Healthcare Workforce Strategy Development Worksheet � September 25 by parpar


									                         Healthcare Workforce Strategy Development Worksheet – September 25, 2006

   Healthcare Workforce Issue                                        Questions                                            Actions and Next Steps
Area I: Priority Shortage                1.   What are the priorities and why?
Profession                               2.   Is it feasible to address?
                                         3.   Is there a plan in place to address?
                                         4.   Is it a current shortage, or 5 to 10 years down the road?
                                         5.   What are the consequences of not addressing it now?
Area II: Workforce Planning              1.   What is the current planning capacity?
Infrastructure                           2.   What are the best sources of data?
                                         3.   What data is missing?
                                         4.   What organizations are involved?
                                         5.   Is there regional/local data and capacity for planning?
                                         6.   Who makes decisions based on plans?
Area III: Educational Infrastructure     1.   What is the current educational capacity?
                                         2.   Are there sufficient clinical sites?
                                         3.   Is there a shortage of faculty?
                                         4.   Is funding sufficient?
                                         5.   Are qualified students applying?
                                         6.   Are there collaborative approaches among campuses,
                                              and campuses and healthcare providers?
Area IV: Access to Education             1.   How accessible is health professions education to rural
                                              and underserved populations?
                                         2.   Are there flexible and distance education programs
                                         3.   Are pipeline programs and programs that transition
                                              students to postsecondary education available?
                                         4.   Are there programs for the incumbent healthcare

                       Montana Healthcare Workforce Advisory Committee – Contact Kristin Juliar, 406-994-6003,

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