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					                                                  University of Manchester
                                                  School of Social Sciences

               PGR Application for Approval to Submit After Agreed Submission Date Form

This form should be completed where a request for permission to submit after the final agreed thesis submission deadline is sought.

Doctorate and MPhil degree students who have not submitted their thesis by the end of the registered period of their degree (which
includes the submission pending period), must request permission from the School Graduate Office for approval to submit after
their final submission deadline. If a student whose registration has lapsed is granted permission to submit their thesis, they will be
charged a late submission fee of £500. All information on this form is treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Section 1 – to be completed by the Student (Please PRINT)

Family Name:                                     Other Name(s):                         Student ID Number:

Current Correspondence Address:


Reason for Request to Submit after end of registration period:

Last Date of Attendance: dd/mm/yy
Requested Extension Date: dd/mm/yy
Supporting Documentation Attached: YES                      NO        Confidential Report Attached: YES NO

Student Declaration

I confirm that the information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I understand that
if my application is approved, I must pay a late submission fee of £500.

Signed:                                                                        Date:
(please tick here if form completed electronically)
                                                                               School of Social Sciences
                                                                            Late Submission Request Form

Section 2 – Supervisor Use Only

This section should be completed when a late submission request has been discussed with a student.

Student’s Family Name:                      Student’s Other Names:       Student’s ID Number:

I confirm that the above named student has discussed his / her circumstances with me and that I
support/reject their application to submit their thesis after their approved submission deadline:

The agreed revised submission deadline is: dd/mm/yy

Additional Supporting/ Reason for Denial Comments (mandatory):

Supervisor’s Name (please print):
(please tick here if form completed electronically)

Section 3 – School Postgraduate Office Use Only

This section should be completed when a request to submit after the approved thesis submission deadline has
been received

Instrument/Appendix:                        Peoplesoft:                  Letter:

Please indicate whether the application has been granted School approval:
Approve                                               Reject   
Any Additional Comments:

Name (please print):
PGR Application for Approval to Submit After Agreed Submission Date Instructions:

To apply for permission for approval to submit after the agreed submission date you must:

1.   Applications should be made on the ‘Approval to Submit after Agreed Submission Date Instructions’
     form above.

2.   Where relevant applications must be accompanied by documentary evidence e.g. certification by a
     qualified doctor specifying nature of illness, duration and impact on ability to study, letter from
     qualified counsellor, copy police incident report etc.

3.   Applications must be made in advance of the published submission date.

4.   After completing the form, you should email/take the form directly to your supervisor/Programme
     Director and ask them to complete ‘Section 2 – Supervisor/Academic Programme Director’. Once they
     have completed section 2, you must then ensure that the completed form is returned to the School PGR
     Administrators (see below for details). Your application will then be passed to the Director of
     Graduate Studies for consideration.

5.   The student will be formally notified in writing of the outcome of their application as soon as possible
     by the School office.

Circumstances that might be considered as grounds for applying to submit late:
    Illness which either prevents the student from working altogether or considerably affects his/her
      ability to work effectively.
    Serious personal problems; illness/death of close relatives including attendance at funerals; victims
      of crime; accommodation crises; court cases; accident or sports injury.

The following will not be regarded as grounds for applying to submit late:
    any event that could have reasonably been expected or anticipated e.g. weddings, holidays, moving
    inadequate planning and time management.
    pressures of paid work.
    having more than one examination or other compulsory assessment or presentation etc. on the same
    computer or printer failure resulting in loss of data.
    difficulties with English language (including delays in proofreading).
    normal pregnancy (excluding standard maternity leave entitlement).

The above lists are not exhaustive, nor does the existence of acceptable grounds guarantee that an extension
to the submission date will be granted. Students are expected to take reasonable action to minimise
disruption to their studies.

Postgraduate Research Administrators

Programmes in            PGR Research Administrator         Contact Details
Economics                Marie Waite                        Email -
CCSR                                                        Tel - 0161 275 4869
Social Change                                               SoSS Postgraduate Office, Room 2.003, Arthur
Social Anthropology                                         Lewis Building

Sociology                Ann Cronley                        Email -
Politics                                                    0161 275 4747
Philosophy                                                  SoSS Postgraduate Office, Room 2.003, Arthur
                                                            Lewis Building