Dewey Decimal Worksheet - ANSWERS

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					                              Dewey Decimal Worksheet - ANSWERS
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Instructions: Use the Dewey Decimal Classification Packet to identify which Dewey number is being referred to in each
000. You are beginning to think your French teacher is a walking encyclopedia. If this were true,
      what Dewey number would she be?
     034 – Encyclopedias in French, etc.

100. You had an interesting dream last night and you would like a book that helps you to interpret this
     dream. What Dewey number do you want to check out?
      135 – Dreams & mysteries

200. Your friend thinks he is a “god”. To prove him wrong, you need a list of Greek gods to show
     him that his name is not listed. What is the Dewey number that will help you locate this
     292 – Greek & Roman religion

300. Your classmate is so rude! You want to get this person a book on manners. What Dewey
     number do you need to know?
     395 – Etiquette (manners)

400. You are interested in learning sign language. So you rush right over to which Dewey number?
     419 – Sign languages

500. You are a math whiz and you think you are ready to start working on algebra problems. Which
     Dewey number should you know?
    512 - Algebra

600. If you wanted to find out how the queen bee of the insect world gets her crown, what Dewey
     number do you need to know?
     638 – Insect culture

700. You just received a digital camera and would like to know more about this type of photography.
     To find out more about this art form, you need to know which Dewey number?
     775 – Digital photography

800. Your latest romantic flame loves to hear you quote Italian poetry. To keep the love fire burning,
     what Dewey number do you need to know?
     851 – Italian poetry

900. You have heard that your librarian traveled to Brazil. You want to test her knowledge of South
     American geography so you head towards which Dewey number?
     918 – Geography & travel in South America