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Bring a smile to a child LEAFLET

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									            Rotary in Brief
     Rotary International is a worldwide
 association of local clubs for men & women
     in business or the professions who:

  • provide humanitarian service to the
    community at local, national and
    international level
  • encourage high ethical standards in
    all vocations.
  • work for goodwill and peace in the world.

 Rotary was founded in 1905 and now has over
1.3 million members in more than 26,000 clubs
in 187 countries. There are 1800 clubs in Great
Britain and Ireland with over 63,000 members.

      Service above Self is Rotary's motto
                                                            Bring a
  The Rotary Club of Southgate meets on
Mondays at the Jolly Farmers, Enfield Road at
12.45pm. Membership is by invitation and to
 ensure the club represents the community
   membership is restricted by profession
             or type of business.
     For more information telephone:
     Mashuk Ahmed on 020 8368 8285
                                                             to a
   The Rotary Club of Southgate collects
used spectacles, books and mobile phones for
   Vision Aid, Action Aid and Water Aid.
      For more information telephone:
      Mehmet Arkin on 020 8360 8518

    The Rotary Club of Southgate is a registered charity.

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                                                    YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED
           Bring a
                                                  What do I put in the boxes?
                                                  There are three categories of contents.
                                                  CATEGORIES MUST NOT BE MIXED IN THE BOX.

      TO A CHILD                                  SUGGESTED ITEMS:

You can bring a smile to the orphans of                                  Toys etc: Fluffy toys, Colouring Books
Eastern Europe with minimum outlay and                                   Crayons, Pens, Pencils, Balls, Lego,
effort, by filling a Rotary ShoeBox.                                     Threading Games, Dolls. (Please pack
                                                                         boys and girls toys in separate boxes)
What you have to do is simple. Just fill the
ShoeBox, provided by Rotary, with items like                             Teenagers: Make-up, toiletries,
the ones listed. A donation of a £1 coin fixed                           deodorant, sportswear, scarf, gloves,
to the lid of each box will pay for the box and                          hat, writing materials, comb, mirror,
transportation to Eastern Europe.                                        football memorabilia, etc.

Gifts are sent out throughout the year to                                Household: Notelets, Paper and
many different countries in Central and                                  Envelopes, Washing Powder, Soap,
                                                                         Shampoo, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste.
Eastern Europe. Toys are especially useful
all year round for birthday presents in the
                                                                         Please include a picture postcard,
orphanages, homes and hospitals. All age
groups, including teenagers, have welcomed                               with your address if you wish,
the boxes. Each year we now send around                                  and a message.
60,000 ShoeBoxes or gifts.                        Do the goods have to be new?
                                                  The contents should be of good quality, remembering that
Distribution is always through known              the recipient will be opening the box in eager anticipation,
                                                  and especially with the toys for the children, quite possibly
contacts.                                         the first real gifts they have received for a very long time.
                                                  When I have filled the box, what do I do?
Find out more at:
                                                  Sellotape, a £1 coin to the lid, this goes towards defraying the                        expense of the box and distribution. Contact the person who
                                                  provided you with the empty box and they will arrange collection.
Return the filled box to the person who gave      How do I know the box has reached its destination?
it to you and Rotary will do the rest!            If you included your address with the ShoeBox, then you will
                                                  probably get a letter from a child in Eastern Europe thanking you.
                                                  In addition, Rotary will be monitoring the Scheme.
                                                  Can I use my own boxes?
                                                  No! You can only use the boxes we supply. They are
                                                  exactly the right size to maximise space in the containers
                                                  that are used to despatch the boxes.

                                                  PLEASE DO NOT OVERFILL THE BOX.

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