Endoscope decontamination with a smile at Wigan

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       D         econtamination is a
                 serious business. There
                 are rules and regulations
                                                    Endoscope decontamination
                                                    with a smile at Wigan
         to follow, standards to achieve,
         training to complete, processes
         to monitor. Yet the important
         nature of the work should not
         preclude staff from enjoying                                                                                                         five manufacturers. The two-
         their profession, together with                                                                                                      year contract was awarded for
         the satisfaction of being a                                                                                                          PeraSafe in 2001. Since then,
         member of an efficient, well-                                                                                                        PeraSafe has become available
         organised team.                                                                                                                      through NHS Logistics on the
              “A cohesive team is a happy                                                                                                     National Contract at the same
         team,” says Lynda Barkess-                                                                                                           price.”
         Jones, senior infection control                                                                                                         RelyOn PeraSafe is proven
         nurse at Wrightington Wigan                                                                                                          effective against pathogens such
         and Leigh NHS Trust. And                                                                                                             as bacteria, viruses, fungi and
         smiles were certainly high on                                                                                                        spores that can be transmitted
         the agenda when Inside                                                                                                               between patients via flexible
         Hospitals recently visited the                                                                                                       endoscopes, ultrasound probes
         endoscopy department at the                                                                                                          and other reusable, non-
         trust’s Royal Albert Edward                                                                                                          invasive, heat sensitive medical
         Infirmary, in Wigan, where                                                                                                           devices. 10 minutes immersion
         Lynda oversees                                                                                                                       achieves sterilant level
         decontamination.                                                                                                                     decontamination across the
              With endoscopy units at                                                                                                         microbiological spectrum.
         Wigan and nearby Leigh, it was                                                                                                       A unique corrosion inhibition
         a straightforward decision to                                                                                                        system, allied to a neutral pH
                            standardise on
                            endoscopes and          Decontamination Training                     disinfectant on European tender
                            decontamination         e-learning programme.”                       with OJEC.
                            equipment and              The staff’s e-learning                       “We considered what we
                            procedures              certificates are proudly                     wanted from the product, scope
                            across the trust        displayed. “I enjoyed the e-                 issues, and Health & Safety
                            to ensure there         learning course,” said                       exposure,” explained Lynda
Unit manager                would be no             Bernadette Anderson, who has                 Barkess-Jones.
Gilbert Ellis               problems                worked in endoscope                             Supplies manager, Jan
                            whenever staff          decontamination for three years.             Warburton, added: “ The OJEC
         had to transfer to cover for               While her colleague, Doreen                  advertisement in 2000 resulted
         holidays or illness.                       Shaw, described by Gilbert as                in expressions of interest from
              “Staff can transfer straight          “my knowledge,” has been with                                                             solution, optimises efficacy and
         away,” explained Lynda.                    the hospital for sixteen years.                                                           compatibility.
         “We’re using the same                         Two deputies assist Gilbert in                                                            A rapid, medical device
         equipment and disinfecting                 the day-to-day running of the                                                             compatible, user and
         agents across the trust. There’s a         department, sister Jeanette                                                               environmentally friendly
         written protocol in place for              Hocking, at Wigan, and senior                                                             chemical sterilant, RelyOn
         every stage of disinfection so             sister Dawn Sweeney, at Leigh.                                                            Perasafe is supplied as a safe,
         that everyone is trained to the               In the endoscope                                                                       inactive powder. It is activated
         same standards.                            decontamination suite, Ruhof’s                                                            by simply dissolving in tap
              “Also, by ensuring the staff          CE marked Endozime AW Plus                                                                water. An aldehyde-free
         thoroughly understand the                  is used for the initial manual                                                            formulation gives efficacy
         HTMs they have an ownership,”              cleaning, together with the                                                               without harm to equipment,
         adds Lynda.                                ConMed Channel Master                                                                     health risks to staff and avoids
              Continuing the training               combination cleaning brush.                                                               the need for special fume
         theme, unit manager Gilbert                   Due to the amount of                                                                   extraction or waste disposal
         Ellis, previously a gastro ward            disinfectant being used, when                                                             systems.
         manager and briefly an acting              the decision was taken to move                                                               “We’ve Labcaire’s double
         matron, said: “All staff                   away from aldehydes the trust                                                             bath and single bath F4 and F2
         undertake the National                     placed the contract for                                                                                           Continued on page 24

         Here’s one we made earlier: RelyOn PeraSafe Powder is activated by simply dissolving in tap water (at Wigan this process takes place within the cabinet to extract any fumes)

