Agreement Bill Of Sale by tboston


									                                    BILL OF SALE

Known all men by these presents:

1.     That [SELLER NAME] ("Seller") is the owner of the full legal and beneficial title
       to the Equipment listed on the attached Purchase Agreement hereof (the
       "Equipment"), and all parts, instruments, appurtenances, accessories or other
       equipment or property installed on or attached to said Equipment.

2.     THAT, for and in consideration of the sum of so specified on the Purchase
       Agreement, Seller does, this [DATE], grant, convey, transfer, bargain and sell,
       deliver and set over, all of Seller's right, title, and interest in and to the
       Equipment, and all associated parts, instruments, appurtenances, accessories
       and/or other equipment or property including Sellers rights and interests in any
       equipment maintenance agreement(s) entered into and covering the Equipment,
       unto [BUYER NAME AND ADDRESS] ("Purchaser"), and unto its successors
       and assigns forever.

3.     THAT Seller hereby warrants to Purchaser, its successors and assigns, that there
       is hereby conveyed to Purchaser on the date hereof, good title to the aforesaid
       Equipment, parts, and property, free and clear of all liens, encumbrances and
       rights of others, other than those created or contemplated by this Purchase
       transaction between Seller and Purchaser, and that Seller will warranty and defend
       such title forever against all lawful claims and demands whatsoever arising by,
       through or under it.

4.     This Bill of Sale is governed by the laws of the state of [ENTER STATE].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has caused this instrument to be executed by its duly
authorized officer on this date.

Agreed and Accepted:

For :Seller

(Please sign above and print name and
title here)
Date: August 12, 2008

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