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					                                   SIMPLIFIED INDICATOR WORKSHEET
Target/              Relevant Data       Potential Partners   Potential Strategies       Value Added (How     Best Approach
Indicator            (What do we know    ( Who’s doing        ( What are our options?)   can we add value?)   (What should we do?)
( Where do we want   or need to know?)   something now?)
to be?)
                      MAKING CONNECTIONS WORKSHEET: 3rd Grade Reading
Target           Relevant Data                Potential Partners         Potential Strategies                  Value Added (How can             Best Approach
( Where do we    (What do we know or          ( Who’s doing              ( What are our options?)              Making Connections add           (What should we
want to be?)     need to know?)               something now?)                                                  value?)                          do?)
                 23% score proficient         Grand and East Side        Play and Learn groups can             Link existing MC activities      Use existing
                 now in these 2 schools.      schools offer tutoring     provide new experiences for           to increased preschool           community organizers
Increase the     How many are from            after school to children   children, increase parent,            enrollment                       and FES activities to
percentage of    homes where English is       in grades k-3 who score    relatives and neighbors’ capacity                                      help recruit children for
children in 2    not spoken?                  in the bottom half of      to help the children in their care,   Introduce the idea of play       Head Start and play and
Making                                        kindergarten               and encourage enrollment in           and learn groups and seek        learn groups.
Connections      41% of 3 and 4 year olds     assessments.               preschool.                            local funding and other
elementary       in the n’hood are                                                                             partners (2 local churches?)     Use Seed grant funds to
schools (Grand   enrolled in preschool,       United Way is              Create a parent component of          to sustain them                  promote play and learn
and East Side)   including Head Start.        sponsoring a citywide      school tutoring programs to help                                       and investigate how a
who score        Are there slots unfilled     campaign to increase       parents know how to help their        Link with United Way to          FFN support network
proficient or    now?                         parents reading to         children increase reading             create a neighborhood            would be received and
above on the                                  children, among other      capability                            version of the citywide          what it would do
standardized     56% of families report       activities to improve                                            campaign
third grade      reading to young             early literacy             Analyze subgroups of children                                          Partner with United
reading tests    children. What does the                                 who score in lower quintiles and      Provide (or find a partner to    Way and others on
from 23% to      library do? Are there        ESL classes at area high   target preschool strategies for       provide) children’s books in     early literacy activities
30% by 2007.     book programs                schools offer preschool    specific groups such as children      languages other than             to get neighborhood
                 available?                   activities for young       with chronic health problems,         English for existing             activities underway
                                              children who attend with   children of teen moms, children       programs
                 62% of children 0-5          their parents.             who don’t attend preschool, etc.                                       Help parents organize
                 spend at least 5 hours a                                                                      Introduce and promote FFN        to prod the school to get
                 day in the care of a                                    Increase the number of high           support networks to              a parent component of
                 relative or neighbor.                                   quality, affordable preschool         improve the early literacy       the tutoring program
                                                                         slots in the neighborhood             activities children receive in
                 What are blood lead                                                                           these settings                   Seek interested parties
                 levels of children in this                              Start a lead abatement campaign                                        for lead abatement and
                 neighborhood?                                                                                                                  book strategies
                                   WORKSHEET for Increasing Preschool Enrollment
Target             Relevant Data                    Potential                      Potential Strategies               Value Added                 Best Approach
( Where do we      (What do we know or              Partners( Who’s doing          ( What are our options?)           ( What can Making           (What should we
want to be?)       need to know?)                   something now?)                                                   Connections add?)           do?)
                   2 of 23 programs are             Workforce efforts have         Help all 23 programs become        Funding and/or              Fund neighborhood
Increase the       nationally accredited            mentioned early                nationally accredited; partner     technical assistance to     messengers to reach
number of                                           childhood as an area that      with childcare organizations       add cultural                out to parents,
children 3 and 4   238 children are eligible for    can develop more jobs          and the local resource and         competence to existing      training for providers,
years of           Head Start and 180 attend                                       referral agencies to provide       training, to provide        data collection and
enrolled in        Head Start. Why are the rest     Head Start needs help          appropriate training and           strategies for hiring and   analysis about
high-quality       not enrolled?                    with recruiting new            technical assistance to            retaining neighborhood      barriers for working
preschool                                           children in the                providers.                         residents in the early      families, and play
programs by        No preschools other than         neighborhood to keep up                                           childhood workforce,        and learn groups.