   22 April 2006 Inside Hospitals

    Continued from page 22
                                                                                                                               PeraSafe test strips in order to
    machines here at Wigan and a                                                                                               ensure the scopes have been
    G4 double bath machine at                                                                                                  exposed to PeraSafe at the
    Leigh,” explained Gilbert. A                                                                                               appropriate strength to validate
    further Labcaire G2 machine                                                                                                decontamination. On a weekly
    has since been installed at                                                                                                basis, water from the washer-
    Leigh.                                                                                                                     disinfectors is sent for analysis
       “The first of the Labcaire                                                                                              at Preston Hospital’s
    machines arrived four years ago.                                                                                           microbiology laboratory.
    One of the reasons for                                                                                                        While recent years have seen
    purchasing was the shorter                                                                                                 an increased focus on standards
    processing time,” explained                                                                                                of endoscope processing, the
    Gilbert. “Labcaire’s contract                                                                                              “happy and cohesive team” at
                  undertakes to be                                                                                             Wrightington Wigan and Leigh
                  onsite within 48-                                                     Teamwork: Gilbert Ellis with Doreen    NHS Trust continues to provide
                                                                                        Shaw (left) and Bernadette Anderson
                  hours, but any                                                                                               decontamination with a smile.
                  problems have been
                  attended to quickly.”   door, removing the possibility             standards of infection control
                     To provide           of accidental opening,                     and Health & Safety
                  bacteria-free water,    unauthorised access or spillages           regulations. A traceability print
                  each of the Labcaire    and splashes from the chamber.             out accompanies the patient
                  Autoscope Guardian      The fully automated Guardian               notes.
                  machines has a          system satisfies the highest                  The decontamination process
                  standalone filtration                                              involves 10 minutes of manual
    module through which the water                                                   cleaning and immersion,
    is processed before being                                                        followed by 25 minutes in the
    transferred to the washer-                                                       washer-disinfector after which
    disinfector where it is again                                                    the scopes are transferred to a
    filtered at the point of entry into                                              Metro Starsys drying cabinet
    the tray.                                                                        ready for the next patient.
       All operating cycles of the                                                      The standard of
    Guardian are carried out behind                                                  decontamination is tested during
    a locked and sealed chamber                                                      the day using DuPont RelyOn               ENQUIRY NO. 300

      Training for operators of endoscope washer-disinfectors
      A new training course specially     disinfector.                                 requirements of endoscope                  Explain the principle of how an
      designed for operators of              Practical exercises form an               washer-disinfectors as                     endoscope washer-disinfector
      endoscope washer-disinfectors has   important part of the new course             recommended in HTM 2030                    works and how to load it
      been introduced by leading health   enabling delegates to fulfil their role      Carry out daily checks on                  correctly.
      sector training organisation        in full.                                     endoscope washer-disinfectors as           For further information or to
      Eastwood Park.                         Participants acquire the                  recommended in HTM 2030                 book a place call Eastwood Park
         The one-day course is designed   knowledge and skills to:                     Carry out the automatic control         on: 01454 262 777 or e-mail:
      for machine operators who could        Describe their role and                   test and the cleaning efficacy test
      include nursing staff, and any         responsibilities as recommended           for residual soil
      other person responsible for the       in HTM 2030                               Complete test records accurately
      operation of an endoscope washer-      Explain the periodic testing              and precisely                           ENQUIRY NO. 301

   N                                      Pass-through disinfection
            ew to the popular
            Wassenburg range is the
            WD440-PT pass-through
    washer-disinfector for flexible
                                          for flexible endoscopes
       Taking one scope per                                                                      chemicals are available
    chamber in compliance with                                                                   together with full
    HTM 2030 section 3.105, the                                                                  nationwide after-sales
    new unit offers departments                                                                  service support and
    higher throughput with no                                                                    qualified (HTM 2030)
    waiting, eliminates the risk of                                                              Test Persons.
    cross contamination, and                                                                        The successful
    provides total patient                                                                       Wassenburg range of
    traceability.                                                                                endoscope washer-
       It features a moulded                                                                     disinfectors is distributed
    chamber for durability with            One scope per chamber: higher throughput - no         by Dawmed one of the
                                           waiting. Eliminates the risk of cross infection and
    individual pumps for each              provide total patient traceability
                                                                                                 UK’s leading
    channel. The compact design                                                                  decontamination
    unit includes two independent                                                                companies, who also
    chambers. Fully compliant with        undertakes continual monitoring offer a comprehensive five-year
    HTM 2030/prEN-15883-4 and             of all process parameters and                   finance package for the
    EN-1717 A-A air gap                   channel pumps.                                  equipment. Call Dawmed on:
    compliant, the new WD440-PT              A wide range of single shot                  01709 731356.                        ENQUIRY NO. 302

24 April 2006 Inside Hospitals

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