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Spar Hypermarket Vs Big Bazaar

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									Spar Hypermarket Vs Big Bazaar

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      Prof. Raghu Prasad

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         G Praneetha


         Marketing B
"SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by Adriaan van Well, as a voluntary chain of
grocers under the name "De Spar". His purpose was to secure cooperation between
independent wholesalers and retailers as a response to the emergence of grocery chains in

Max Hypermarkets India Pvt Ltd tied up with SPAR and Max Hypermarkets is a part of
Duabi based Landmark Group opened SPAR hypermarket in Bangalore, India on 29th
September 2007. Is nearly 100,000 square feet Spar hypermarket, well organized and
shopping is really hassling free. Max will have access to Spar‟s best practices and technical
knowledge in international retailing. Spar provides expertise, knowledge transfer and rights
to the brand while Max manages the finances and operations.

SPAR offers a truly International shopping experience and customer satisfaction, because of
their service and business they have received goodwill worldwide and improved and
dominant all over. SPAR, the world‟s largest food retailer has 13,700 stores in 33 countries in
4 continents. There are 1,80,000 employees who serve about 1 crore customers worldwide.


SPAR hypermarket, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore, India.

Near Dairy Circle on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India (Drive from Diary circle towards
Bannerghatta Road, after Oracle you can find it on the left side of the road)

Attractions at SPAR

* Ample shopping space
* Parking space
* Quality products
* Freedom to Choose
* Trollivator
* Very attractive prices
* Friendly staff
* Good offers
* Kids Play area in a reasonable price tag for shopping with kids.
Products Offered
The store has three levels and the range of products offered in all the levels is different.
Ground floor has garments, gifts, baby items, electrical and electronics items & mobiles.

MAX branded Apparel: for men and women. They offer varieties of formals, casuals,
ethnic wear, sportswear, wardrobe essentials, and denim for men and women with nominal

Babyshop: For baby & kids. They offer a wide range of choice for children up to 12 years
and all the popular brands in clothing, toys and other accessories for children. They also have
school and stationary needs. One can truly say that it is a one stop shop for all kids needs.

Shoe Mart: Travel Accessories, Fashion Bags, Foot and Shoe care for all age groups men,
women and children.

Foot ware: Life style accessories this section has the latest models and trends for all age
group and specially youth has a lot of varieties with style and elegance and comfort and has a
wide range of collection of all popular Indian and international brands

Accessories for all Traveling needs: comprise of a varied range and the brands, like crew
bag, passport pouch, make-up kit and shaving kit etc.

Accessories: it is a fragrance and beauty section for all luxury items mostly envied by all the
range includes watches, Health and beauty products, sunglasses, pens, International
perfumes, fashion accessories, cosmetics and personal grooming items.

The Level 1 i.e. has household items, food items, groceries, liquor shop, fruits, vegetables,
packaged items & pet foods.

Household items: All solutions to home needs as a separate section. Provides complete
solution for all the home needs. It is a one-stop destination for furniture, home needs and
home furnishings which represents elegance, luxury and individuality. The range includes
soft furnishings, bedroom needs, gifts, living room needs, kitchen needs and gadgets,
crockery and cutlery, gardening furniture and many more.

Groceries: varieties of rice, grams, vegetables, seafood‟s, mutton, chicken, ingredients,
detergent items, pickles, biscuits and alcoholic items etc. They have their private labelled
items in rice, flour, spices, dhal, etc.

Fruits: Variety of fruits likes apple, orange, pomegranate, grapes, strawberries, banana, etc
which are fresh.

Vegetables: The variety includes carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, tomato, capsicum, etc.

