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Charts make Princess Royal smile

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									17 January 2008

                             Charts make Princess Royal smile

 Caption: The Princess Royal takes a closer look at an Admiralty Leisure chart aided by Mark Masters, Admiralty
                           Marine UK Sales Manager. Picture courtesy of onEdition

The Princess Royal was the star guest at Admiralty Leisure’s stand at the Collins Stewart
London Boat Show this week.

Admiralty Leisure charts and products are produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic
Office in Taunton for the small craft and leisure mariner covering key leisure locations in the
UK, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

And the boat show, which is expected to have attracted 140,000 visitors when it draws to a
close on Sunday at the EXCEL exhibition centre in London Docklands, proved to be the ideal
place to showcase the range on offer.

Among those showing an interest was Princess Anne, herself a keen sailor, who spent time
at the stand finding out about the latest charts available.

Mark Masters, Admiralty Marine UK Sales Manager, and Brian Parish, UKHO Head of
Defence Development and Standards, were on hand to meet her.

The Princess was clearly delighted when she took a closer look at the new Tough Chart for
the River Thames as she broke out into a big smile.

Mark said: “The Princess showed a great deal of interest in our latest products, particularly
the new Tough Chart for the River Thames. Her charting knowledge was very impressive.”

The Princess, who has a long running interest in UKHO and is Master of the Honourable
Company of Master Mariners, also asked about future developments of the Admiralty Leisure

The River Thames Tough Chart (TC7), which covers approaches to River Medway to the
entrance to Rivers Stour and Orwell, including approaches to Harwich, that was admired by
the Princess was one of four new products launched at the show.

It was unveiled along with a Tough Chart covering the Rivers and Harbours of the Thames
Estuary (TC8) to expand the completely waterproof Tough Chart portfolio.

Other Admiralty Leisure products launched at the show were the revised and improved
Admiralty RYA Electronic Chart Plotter and a new folio for Northern Ireland offering
comprehensive coverage of the area covering Carlingford Lough to Lough Foyle including
Approaches to Belfast.

Admiralty Leisure offers yachtsmen a fully comprehensive range of charts and publications to
ensure that planning and undertaking voyages can be carried out safely and easily.


Notes for Editors

   1. The photograph is the copyright of onEdition who must be credited if the image is published.
   2. The UKHO is a government agency and the world’s leading producer of navigational charts and
      publications through its Admiralty brand with a global chart series of over 3,300 charts and publications.
      Seventy per cent of the world’s shipping uses the Admiralty chart series in satisfaction of UN mandatory
      carriage requirements.
   3. The UKHO also plays a central role, in support of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, in discharging
      the UK’s ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ Treaty obligations for waters of UK national responsibility.
   4. The UKHO provides a rapidly expanding range of digital products and services including the Admiralty
      Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
      services every week. The growing portfolio of ENCs currently stands at over 6,500 cells.
   5. Admiralty Leisure continues to offer an innovative, unrivalled range of charts and Leisure Folios for both
      the leisure sailor and open and wet boat users. For more information on Admiralty Leisure and to find
      out where to buy, visit:

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