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									                 October Programme
                                                                                                      Integration Support Services monthly newsletter                          September 2008

     Activity                   Time                                  Venue                          HELPING REFUGEES, MIGRANTS, AND OTHER ETHNIC MINORITIES
 Saturday activities   10.30 am – 1.30 pm             Sure Start Centre, Parnall Road,                     TO INTEGRATE SUCCESSFULLY IN OUR COMMUNITY
 for families with     (every Saturday)               Harlow

 English Course for
                       Suspended, please see note
 Drop-in               1.30 pm – 5 pm                 2 Wych Elm, Harlow
                       Thursdays                      (Rainbow building)

 Consultation and      By appointment only            2 Wych Elm, Harlow                                 Identity cards for
 advice                                               (Rainbow building)
                                                                                                         foreign nationals
                                                                                                    From 25 November 2008 the Home Office will
                                                        *English Course                            begin to issue identity cards to foreign nationals
                                               Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances           applying for further leave to remain in the
                                            affecting our English course we have had to suspend     United Kingdom under certain categories. The
                                            the course for a short while. We are working hard to   first cards will be issued to migrants applying as
                                             find a suitable and committed tutor to recommence      either a student, or who are the husband, wife,
                                            the course. We are very sorry for the inconvenience      civil partner or unmarried partner of someone
Office Address:
                                              caused by this interruption and hope to bring you        holding permanent residence in the United
2 Wych Elm, (Rainbow building)                                positive news soon.                                       Kingdom.
Harlow Essex
                                                                                                   Applications under these categories are made by
CM20 1QP
                                                                                                   using application forms FLR(S) or FLR(M).
Telephone/Fax: 01279 639442
                                                                                                    If you need any more information about the identity cards or help to fill any of the above forms please
                                                                                                                           call our office for an appointment on Tel: 01279 639442
We are a registered charity No. 6308078              This newsletter can be forwarded to
Company limited by Guarantee No. 1120609             you by post monthly at the cost of £1
                                                     monthly or £12 annually per copy                       ISS Trustees/Volunteers Needed                                Inside this month:

