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					                      PDP: SKILLS – A SELF ASSESSMENT

You should assess honestly your abilities in the various skill areas. Provide additional evidence in the
box provided. Your target is to develop a “good” or “excellent” capability in as many skill areas as
possible and have the confidence to use your skills in your studies and afterwards to get your career

Once you have completed the questionnaire, reflect on your answers and think about the following:

       If you did not score highly in the time management section, what can you do to improve your
        score?           There     is     some     information   on     time    management       at that may help.

       If you were weak in some of the other areas, can you justify why? Have you had the
        opportunity to develop strengths in these areas as part of your time at University, or not yet?
        What could you do to improve your skills?

       If you have filled in this skills assessment before, how do your answers now compare with
        your answers before?

Remember to include the date each time you complete the document
TIME                 Weak                   Satisfactory      Good                      Excellent

Make effective       Have not kept up       Have had some     Attended most of the      Attended lectures
use of lectures      with lectures and      difficulty        lectures and was          with few exceptions,
                     rarely attended        keeping up with   usually well              was well prepared
                     them.                  lectures, and     prepared.                 and made a full set
                                            making notes.                               of notes.

Meet                 Have not met any       Have met the      Have only missed a        Have met all
coursework           or very few            majority of       few deadlines due to      deadlines
deadlines            deadlines              deadlines         extenuating

Prioritise and       Failed to prioritise   Have tried to     Successfully              Successfully
assess time for      to meet                prioritise with   prioritised to meet       prioritised to meet all
task completion      deadlines.             some success.     most deadlines.           deadlines. Did not
                     Underestimated         Underestimated    Rarely                    underestimate time
                     time required for      time needed for   underestimated time       required for activities
                     most activities        some activities   required for activities

Add notes here to justify your assessment (refer to evidence or examples).
RETRIEVE AND         Weak                  Satisfactory             Good                     Excellent
Locate library       I do not use the      I know where the         I know how to find       I know how to use
books/journals       library               subject specific         books using the          the library
                                           books are kept           library classification   computers to find
                                                                    system                   books and journals.

Summarise            I do not know how     I find it difficult to   I have summarised        I have produced
information (for     to summarise          know what is vital       information but have     effective summaries
example, for the     information           and what is              not necessarily          of work
purpose of reading                         superfluous in a         included/excluded
projects, essays,,                         summary                  the appropriate
etc.)                                                               material

Use outside          I do not use          I occasionally           I regularly              I always supplement
sources (such as     anything other than   supplement my            supplement my            my work with
Recommended          my lecture notes      lecture notes with       work with                information from
literature or the                          information from         information from         books, web,
internet)                                  recommended text         books and the web        scientific journals
                                           books                                             and articles

Provide references   I do not know how     I occasionally           I always include a       I always include a
for all sources      to reference the      reference text books     bibliography but am      properly formatted
used (for example,   material I use                                 unsure as to the         bibliography in any
in an essay, etc.)                                                  format to follow         work I produce

Add notes here to justify your assessment (refer to evidence or examples).
USE OF I.T. AND     Weak           Satisfactory         Good                       Excellent
Manipulate and      I do not       I know how to        I know all the basic       I know and can use both the
use a Microsoft     know           open programs        functionality of Windows   basic and advanced
Windows             anything       and how to use       and have successfully      functions of Windows. I
environment         about          desktop shortcuts    used Word and/or           know how to connect my
(including          Windows                             Excel.                     computer to a LAN and to
Microsoft Word                                                                     use dial up.
and Excel)

Use email           I cannot use   I can reply to and   I can use the basic        I use email confidently and
                    email          create emails        functions of email and     know about further mailing
                                                        send attachments and       lists, etc..
                                                        forward emails to others

Use of              I cannot use   I can perform        I can perform more         I am very proficient in one or
mathematics         any of these   simple               complicated                more of these software
packages such                      computations         computations and write     packages.
as Maple,                          using my             simple programs in my
Mathematica or                     favourite            favourite package.
MatLab                             package.

