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									                            Communicate the opportunity for students to receive a free
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YCN Awards 0809                         Background
The Financial Times Brief               The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business newspapers and is recognised internationally
                                        for its authority, integrity and accuracy. Providing extensive global business news, comment and analysis;
Submissions Deadline                    the newspaper has a daily circulation of 448,241 (ABC figures, April 2008) and a readership of more than 1.3
27 March 2009                           million people worldwide.

Submit To                      was launched in 1995 in response to changing media habits and to capitalise on new advertising
YCN. 72 Rivington Street,               revenue opportunities. is the definitive home for business intelligence on the web, providing an
London, EC2A 3AY.                       essential source of international business news, comment, data and analysis for the global business
United Kingdom                          community. is the digital version of the newspaper, with the same values and proposition, but
                                        with advantages that the newspaper alone cannot fulfil such as breaking news and real-time updates,
Please ensure you have completed,       extensive archives, powerful tracking and research tools, email alerts to push content via RSS feeds,
and signed, an Entry Form and affixed   podcasts, video, discussion boards and blogs. attracts 7.1 million unique users, generating 72
an Item Label to each part of your      million page views (ABCe figures, March 2008).
submission. These are available to
download at               Last year saw the launch of the Financial Times’ new advertising campaign with the endline ‘We live in
                                        Financial Times’. The campaign was developed to support the newspaper refresh and achieve objectives
                                        including; addressing negative brand perceptions amongst a younger business audience, addressing
                                        product issues such as ease of reading and updating our image amongst readers, advertisers
                                        and agencies.

                                        The award winning campaign was developed to support the wider brand proposition of “In a world driven
                                        by business the FT gives you the edge”. This proposition or brand truth, recognises both the centrality of
                                        business in the modern world and the role the Financial Times plays in helping its readers achieve success
                                        in this environment.

                                        What are we advertising?
                                        A free standard subscription to students. Students who are members of college networks can
                                        subscribe to free of charge via Facebook.

                                        Target Audience
                                        Postgraduate students at top business schools (global) e.g. Harvard, London Business School, Wharton.
                                        Undergraduate students at universities (global) studying relevant courses such as business and finance,
                                        politics and media.

                                        What can we learn from FT editorial?
                                        The FT provides an invaluable and authoritative source of information to help students in their studies and
                                        give them the edge over their peers. It is a trusted information source that will help them throughout their
                                        careers – the most successful and respected business leaders in the world read the Financial Times.

                                        Students around the world can benefit from all that has to offer including:
                                        — Access to Financial Times content online
                                        — In depth: context and background on world events and business topics, with our analysts
                                          illuminating coverage
                                        — Indispensable news tracking tools
                                        — FT 5 year archive for instant research
                                        — Video and audio via video, podcasts and audio downloads
                                        — FT Alphaville providing instant market insight and real-time discussion of today’s top stories

                                        What are the objectives?
                                        To achieve 10,000 applications from students within the first month of the campaign going live. To achieve a
                                        send-to-friend ratio of 2 (for every 10 users the application is forwarded to 20 friends).

                                        Tone Of Voice
                                        The tone must support the core brand values of the FT brand specifically intelligence, authority, integrity,
                                        trust and wit.

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              Feel free to create your communication for any medium, or combination of media, that you think will best
              engage with the target audience.

              All work must include the ‘We live in Financial Times’ endline and must also support the core brand values
              of independence, trust and authority.

              Traditional business stereotypes such as business men with pinstriped suits, bowler hats and briefcases
              should be avoided, we want to position the FT as dynamic, modern and relevant to business people today.

              Should you wish you can include the FT logo in your work - available in the project pack at

              Please adhere to the deliverables guidelines in the Awards section at Full details on the
              judging process and associated timings can also be found online.

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