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Formalinformal BSL signs It is sometimes difficult to know


Formalinformal BSL signs It is sometimes difficult to know

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Workshop Description

Formal/informal BSL signs

It is sometimes difficult to know whether BSL signing is formal or informal, so here is
an opportunity to learn the difference between using formal or informal signs at
level 3 & 4 / CSW trainee interpreters.

In the English Language you all know when to speak formally with professional
people: for example, you change your rhythm or tone of speech according to
other people’s, by demonstrating your emotions such as anger, or being upset.
having fun or being relaxed. The same can be done with BSL

In the same way, when speaking informally you can demonstrate tone of voice by
changing speed or frequency and applying metaphor in BSL.
This is a unique workshop for BSL students in professional capacities to understand
the formal/Informal linking of BSL to English.

Do you want to develop your BSL fluency to a high standard? I am able to
enhance your fluency to that of a native BSL signer.

Come along and enjoy your day and learn how to use formal/informal signing like
a Deaf person would!

We only have 16 places at the workshop so to avoid disappointment book your
place now!

About the trainers

    •   Erelend is a native user of BSL and is professionally trained and qualified to teach up
        to Level 4 BSL

Workshop title               When is formal or informal in BSL signing
Trainers                     Erelend Tulloch
Date & Time                  Sat 29th August                         Time 10:0am to 4:30pm
Location                     Glasgow
Certification                Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance
Cost                         £85
Target audience                     BSL Learners          Levels 2
                                                          Levels 3 & 4



Where to find us

                              Actual Signs – Glasgow Office
                           100 Brand Street, Glasgow G51 1DG

Important notes:

      Participants must be aged 16 years or over

      Staff/trainers/assessors at Actual Signs have their own Disclosure certificate

      Please note that when you make your booking you are required to make your
      payment in full before one week of the workshop in question. Places are allocated
      on a first-come-first served basis.

      From previous experience we have learned that occasionally some people do
      have to cancel at the last minute which often is too late to give the opportunity to
      others. For this reason, we are making the payment non-refundable.

      Refreshment: Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided. Unfortunately no lunch will
      be provided. You are advised to bring your own lunch or go to a local café which is
      quite close to the premises.

      If you require to speak to someone in regard to the workshop, please do not
      hesitate to contact our Glasgow office staff on 0141 534 7912 or email to Erelend
      direct on who will be happy to help.


                                  Booking Form
                                   Workshop applying for

    Glasgow          Informal/Informal BSL singing workshop                29th august 2009

                                       Contact Details

                                       General Details
Do you have any special needs?
                                           Yes       Please state:
Where did you find us?
                                    Paying for the course
Who will pay?           Self
                        Employer (Please fill details below if selected)
                     Employer Name
                     Contact Name


Please send this booking form with full payment to:

                                 Actual Signs
                               100 Brand Street
                                  G51 1DG


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