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									                                  Bridal Worksheet
                                                        Date of wedding:__________
Name of Bride:

Name of Groom:

Permanent Address:                                   Current Address:

Location and Time of Rehearsal:

Location and Time of Rehearsal Dinner:

Location of Reception:

Time of Wedding: __________        Time you plan on getting ready: ___________

Preference of B/W and Color (circle one)

All B/W          50/50%       25% Color          25% B/W           All Color

Number of Attendees: _________

Will grandparents be attending? _______

Will you: (yes or no)

_____Be having a brunch the day of __________
_____Be seeing each other before the ceremony
_____Be having a first dance
_____Be having a father-daughter dance
_____Be cutting a groom’s cake
_____Throw a bouquet
_____Toss a garter
_____Leave under the throws of ____rice ____bubbles ____butterflies ____flower petals
_____Any other special events_______________________________________________
Please list on the page provided the pictures you would like taken before and after the
ceremony. Keep in mind I only need to know the exact photos of wedding party, family
and special friends. You do not need to give me a list of things like cake cutting, first
dance etc. ( I do not need a list pulled from a magazine or wedding planning book). I will
be able to give you an estimated time of arrival for the pictures after I see the list. Note
that for a family shot with 12 or more people it may take at least 10 minutes to organize.




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