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“Doom of the Gods”
 The winter of all winters
 Consists of three winters of the harshest
  weather with no summer in between
 It will cause fights among families and
  friends; morality disappears
 It is the harbinger of the end
 Skoll (a great wolf) will eat
  the sun
 Hati (his brother) will eat
  the moon
 Stars will vanish
 Three cocks crow
  - Fjalar to the giants
  - The golden cock
  Gullinkambi to the gods
  - A third cock will raise the
 Will ravish the entire earth, breaking all
 Fenrir and Loki will get loose
             The Bad Guys
 Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, twists in
  fury and makes his way toward land.
 Jormungand’s breath will stain the soil and
  the sky with poison.
 The waves caused by his movements will
  free the ship Naglfar, which will allow the
  giants to sail towards the battlefield. This
  boat is made from dead men’s fingernails.
              The Bad Guys
 From the Hel, a second ship will set sail,
  and this ship carries the inhabitants of Hel,
  with Loki as their leader.
 The giant Surt will lead the fire giants to
  join forces against the gods.
 Surt carries a fiery sword that scorches the
 All these monster crossing Bifrost cause it to
             The Good Guys

 Heimdall sounds his horn
  to call the sons of Odin
  and the warriors
  assembled in Valhalla
 All will meet on the plain
  of Vigrid ("battle shaker")
  where the last battle will
  be fought.
             The World Tree
   Yggdrasil shakes from
    root to summit
             The Battles
 Odin vs. Fenrir
 Thor vs. Jormungand
 Freyr vs. Surt
 Tyr vs. Garm
 Loki vs. Heimdall
              The Outcomes
   Odin vs. Fenrir - the battle lasts forever,
    but ends in Fenrir swallowing Odin – Vidar
    (Odin’s son) will attack Fenrir using his
    bare hands and a special shoe made from
    the scrapes of millions of shoe soles and
    rip his jaws apart

    Good Guys 1    Bad Guys 1
              The Outcomes
   Thor vs. Jormungand
    – A Pyrrhic victory.
    Thor will kill the
    snake, but is fatally

    Good Guys 2
    Bad Guys 2
              The Outcomes
   Freyr vs. Surt – Freyr had given his sword
    to his servant, and is easy prey to the

    Good Guys 2    Bad Guys 3
              The Outcomes
   Tyr vs. Garm – They kill each other

    Good Guys 3    Bad Guys 4
              The Outcomes
   Loki vs. Heimdall – They kill each other

    Good Guys 4
    Bad Guys 5
 Surt, in a battle rage, will
  fling fire from his sword in
  every direction
 The nine worlds burn, and
  pretty much everyone who
  survived the fighting on
  both sides will die
 The earth sinks into the
                 The Aftermath
   Afterwards, a new earth with plenty of resources rises
    from the sea
   The sun, before being swallowed, gave birth. This new
    sun returns light to the world
   Some gods survive:
     - Vili (Odin’s brother)
    - Vidar and Vali (Odin’s sons)
    - Móði and Magni (Thors sons) – They inherit Mjollnir
    - Hœnir
    - Balder and Hod return to live in Valhalla
    - No goddesses are mentioned but possibly Frigg, Freyja,
    and a few other goddess survived
       Aftermath (continued)
 Lif and Lifthrasir will be two humans that
  survive (they hid inside of Yggdrasil).
  They repopulate the earth.
 Wickedness and misery will no longer exist
 Gods and men will live happily together.
 Nidhogg, a dragon that lives off the roots
  of Yggdrasil will survive and suck the
  blood of the dead in the new world
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