Crystallization Worksheet by parpar


									                           F1RST TEAM REAL ESTATE
                            Crystallization Worksheet
                         Buyer # 1                                                 Buyer # 2

   1.      Picture yourself in the car looking at homes. Visualize where you are sitting in the car.
   2.      Now stop the agent at a home you are envisioning. Describe the neighborhood (street scene).
   3.      Describe the curb appeal of the home, noting colors, location of front door & garage, porch, etc.
   4.      Describe the amount of light coming out of the front door, and then go to favorite room/place.
   5.      Quickly describe features of the rooms and areas of the property in order of importance to you. Then,
           describe why that feature would be a benefit to you. This how to convert features to benefits.
   6.      Remember, Money is no object…benefits will be the same no matter the cost. Collect 3 main benefits.

CONVENIENCE                 RECREATION             PRIVACY             PRESTIGE                ENTERTAINMENT

HEALTH               ECONOMY                      VALUE                   SAFETY                       SECURITY

SELF-ACTUALIZATION                      ROMANCE                        COMFORT                AESTHETICS

Benefit Templates for:
Buyer # 1 1) _______________________ 2) __________________ 3) __________________

Buyer # 2 1) _______________________ 2) __________________ 3) __________________

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