Casualties Sergeant CUTHBERT GODFREY BALDWIN, RFC (Pilot

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					                                                                                                           OCTOBER I I ,   1917.
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                          Casualties.                               and he had been flying at the front since the first week
    Sergeant CUTHBERT GODFREY BALDWIN, R.F.C. (Pilot),              in May. On the morning of September 30th he was flying
eldest son of the late Rev. A. G. Baldwin, Vicar of Burnop-         over the enemy's lines taking photographs, when he was
field, Durham, and of Mrs. Baldwin, 2, Priory Villas,               attacked by four enemy scout machines, who came down
Friern Barnet, missing on November 3rd, 1916, is now officially     on him suddenly from a great height. His machine was
presufned killed in action.                                         brought down, and both he and his observer were killed
    Captain FREDERICK LEYCESTER BARWELL, London Regi-               instantly. He was buried on October 1st.
ment and R.F.C., previously reported missing, now
reported killed on April 29th last, aged 22 years, was the              Flight Sub-Lieutenant DONALD W. RAMSAY, R.N.A.S.,
eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Leycester Barwell, of The Tower,          aged 20, who was reported missing on July 7th while
Ascot. On the outbreak of war he had just left Malvern               fighting over the enemy's lines, is now officially reported
College to enter Pembroke College, Cambridge, but at once            as killed on the same day. He was the second son of Mr.
enlisted in the Queen's Westminster Rifles, receiving his            and Mrs. N. F. Ramsay, of Osbome Road, Newcastle, and .
commission six weeks later. He went to France with his               The Grange, Alnmouth. He was educated at Corchester
battalion on November 1st, 1914, and served there until              Preparatory School, Corbridge-on-Tyne, and at Oundle,
August, 1915, "when he had sick leave. He returned to                where in 1915 he was captain of the school and also captain
the front in April, 1916, and in the following September             of the Rugby XV.
was sent home slightly wounded. Last January he trans-                  Lieutenant HUGH WELCH, R.F.C., who was missing
ferred to the R.F.C. He received his first flight, under             after an air fight on March 28th last, and is now reported
instruction, on February 28th, and gained his pilot's                killed on that date, wasy'the eldest son of Mr. T. H. Welch,
certificate on April 9th, proceeding to the front on April 13th.      Ordnance Factories' Civil Staff. He was in his 21st year
He received his second star in April, 1915, and was promoted          and was educated at Lieutenant Chamberlain's School,
temporary captain on July 1st, 1916, and captain on April 28th        Eltham, and Merchant Taylors' (1,906-1912). He was
last, the day before he Was killed.                                   with the Royal Exchange Assurance When the war broke
    Major CHARLES MEREDITH BOUVERIE CHAPMAN (Squadron-                out, and enlisted in the 2nd London Brigade R.F.A., on
Commander), M.C., Chevalier de l'Ordre de Leopold, Lieutenant         August 10th, 1914, being commissioned the same month.
 " The Buffs," attached R.F.C., who died of wounds on                 He joined the R.F.C. in September, 1915, and served as
 October 1st, was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William              an observer at the front from October, 1915, to April, 1916,
 C. N. Chapman, Heppington, Canterbury, aged 25.                      and as pilot from last December.
     Second Lieutenant FRANCIS JACK CHOWN, R.F.C., killed               Second Lieutenant JOHN WORSTENHOLM, R.F.C., only
 in an aerial fight on Sept. 20th, was the only son of Dr. and        son of Mr. L. Worstenholm, editor of the Northern Echo,
 Mrs. Chown, of Townshend, near Hayle, Cornwall. He was               Darlington, has been killed in action. Educated at
 educated at Temple Grove, and St. Paul's School. He                  Darlington Grammar School, he obtained two scholarships,
 passed for Sandhurst, but entered^Bie R.F.C. direct from             and proceeded a year ago to Cambridge University. At
 school in July, 1916, and got his " w i n g s " in May, 1917,        Christmas, on attaining the age of 19 years, he joined the
 when he was appointed an assistant instructor. He volun-             Artists' Rifles, and four months later was transferred to
 teered as a scout, and went to France on Aug. 18th. On               the R.F.C. He had only been at the front for five weeks.