We are grateful to our sponsors:                     which includes postage charges.
                                                                                                          Do you have a passion to work with the community?                  Important news for
                                                     Simply contact us. Details shown                 Do you want to represent your own community at our board                 migrants
                                                     above. Multiple copies sent to the                   meetings, by bringing their voice to us and making a               TUC Union and
                                                     same address would of course be
                                                                                                                               difference?                                     Refugee Council
                                                     cheaper, just let us know your
                                                                                                       We need your experience, time and dedication to run our                 campaign – an update
                                                     requirements and we will offer you a
                                                                                                              organization to the best possible standards.                   Two important
                                                     quote. E-mail copies can be provided              Give us a call for more information and we would be very                celebrations in
And all those who helped and                         on request.                                     happy to explain in more details the benefits and challenges of           September
contributed towards the publication                  Marlene Brooks (Editor)
                                                                                                                   becoming a trustee or a volunteer.
of this issue
Strict new jobs list for migrant                             Union leaders pledge to support                               September: This was the month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Eid mubarak
workers                                                      TUC and Refugee Council                                       of two important celebrations
A strict new list of shortage jobs which targets migration
better at the needs of British businesses, while
                                                             campaign to let asylum seekers                                for Muslim and Jewish                                       Each year, Muslims spend the
                                                                                                                                                                                       ninth month of the Islamic
reinforcing the selective approach of the new Australian-    work                                                          Communities                                                 calendar         observing        a
style points based system, was presented to the Home         On Wednesday 10 September, leaders from many of the                                                                       community-wide         fast.   The
Office on the 8 th of September by independent advisors.     UK’s main trade unions joined the Trades Union                                                                            annual fast of Ramadan is considered one of the five
The recommended shortage occupation list would bring         Congress (TUC) and the Refugee Council’s campaign to          Rosh Hashanah                                               "pillars" of Islam. Muslims who are physically able are
in a more flexible, larger set of work categories but        allow asylum seekers to work. The TUC will pledge its         (literally, "head of the year"), one of the few solemn      required to fast each day of the entire month, from
would see the number of individual positions open to         full involvement in the campaign by being the first to        days in the Jewish calendar.                                sunrise to sunset. The evenings are spent enjoying
migrants reduced by 30 per cent.                             sign a call for the government to let people seeking                                                                      family and community meals, engaging in prayer and
                                                             asylum in the UK work and support themselves.                 Rosh Hashanah is observed in the beginning of the           spiritual reflection, and reading from the Qu'ran.
The Home Office tasked the Migration Advisory                                                                              seventh Hebrew month, Tishri, for two days by
Committee (MAC), an independent panel of economists,         Currently, almost all asylum seekers are barred from          Orthodox and Conservative Jews, and for one by              How is Eid al-Fitr Celebrated?
with overhauling the current shortage occupation list and    working, despite many having no immediate prospect of         Reform Jews.                                                During the month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a strict
will now pressure test their recommendations carefully       returning home. This means they are either destitute, or                                                                  fast and participate in pious activities such as charitable
before publishing the final list in October 2008. The        being supported by the taxpayer.                              Rosh Hashanah is the start of the civil year in the         giving and peace-making. It is a time of intense spiritual
MAC's recommended list follows the most                                                                                    Hebrew calendar. It is the new year for people, animals,    renewal for those who observe it. At the end of
comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted               Donna Covey, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council           and legal contracts.                                        Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world observe a
anywhere in the world. It reduces the number of jobs         said “we know asylum seekers want to work. Many are                                                                       joyous three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (the
open to migrants from one million to 700,000. The list       highly qualified and had good jobs in their home              The customs and ceremonies of the home also reflect         Festival of Fast-Breaking).
also defines more tightly which positions cannot easily      countries, and are desperate to contribute to the country     concern over the auspiciousness of the coming year:
be filled by resident workers.                               that has taken them in. It is an outrage that they are left                                                               Eid al-Fitr falls on the first day of Shawwal, the month
                                                             to rely on handouts from the state when they have so               
                                                                                                                                 In addition to the recitation of Kiddush (the        which follows Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. It is a
Border and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said:             much to offer this country.”                                         sanctification prayer said over wine) and the        time to give in charity to those in need, and celebrate
"Our new Australian-style points system is flexible to                                                                            kindling of the festive lights on the eve of Rosh    with family and friends the completion of a month of
meet the needs of British business while ensuring that       Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the TUC said:                   Hashanah, a piece of apple                           blessings and joy.
only those we want and no more can come here to work.        “Asylum seekers can wait months and even years before                is dipped in honey. The
                                                             decisions are made on their cases, so the bar on them                person performing this                               Before the day of Eid, during the last few days of
This tough new shortage occupation list supports that.       working is causing severe economic hardship for their                symbolic act implores,                               Ramadan, each Muslim family gives a determined
"This strict list means 30 per cent fewer jobs are           families. Forcing often highly skilled, highly trained               "May it be God's will to                             amount as a donation to the poor. This donation is of
available to migrants via the shortage occupation route.     individuals to sit idle for considerable periods of time is          grant us a good and sweet                            actual food -- rice, barley, dates, rice, etc. -- to ensure
                                                             not only a personal tragedy for them but is also a huge              year."                                               that the needy can have a holiday meal and participate in
"Those that do come will need to work hard, play by          loss to the UK economy, which is missing out on their              
                                                                                                                                 The person dips bread in the honey as well in        the celebration. This donation is known as sadaqah al-
the rules and speak English."                                many talents. The Government must think again and                    the hopes that just as the bread is sweet, so        fitr (charity of fast-breaking).
                                                             change the rules so that asylum seekers are allowed to               may the experiences of the coming year be
The final shortage occupation list will be published by      work and are no longer forced to survive on benefits                 only the most pleasant.                              On the day of Eid, Muslims gather early in the morning
the Home Office next month ahead of the skilled worker       alone.”                                                            
                                                                                                                                 On the second night, a fruit that has not yet        in outdoor locations or mosques to perform the Eid
tier of the points system - known as Tier 2 - coming on-                                                                          been eaten during the year is tasted and an          prayer. This consists of a sermon followed by a short
line in November. Tier 2 will ensure that opportunities                                                                           appropriate benediction is recited.                  congregational prayer. After the Eid prayer, Muslims
for British jobseekers are maintained by requiring                      JOB VACANCY                                                                                                    usually scatter to visit various family and friends, give
companies to prove they cannot fill the post with a                                                                                                             The     traditional    gifts (especially to children), and make phone calls to
resident worker before recruiting from outside Europe.               (Temporary/Part-time)                                                                      greeting on Rosh       distant relatives to give well-wishes for the holiday.
To get in under Tier 2 skilled foreign workers must                                                                                                             Hashanah          is   These activities traditionally continue for three days. In
have: a good grasp of English; prospective earnings of                                                                                                          "shana tova", this     most Muslim countries, the entire 3-day period is an
more than £24,000 or have a good qualification and
                                                                  We are looking for a play worker for
                                                                                                                                                                means in Hebrew        official government/school holiday.
enough money to support themselves for the first month                      annual leave cover                                                                  "a good year," or
of their stay.
                                                                 (9 of November 08 - 9 th January 2009)                                                         "shana         tova    A family
                                                                      You must have at least NVQ 1                                                              umetukah" for "a       celebration
The MAC report recommends that sectors should                                                                                                                   good and sweet         and gift
develop training strategies and look beyond migration             qualification for play work and min 1                                                         year,"     because
                                                                 year experience working with children.                                                                                giving to
for new recruits, which directly supports the                                                                                                                   Jews are being
                                                                                                                                                                                       the children
Government's aim to upskill the British workforce and             CRB check is required for the chosen                                                          judged by God for
ensure Britain remains a global leader in skills.                                                                                                               the coming year.
                                                                                                                           Rosh Hashanah table set with symbolic foods.
                                                                 Please call Marlene on 01279 639442 for                                                                               By
                                                                  an informal chat and application form                    By Orit Granot                                              Sharem Islam

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