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					              UK Hydrographic Office in Move Towards GML

The UKHO has taken the first step in adopting Geography Markup Language
(GML) in hydrographic data by developing a GML schema for S57 ENC data.
The scheme will aid the interoperability of data produced by different vendors
and facilitate the representation of S57 ENC data in GML.

The initial version of the GML schema has been developed by the UKHO in
association with Galdos Systems Inc ( The schema has
been made freely available and the UKHO is inviting feedback from members
of the wider Geographic Information (GI) community on the schema’s S57
interpretation and modelling.

GML is fast becoming the standard in the transfer and representation of
Geospatial Information with many authoritative geospatial data suppliers
already using GML or working towards its adoption. GML fully conforms to
standards co-developed by the ISO Technical Committee 211 and the Open
GIS Consortium Inc (OGC), an international organisation that is leading the
development of standards for geospatial and location based services.

John Pepper UKHO’s Head of Commercial Development says: “The GML
schema is a significant starting point in the UKHO’s adoption of GML. We
have made the schema freely available and invite people to view it and
provide us with their feedback so we can effectively manage its future

The GML schema can be found on the UKHO website
under the business to business section. Feedback is welcomed by the UKHO
and can be submitted via a downloadable feedback form.
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About the UKHO

The UKHO is a government agency and the world’s leading producer of navigational charts
and publications, with a global chart series of over 3, 300 charts and 220 publications. 70%
of world shipping uses the Admiralty chart series in satisfaction of UN mandatory carriage

The UKHO’s vast store of high quality data is increasingly finding wider uses across the
marine, oceanographic and maritime communities. The Admiralty Licensed Partnering
programme is designed to create an environment for innovation and growth, involving both
commercial companies and public bodies.


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About Galdos Systems Inc

Founded in 1998, Galdos Systems revolutionised GIS Technology and mobilised the world-
wide Geo-Web by authoring the Geography Markup Language (GML). Galdos is recognised
as a world leader in the development of cost effective systems for delivering GML and XML
based products for the integrated land and resource management, critical infrastructure
planning and protection, telematics, LBS and ITS market sectors.


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