Liquor shop: It has beer, wine, vodka, cigarettes, etc of all the leading brands both national
and international.
                                                                      Electrical &   Mobile   store             by
                           Electrical & Electronics            (TV,
                                                                      Electronics    “SANGEETHA
                           Microwave oven, etc)
                                                                      items          MOBILES”
                                                                                                   Way to
                                                                                                  first floor

                           Bags, Furnitures, Beds, etc.               Bags

                                                                                     MAX apparels for Women

                                         Baby Care                    Gifts

Ground floor Layout

                                         Gifts                        Toys
                                                                                      MAX apparels for Men

                                         Biscuits, chips, etc
                                                                      Variet                                         Pa
                                                                      y of                                           rki
                      Ex                                              items    a                                     ng
                                         Chocolates                            y
                      it                                                              MAX apparels for kids

                           Juices                             Car                                   Car
                                                            Parking                               Parking
                     Frozen Packages (Meat, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, etc)

                     Milk                                                         Ice-creams,
                                                                                Frozen pacakges                                  Ice-creams
                     s     &
                     Pickles                                                        Vegetables

                     Sweets,                                                                                                       Bamboo
                     Cheese                                                         Vegetables                                     baskets,
                     & Dairy                                                                                                    Potted Fruits
                                                                                                                                 Fresh plants,
                                                                                   Fresh Fruits

                                            Coffee                                       Fresh Fruits
First floor Layout

                                                                                                                             for fruits Fruits
                                           powder                                                                                           &
                       Rice                (Instant                                                                           & Veg
                     (Packed)              grinded)
                                                                                                                        Way to gnd       Seeds
                     Grocerie                                                                           Home needs
                        s                        Groceries                                                                                   mat

                                                                                                        Kitchen ware                         stic
                      Liquor shop                                                                                                             s

                                                                                                        Pooja items
                        Ready to cook                            Dry fruits                                                                  Toi
                                                                                                         Skin care                           es

                                                   Soft drinks


                     coo                                                                                  Oral care
                                                                                                         Hair care

                                     Soft drinks                                                   Sprays & Cosmetics                        fum
The level 2 has products related to home furniture such as varieties of single and double Bed,
many designs of Dining table and chairs, restaurant and home chairs, children‟s bed,
wardrobe, curtain, cushion, extra accessories for house and car decoration etc.

Differentiations from Big bazaar:
      The ambience of the store is very pleasant with well planned and well guided product
      The stickers like advertisements and offers are being pasted on the pathway.
      The offers are being placed at the customers‟ eye sight points like above the rack,
       hangings on the walls, etc.
      The variety of the products is high in the food items than in the non-food items. The
       assortment is more or less same in both the categories.
      Only members can purchase the items from the store. Anyone can become SPAR
       member once they bought the items for minimum bill of Rs 1000/= and show the bill
       to customer care at the same centre where in turn they will provide you a member
       card with your name and registered ID number which called “The inner circle” card,
       point will be added based on your purchased bill swiped this card at cash counter, 10
       points for Rs 1000 shopping on groceries items and 10 points for Rs 500 on other
       selected items like garment, electronic, electric, furniture etc. The card number and
       password is initially same, and can change password once we visit their website for its
       register also we can view your point online.
      The store layout (Rough layout) shows that the products are being placed category
       wise with clear demarcation between the items.
      The larger quantity products like soft drinks of 2ltrs, groceries package with 5kg,
       10kg, etc are placed in the front as they encourage bulk purchase.
      The complementary items are placed together like liquor with cigars, pet foods with
       pet soaps, etc.
      The lightings in the store are very pleasant with a background music which gives the
       customers an experience of shopping in foreign countries.
      The valet parking facility in which the customer vehicles are parked in the third floor
       and delivered to them through lifts.
      The SKUs in each item is less when compared to the other stores.
      The space between the racks is good enough for the customers to roam around with
       the trolley. They have 17 counters near the entrance for the billing of all the products
       except fruits and vegetables.
      They believe in the mantra of “Live life better” and hence their choice of products
       will be the one their customers want.

Negative points:

    The crowd during the weekends is huge; hence there are few problems in parking and
    The person in the counter sometimes is not aware of the offers going on in the store.
    The store perimeter should have been planned and utilized properly.

Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarkets in India, with more than 100 stores in operation. It is a
subsidiary of Pantaloon Retail India Ltd's, Future Group, and follows the business model of
United States-based Wal-Mart. Future Group, led by its founder and Group CEO, Mr.
Kishore Biyani, is one of India„s leading business houses with multiple businesses spanning
across the consumption space. Big Bazaar is a hypermarket format that combines the look,
touch and feel of Indian bazaars with the choice and convenience of modern retail.