 Sept. 20th he was out on a special mission, when he was
 attacked by four Hun machines, which had got behind our                Flight Commander J. D. NEWBERRY, R.N., killed in
 barrage. His machine was seen to come down out of con-              his 24th year was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
 trol and crash within our lines.                                    Newberry, of the Orange Free State. He was born in South
     Second Lieutenant W. CECIL FENWICK, R.F.C., reported            Africa, and was educated at St. Andrew's College, Grahams-
 missing on October 7th, 1916, now known to have been                town, where he gained the Goold Adams medal for science.
 killed on that date in air fighting on the Somme, was the           In 1.913 he entered King's College, Cambridge, and thence
  eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Fenwick, of 3, Tring              joined the R.N.A.S., having independently taken his pilot's
  Avenue, Ealing, aged 19 years.                                     certificate at the Beatty School. He became an instructor
                                                                     and then went abroad, where his work with the French Air
     Flight Sub-Lieutenant ERIC CROWTHER HILLABY, R.N.,              Service gained him the Croix' de Guerre. On February 20th
 the second son of Dr. and Mrs. A. Hillaby, The Limes,               last he married Mollie, second daughter of Mr. H. P. Cowper,
  Pontefract, who was previously reported missing on July 6th,        of New South Wales. Early in March he was moved to
  1917, is now reported by the Admiralty as killed on that            an air station, and it was there he helped to bring down the
  date, aged 19. He joined the Grahame-White School                  first Hun actually over the town, for which the citizens
  of Aviation in January, 1916, and after a short course             presented him with a specially struck medal. Shortly
  of instruction gained his pilot's certificate, and was gazetted     after this he was given the rank of flight commander, and
  Flight Sub-Lieutenant in August, 1916.                              after a much-needed rest took up instruction work at Ching-
      It is reported that Lieutenant G. ERIC MIALL-SMITH,             ford. It was here that the accident occurred which caused
  M.C., R.F.C., aged 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Miall-             his death on September 28th. The machine nose-dived
   Smith, Fern Lodge, Millfield Lane, Highgate,' has fallen in        from about 200 ft., and Flight Commander Newberry only
   action. Lieutenant Miall-Smith had been twice wounded.             survived a few minutes.
   His only brother, Arnold, lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers,                              Prisoner of War.
   was killed in September of last year.
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. A. Barlow of Birkdale, have received a
     Lieutenant EDWARD HORACE PEMBER, R.F.A. and R.F.C.,             post card from their son, Second Lieutenant A. NORMAN
  who was killed on September 30th, aged 19, was the only            BARLOW, Royal Fusiliers and R.F.'C, Who was reported
  surviving son of the Warden of All Souls' College, Oxford.         missing in " F L I G H T " of August 30th, to say that he is a
  He was educated at Mr. L. T. Thring's School at Hove               prisoner of war in Germany. Lieutenant Barlow was
  and at Harrow, where he was in Mr. A. Vassall's house.             educated at Rugby, received his cadet training at Oxford,
  In 1910 he won an entrance classical scholarship at Harrow,        and was gazetted to the Royal Fusiliers, August, 1916.
  and in 1914 he was elected to a mathematical exhibition            Last winter he was attached to the R.F.C., and went out to
  at Balliol College, Oxford. At Harrow he was a member              France as a pilot early this summer.
  of the O.T.C., and in the school shooting eight in 1915.
  He received his commission in the R.F.A. in July, 1915,                                          Married.
  went out to Suvla Bay in the following November, and,                 Lieutenant BRUCE O. ANGELL, R.F.C., only son of H. O.
  after the evacuation, was for some months in Egypt with            Angell, of Crichel, Wimborne, Dorset, was on October 2nd
   his battery. In the autumn of 1916 he joined the R.F.C.,          married at the Roman Catholic Church, Romford, to DORIS,

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