Use of statistics   I don’t now    I can perform        I can perform more         I can do complicated data
packages (where     how to use     some simple          complicated data           analysis quite proficiently
applicable).        them.          data analysis        analysis in my favourite   in my favourite package
                                   using a statistics   package.

Unix/Linux          I do not use   I know some          I know a good range of     I am very proficient with
operating system    any            basic commands       Unix/Linux commands        Unix/Linux (e.g, I can use
                    Unix/Linux     (such as ls,                                    shell scripts and/or
                    commands       more, cd).                                      makefiles.

Add notes here to justify your assessment (refer to evidence or examples) each time you complete the
self-assessment. Remember to include the date each time you complete the document:
ACADEMIC             Weak             Satisfactory           Good                      Excellent
Put across my        Never voice      Occasionally put       Contribute ideas on a     Carefully think through
own ideas in an      personal ideas   forward ideas but      regular basis which are   and voice well
informal group                        fail to structure      fairly well structured    structured ideas
                                      ideas beforehand                                 whenever appropriate

Working co-          I have not       I have contributed     I find group work very    I find working in groups
operatively in       taken part or    to group work          helpful and take an       very stimulating and
groups               contributed to   where stipulated       active part in them       often take the lead in
                     group work                                                        organising group work

Use a range of       Never use        Use the web or text    Used electronic and       Extensively used all
resources to         additional       books to develop a     library resources         resources available.
develop              resources or     fuller understanding   including reviews,        Self-assessed
understanding        assess           of a subject           journal articles          understanding of the
                     understanding                                                     material

Integrate learning   Never            Tried to integrate     Demonstrated some         Successfully integrated
from different       integrate        personal               degree of integration     material from several
modules/experie      personal         experience and         between modules and       other modules and used
nces                 experience       material from          used personal             appropriate personal
                     and material     different modules.     experience to enhance     experience to enhance
                     from different                          learning                  learning

Add notes here to justify your assessment (refer to evidence or examples) each time you complete the
self-assessment. Remember to include the date each time you complete the document:

COMMUNICATION          Weak             Satisfactory           Good                    Excellent
Prepare and deliver   Have no             Prepared and            Prepared and              Have prepared and
an oral               experience of       delivered oral          delivered oral            delivered an oral
presentation          preparing or        presentation using      presentation using        presentation involving
                      delivering an       audio-visual aids.      audio-visual aids.        skilful use of audio-
                      oral                Not yet responded       Not reviewed my own       visual aids. Have
                      presentation        to criticism received   work. Responded           critically reviewed my
                                                                  effectively to most       presentation and
                                                                  questions/criticism       responded effectively to
                                                                                            all questions

Development of        Unaware of the      I have produced         I have produced           I have produced essays
writing style and     requirements        written material and    essays and have           and in response to
producing essays      for                 received feedback       used feedback to          feedback have
                      professional        suggesting a lack       identify defects in my    identified defects in my
                      writing. Never      of appropriate style    style                     style, which I have
                      wrote an                                                              addressed in
                      essay.                                                                subsequent material

Produce and/or        I have not          I have produced a       I have produced a CV      My CV includes details
update a CV           produced a CV       basic CV which          including both            not only of my subject
                                          considers only my       educational and work      specific skills but also
                                          educational             experience. It is up to   my key skills, work
                                          experience and is       date but its              experience (and an
                                          in need of updating     presentation could be     assessment of the skills
                                                                  improved                  developed) as well as
                                                                                            my recreational

Complete report       I have difficulty   I can write a report    I can write a report      I can write a competent
(e.g. for computer    with report         but often forget        but occasionally          report and never forget
lab sessions)         writing             some of the rules       forget some of the        the rules

Add notes here to justify your assessment (refer to evidence or examples) each time you complete the
self-assessment. Remember to include the date each time you complete the document: