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					Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to the provision of advice for your forthcoming travel abroad.
We get many enquiries of this nature and are generally always happy to do this for our existing clients
(both corporate and individual). We are a registered Yellow Fever centre and provide a whole range
of travel health services in relation to both leisure travel and overseas postings. We have a particular
interest in providing bespoke services for prolonged travel to remote areas etc.

The vast majority of vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs are kept on site and can usually be provided
without any need to leave with a prescription.

We would draw your attention to a number of free web based resources which are readily available
and can give you some excellent information about what you are likely to require in advance of you
making an appointment. For example is a public access web site
provided by NHS Scotland providing travel health information for people travelling abroad from the
UK. Additional information is also available at the Health Protection web site (
particularly with regard to specific infections and notification of outbreaks etc.

Much more detailed information is available for travellers on this is an excellent
resource for individuals with a very simple registration and user agreement to allow individuals (non-
commercial) access to largely American based information but which is very similar to our own and
certainly very comprehensive.

We are at GP-Plus registered with Travax and usually refer to it for specific country requirements and
we are also able to acquire specialist advice for unusual circumstances and situations. If you wish us
to provide detailed information for your itinerary prior to any appointment we would be happy to do so
for a standard charge which can easily be dealt with at reception using a credit or debit card.

With regard to an actual appointment standard consultation appointments apply and the cost of
additional vaccinations and medication etc can be added to this at the time of your visit. For booster
vaccinations we are also happy to arrange a follow up reminder for example in six to thirty six months
for Hepatitis A to ensure that you get the opportunity to comply with good cost effective advice.

At the time of your appointment you will usually be issued with a completed vaccination card or this
can be posted out subsequently to you and kept in your passport for future reference. Any Yellow
Fever vaccination is automatically accompanied by a standard certificate.

Depending upon your intended destination we also encourage you to have a look at the travel advice
section within the Foreign and Commonwealth office web site ( especially in the
days leading up to travel to confirm whether or not there are special safety comments related to your

Finally there are those who wish up to date information on any Avian Flu outbreaks (again depending
upon their itinerary) and this is readily available on the Health Protection Agency web site
( and this is updated very regularly and is very easy to navigate.

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to the provision of Travel Health advice and we would be very
happy to be of service to you. Please complete our bespoke ‘Pre Travel Questionnaire’ (FRM003)
which is also on our website (

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter Copp     GMC number 2941448
Private GP-Occupational Medical Advisor-Medical Director
GP-Plus Ltd (Edinburgh) & Honorary Clinical Tutor. School of Clinical Sciences &
Community Health. The University of Edinburgh Medical School

    Travel Information FRM001

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