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					                          Crick Old School Trustees.

                 Minutes of Trustees Meeting held at 9 The Paddock
                                 25th January 2006

Present :        Dave Milne         Chairman.
                 Nigel Howard       Trustee.
                Jim Goodger         Trustee.
                 Phil Dunkley        Trustee.
                Jackie Dunkley      Bookings Secretary.

1. Apologies : David Lake.
               Rachel Blakemore.

2. Finance.      The annual accounts had been prepared by Rachel and it was
                 unanimously agreed that they be adopted, subject to audit. It was
                 agreed that a copy of the accounts be given to the Parish council for
                It was agreed that a Repair Fund be started in 2006 to enable monies to
                 be built over time to cover for future repairs. It is known that the roof will
                 require attention in the not too distant future.

3. Electricity. The size of electricity bills had caused some concern and Rachel had
                experienced some difficulties in dealing with Powergen. Phil had taken
                a series of meter readings in an attempt to identify the source of high
                usage. There had been cases where users had failed to ensure that the
                heaters were switched off after hire, but steps had been taken to
                minimise such occurrences. It was agreed that the computers in the IT
                suite should be switched off after use on Thursday evenings until the
                following Tuesday. Jim and Phil would arrange this with the IT Centre
                Committee. It was still felt that the meter was suspect and Phil will liase
                with Rachel to organise a visit by Powergen to check the accuracy of
                the meter.

4. Bookings.    Jackie and Phil gave an update. Bookings are healthy, with income
                being significantly increased by the forthcoming four-day exhibition by
                Barwood developments that would provide booking fees of £800. The
                Brownies had now transferred from the Primary School and have a one
                and a half hour session every Wednesday evening during term time.
                There continued to be regular hiring by residents for children’s parties.
                The Village youth Club was to be relaunched and if sufficient support
                was forthcoming, it would be held fortnightly at the Old School.

                Pmn. The launch was highly successful with 34 youngsters attending
                and it was clear that a larger venue would be necessary.

5. Charges.     Whilst there was no current necessity to increase charges, it was
                agreed that they should be reviewed at each meeting. The recent
                attention to electricity costs had highlighted the costs of heating.
                Phil commented that a one hour hire providing £4.00 hire charge to a
               local resident also incurred a cost of 80p in electricity charges. After
               some discussion, it was agreed that a heating surcharge would be
               applied to all bookings between 1st November and 1st April,
               commencing in Autumn 2006. It was agreed that Jackie should use her
               discretion in applying cancellation charges.

6. Security.   Phil explained that the It Centre Committee had reviewed the security
               arrangements and were installing an alarm system and a simple CCTV
               surveillance system in the IT Centre/Parish Office. They had
               considered extending the system to cover the Hall and Kitchen, but
               because of the number of users/keyholders, who would dilute the
               effectiveness of the system, and significantly increased costs, this
               option was discounted.

7. Maintenance.

                It was noted that some maintenance work was necessary and in
                addition, shelving was required in the kitchen cupboards to provide
                storage for the Brownies equipment. Phil, Jim and Dave would form a
               small working party to get the work done.
                It was noted that there was only one power point in the hall and Phil
               agreed to contact John Larkin to assist in obtaining estimates for
               additional points.
               Whilst noting that the heating in the kitchen was inadequate in very cold
               weather, it was agreed that this was mainly due to the high ceiling and
               that any addition expenditure on heating would be ineffective.

8. Date of Next Meeting.

               Wednesday 6th September at 8/00 pm.      Venue to be advised.

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