Saving is the key to the Indian middle class consumer. This is where Big Bazaar evolved into
the discount store of the country. The management was able to identify and realise this
attitude of Indian customers making Big Bazaar a huge success. The concept of “Bazaar”, as
the store that offers large mix of products at a discounted price was thus decided to be
emphasized; hence the name “Big Bazaar” was finalized. The idea was to recreate a complete
bazaar, with a large product offering and offer a good depth and width in terms of range price
was the basic value proposition at Big Bazaar. The Big Bazaar outlets sold a variety of
products at prices, which were 5 to 60% lower than the market price. The catch line “Isse
sasta aur acha kahin nahin” emphasised this concept.

The address of big bazaar is 22, Salarpuria Tower,Koramangala Industrial Layout,Hosur
Road, Bangalore, 560095


· Food

· Home Solution

· General Merchandise

· Leisure and Entertainment

· Wellness and Beauty

· Books and Music

Products Offered:

The store was divided into 4 levels with each level catering to different set of products and

Level 1 has Mobiles, cosmetics, beauty care, skin care, dental care, groceries, ready to eat
foods, fruits and vegetables.

Level 2 has bags, stroller, watches, sunglasses, footwear bazaar, stationery, toys, utensils,
crockery, bed spreads, “Staples” store and mats.

Level 3 has garments of all varieties for kids, men and women.

Level 4 has Jewellery bazaar (Navaras), Furniture bazaar, Parlour (Star Sitara), Auto
accessories, Electrical bazaar, home decor and gifts.
                                                                                 Level 1

Ea                              Noodles                                         Sauces
les                     Men‟s section                                           Sauces                Groceries          Milk
                          Eatables                                                                                     products
                          Men‟s section
                           Dental care
                          Men‟s section
              Cream, hair oil

                                                Ready to cook
Hand wash &


                                                                                                                  Way to level 1
                                                                                        Fruits & vegetable

Cosmetics &
assortment of                                       Mo
  products                                          bile                                Counter                    Counter
                                           Entrance stor                                                Exit
                                       Level 2

  Footwear Bazaar                                                   Utensils


Sunglasses, watches,
 health instruments
                                        Toys, mats & bed
  Bags, Travel bags, Ladies                                                    Crockery
         hand bags                                               Staples
                                   Way to level 1 & 3

                                       Level 3

    Men‟s section             Kid‟s Section

                                                               Women‟s section


    Men‟s section

                                             Kid‟s Section

    Men & Women formal                                                Women‟s section
                                  Way to level 2 & 4

Differentiations from SPAR:

      The products offered here are mostly of local and national brands which are of low
      They concentrate more on non-food items especially garments rather than the food
      The arrangement of the products in the rack is brand wise, which means fanta of all
       quantity were placed together, rin powder of all quantity were together, etc.
      The perimeter of the store is properly utilized with kiosks more of food items.
      It caters to the middle class segment of the people.
      The range of products in each level is mentioned in the steps before entering that
      The serve large variety and also assortment of products. The SKUs were quite large
       compared to SPAR.
      The shopping here gives the feeling of shopping in the local market where all the
       products required for home available.
      The prices of the product are low when compared to other stores. Their offer various
       according to the time period like Wednesday bazaar, sessional offers, etc.

                                        Level 4

                                 Jewellery Bazaar
        Gifts                        (Navaras)

                                                                   Furniture Bazaar


    Home Decor

                                       Furniture Bazaar        Bazaar

         Electronics                                                        Parlour (Star
                                                             Auto              sitara)
                                    Way to level 3 & Staff accessori

Negative Points:

      The store was congested with little staff guidance. There was no guide to the product
       location in a floor.
      The space between the racks was small which makes the customer hard to move
       around with trolley.
      The ambience and the lighting conditions are bad.
      Few racks in the cosmetics section were empty. Unfortunately these racks are present
       near the entrance.
      They staffs were not adequate and the level of training the staffs have is not adequate.


The two stores, SPAR hypermarket & Big Bazaar vary from each other to the maximum. The
target segment of the SPAR is upper middle class and high class where as that of big bazaar
is middle class. Though both of them offer a wide range of products in both food and non-
food category, SPAR concentrates more on food items while Big bazaar concentrates more
on non-food items. Although they differ in various aspects they succeed in attracting the
customers and satisfying them.

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