Verb Worksheet for Preparing Learning Objectives by parpar


									                   Verb Worksheet for Preparing Learning Objectives
                             Behavioral Verbs for Writing Objectives in the Cognitive,
                                      Affective and Psychomotor Domains

Some Verbs for Use in Stating Cognitive Outcomes

Knowledge        Comprehension        Application      Analysis           Synthesis            Evaluation
define           explain              compute          distinguish        diagnose             evaluate
list             identify             demonstrate      analyze            propose              compare
recall           translate            illustrate       differentiate      design               assess
name             restate              operate          compare            manage               justify
state            express              perform          contrast           hypothesize          judge
repeat           convert              interpret        categorize         summarize            appraise
record           estimate             apply            appraise           plan                 rate
label                                 use              classify           formulate            choose
                                      practice         outline            arrange              decide
                                      predict                             organize

Some Verbs for Use in Stating Affective Outcomes
Receiving         Responding          Valuing           Organization           Value Complex
sit erect         answer              join              adhere                 act
reply             greet               share             integrate              practice
accept            read                complete          organize               discriminate
show              report              follow                                   influence

Some Verbs for Use in Stating Psychomotor Outcomes
Perception      Set             Response         Mechanism        Complex         Adaptation      Origination
identify        react           display          display          display         adapt           create
detect          respond         manipulate       manipulate       manipulate      revise          compose
differentiate   start           work             work             work            change          arrange
                                perform          write            operate

Bad words that should not be used as cognitive objectives!
know              really know         understand        appreciate             become
discuss           describe
learn             thinks critically   approach          improve                grow
increase          horizons            grasp the significance of                recognize

Objectives are critical to the continuing education activity development because they: (1) reflect input from
learner relative to educational needs; (2) determine the selection of content and teaching methods; (3) provide
guide to the evaluation phase.

Be sure that all written objectives:
Use verbs which describe ACTION that can be OBSERVED
*Are MEASURABLE within the teaching time frame
*Consist of only one action verb per objective
*Describe the learner outcome, not the teacher instructor’s process or approach
*Are appropriate for the designated teaching method

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