starting a new food business

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					                           Starting a New Food Business

The following information is designed to help you understand your legal duties and help
you start your new business

Planning Permission/ Building Control

If the premises is new or if you are altering existing premises you may need planning
permission from the local planning office and approval from the Councils Building
Control you are advised to contact them for advice.


Details can be downloaded from the our website:

Food Hygiene Requirements

You should seek advice from the Food Team before starting work. Your Environmental
Health Officer will be able to give you advice on the design of catering premises, food
hygiene training and advice on food safety.

Food Hygiene Training

Details can be downloaded from our website:

New Business Checklist

      Have you registered your Food Business?

      Do the design and construction of your premises meet legal requirements?

      Do you staff understand the principles of good food hygiene?

      Have you put food safety management procedures in place and are you making
       regular checks to ensure they are working?

      Do you have a refuse collection service?

      Have you considered Health and Safety and Fire Regulations?

      Have you registered as self employed?

      Do you need to register for VAT?
     Do you describe your Food and Drink accurately?
     Do you need to apply for a licence to sell alcohol, for entertainment or selling
      food in the street.

Further information is available from: safety/downloads/A Safe
Start for Food Businesses.pdf

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