme’ in the Village, which
ensures we have a strong working relationship with these establishments.
PC Scott Nash is the newest member of the neighbourhood team. Scott is one of the officers who are
responsible for policing the Stockfield Estate and Yardley Road areas. He will be introducing himself at the
upcoming local police meetings so please come along and discuss anything that you feel is affecting your

PC Tom Gledhill can often be seen on cycle patrol in and around Acocks Green and the Stockfield Estate.
Tom is responsible for delivering the anti social behaviour strategy for these areas and is responsible for
reducing the impact this has on our communities.
PC Vicky Manley is the most experienced member of the team and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes
to the local areas that we police. She has recently taken over as our domestic violence officer.

PCSO Fae Palmer has worked tirelessly over the last few years to become a champion of Youth Opportunities
in Acocks Green Village. She has obtained funding for training and courses such as scuba diving for children
from local schools and the communities which we police. This has enabled Fae to build strong links with the
younger members of our communities and work to resolve the issues that they tell her are affecting them.

If you are looking to get involved in youth work or require funding Fae is the person to speak to.

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