Worksheet on Listening, Speaking and Writing by parpar


									  Name:                Class:          Number:         Date:

                   Happy Summer Vacation
                      __________       vacation is coming. All the
                    children are   __________. Lisa will go to her
                    _______________       house   in
Pingtong. She will _______________ with her
____________. Harry will _______________ on
__________ and __________. But he still has to go
__________, __________, __________, __________
               and __________ classes.

                 Sandy will go to her uncle’s house in the
             ________. Amy and her family will go to
             __________. Tony will go to a __________
             camp in __________.

  What about you? What will you do in the summer vacation? Please
write down your plan. Do your best!!

  I will _____________________________________________




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