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									               5. SUBMISSION OF WORK

 You are required to hand in coursework by the dates specified by
  your tutors as detailed in the module outlines.

The University’s penalty scheme for late work is as follows:

   a late submission penalty of 10 marks will be imposed on
    any work that is submitted after the deadline

   an additional penalty of 5 marks will then be imposed on
    each of the subsequent 10 working days until the work is

NOTE: the university defines a working day in this context as a
period of twenty four hours or part thereof from Monday to Friday
inclusive when the university is not closed

 If you feel you have a good reason, such as illness, for not being
  able to complete the work on time, it is possible to seek an
  extension to your deadline(s). Periods of grace will only be
  granted in exceptional circumstances.

 To gain an extension for AM coded modules you must contact
  the following staff (different for each semester for Years 2, 3 and
  4) at the earliest opportunity in advance of deadlines.

       Year 1
       Dr Sarah Graham (Year 1 Tutor)
       Tel: 0116-2522625; Email:

       Years 2, 3 and 4
       Dr Elizabeth Clapp (Director of Teaching)
       Tel: 0116-2522815; Email:

Any piece of coursework that has not been received in time for
marking – normally by the beginning of examinations in each
semester, 12 January 2009 (Semester 1) and 18 May 2009
(Semester 2) – will be given a mark of zero, and counted as such
in calculating the total mark for the module.

Submission of Work and Passing Modules:

    For all First Year modules, each individual piece of assessed
     work must be submitted and passed in order to secure a
     pass for that module.
    For all Second and Final Year “AM” modules, each
     individual piece of assessed work must be submitted before
     a pass can be secured for that module.

   Exceptions will only be made in cases where an extension has
   been agreed on grounds of illness or other major circumstance.

Coursework should be deposited in the essay box of the
relevant department. You should submit ONE copy of each
piece of work with a department cover sheet attached to the

      DEPARTMENT CODES                       ESSAY BOX LOCATION
      AM–American Studies                    15th floor under pigeon holes
      EN–English                             14th floor foyer
      HA–History of Art and Film             17th floor slide room
      HS–School of Historical Studies        7th floor foyer
      PL–Politics                            10th floor foyer

Coversheets can be found with the essay boxes.

NOTE: All students are also required to submit an electronic
copy via Blackboard: described on the next page.

 Your work should not be handed directly to tutors, or to the
  American Studies Office (except for late essays which should be
  handed directly to the American Studies Secretary in Att 1504 or
  Att 1505) during office hours. The Centre will accept no
  responsibility for work that is not submitted in the proper fashion.
  The box is emptied daily and essays are date-stamped before
  being passed to the tutor concerned.

 Your name should be on the coversheet only. Please write
  the following on the top of the first page: (a) your candidate
  number; (b) the module code; and (c) the name of the module
  convener or seminar tutor. This is so that your work can be
  marked anonymously and without prejudice. You are advised to
  keep a copy of any essay that you might need for exam revision.

EXTENSIONS are not normally granted except in case of illness,
when a doctor’s certificate must be supplied. If for any other
reason you request an extension you should consult the Director of
Teaching before the submission deadline of that piece of work.

  If, for any reason, you have to submit work by post, please
   address this to: Mrs Linda Benson, American Studies Office,
   Attenborough 1505, University of Leicester, University Road,
   Leicester LE1 7RH. It is your responsibility to ensure that your
   work is submitted. It is, therefore, essential when submitting
   work by post to send it registered, with proof of posting. It is
   also advisable to keep your own copy of any work submitted.
NOTE: Some modules are taught by staff outside the Centre. It is
essential that you are familiar with submission procedures of each
module that does not have an AM code given in module outlines.


All AM coded modules now make use of a Virtual Learning
Environment (VLE) called Blackboard. You can Login to the
Blackboard site from any computer with an Internet browser,
whether on or off campus:

         go to the University of Leicester homepage
         click on Blackboard from the Find it menu
         enter your CFS username and Password.

Once you have logged in successfully, you will find the following:

      (1) Modules for which you are registered.
      Click on each individual module for further details and
      information. You will find a menu on the left hand side that
      gives you access to an array of useful documents and
      materials. Conveners will tailor each module to best suit their
      students’ needs, but you will normally find module guides,
      past exam papers, textual extracts, lecture handouts etc. You
      can also send e-mails to other students on the module via the
      Communication button.

      (2) American Studies Notices
      This is an increasingly important means of contact between
      the office, academic staff, and students. Essential information
      concerning your degree will be posted here, and you must
      check the notices regularly. These will include, for example,
      your examination timetables and details of meetings including
      those for the Year Abroad.

       Off-Campus Access
To access your CFS account off campus you should go to: Choose whether you are on a public
computer or a private computer and then enter your CFS username
and password.

To access the Blackboard facilities off campus go to: Enter your CFS username and
password as described above.

Submission of Work via Blackboard


As well as the requirement to submit one paper copy of your
coursework outlined above, you are required to submit one
electronic copy of each piece of coursework for all your AM
coded modules. In effect, therefore, you are required to submit
two copies of each piece of coursework that you produce. There are
ten very simple steps to follow to allow you to do this:

  1. Logon to Blackboard
  2. Click on the module for which you want to submit work.
  3. Click on Assignments on the left-hand side.
  4. Click on the relevant coursework title
     (Essay 1, Essay 2, Short Essay, Group Project etc.).
  5. You will be automatically directed to the
     page. Click on the submit icon.
  6. Fill in the required information
     (first name; last name; the title of your assignment).
  7. Click on the Browse button to find the piece of coursework
     on your computer. Click on the file and press the open
  8. Click on the submit button (top right-hand corner).
  9. You will be shown the contents of the file you have selected. If
     it is the correct file, answer the “Is this the paper you want
     to submit?” question by pressing the “yes, submit” button.
  10. You will be directed to a new screen confirming the
     successful submission of your coursework with a digital
     receipt. You will also receive an e-mail receipt confirming
     your submission, and the exact time it was submitted.

LATE PENALTIES: You must ensure that both the paper copy
and the electronic copy of your assignment are submitted before
the stipulated deadline. Late penalties will apply if either of the
copies is not correctly submitted before the deadline.


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