10% in the next    Head Start offer                 their enrollment.              Work with local R and R to         and to seed play and
2 years.           transportation for children or                                  prepare information packet for     learn groups.               Access TA and
                   child care at the same           Local resource and             parents that will help them                                    assistance from
                   location after 5:00 p.m.         referral agency provides       identify and select high-quality   Assistance from             AECF grantees to
                                                    training and TA to             childcare placement; use           national policy             develop advocacy
                   There are 422 3-4 year olds      providers. Community           neighborhood messengers to         advocates to identify       strategy.
                   in the neighborhood. 342         college and local              reach out to families with this    strategies and advocacy
                   are reported to attend some      university provide             information.                       opportunities to provide    Develop an advocacy
                   type of preschool. What’s        scholarships to                                                   additional funds for        strategy along with
                   the economic gap? What           neighborhood residents.        Develop strategies that address    preschool.                  residents to document
                   about racial and ethnic gaps?                                   barriers to participation                                      and present findings
                   Do families prefer to keep       State is working to            identified by families.            Influence with state and    about the economic
                   children at home? Why?           improve quality of                                                city leaders to direct      impact of lack of
                   What would it take for more      preschools across the          Start informal play and learn      funding for child care      preschool in the
                   children to be enrolled?         state, offering training and   groups for families who choose     into the MC                 neighborhood to the
                                                    other incentives to            to keep their children at home.    neighborhood.               mayor.

                               MAKING CONNECTIONS WORKSHEET: Prenatal Care
Target           Relevant Data               Potential Partners           Potential Strategies               Value Added (How              Best Approach
( Where do       (What do we know or         ( Who’s doing something      ( What are our options?)           can Making                    (What should we do?)
we want to       need to know?)              now?                                                            Connections add
be?)                                                                                                         value?)
                 4 of 10 babies born to      Some resources exist in      School based health clinic         Help organize support for     Fund planning of school
98% of all       teen mothers in our         high schools for pregnant    designed for teens. Can reach      health clinic and access      health clinic, including long
pregnant         neighborhood are            teens: high school has a     70% of teen moms.                  funding. Start with United    term financing ideas.
women in the     premature and weigh 5       program with child care.                                        Way.
MC               pounds or less.             United Way has new teen      Work with community health                                       Fund new training for walkers
neighborhood     Where do they get           pregnancy prevention         providers and local hospitals to   Influence schools,            and talkers.
will enter       help? What motivates        focus.                       improve responsiveness and         community health and
prenatal care    them to get care?                                        accessibility of prenatal          social service providers to   Work with health providers
in their first                               Healthy Families has a       services.                          focus on culturally           who are part of Making
trimester.       31% of adults in the        home visiting program for                                       appropriate outreach to       Connections site partnership to
                 neighborhood do not         30 first time moms who       Investigate need and provide       increase utilization of       investigate a doula program
                 have health insurance.      qualify.                     transportation to prenatal care    prenatal care.                and develop a plan for
                                                                          to 40 pregnant women a year.                                     addressing cultural
                 28 of 225 mothers           Local clinic has                                                Introduce doula idea,         responsiveness.
                 deliver babies without      immunization programs        Neighborhood messengers            gather partners and fund
                 having any prenatal         that need expansion.         trained to work with teen          initial planning              Fund feasibility study and
                 care. Is transportation a                                mothers as well as older                                         anticipated results of token
                 problem?                    One neighborhood church      mothers. Able to reach more        Approach church about         strategy (conducted by
                 Are there culture           has a van that transports    isolated women.                    transportation possibility.   residents). Use influence with
                 and/or language             elderly people to doctors’                                      Work with them to             city to pilot this approach.
                 barriers that keep some     appointments.                Doula program can provide          influence city to provide
                 pregnant women from                                      birth assistance and care for      bus tokens for pregnant
                 seeking prenatal care?                                   new mothers up to 2 years after    women in conjunction
                                                                          birth, using neighborhood          with walkers and talkers.

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