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					                                                                                                                      Issue 64 April 2007

A Smile for Sophie                                                                                                         What’s inside
                                                                                                                           the Community
CHILDREN, STAFF and                                                                      Mottram Wood, Red Dragon
parents at Pinfold Primary        CN64-1A                                           M
                                                                                    S    and McDonalds all donated         Page 2
School        organised       a                                                          meals and Cleopatra’s             Bogus Carpet Sellers
fantastic half day of                                                                    Beauty Salon owned by             & Easter Services at
fundraising fun this month                                                               local woman, Margaret
                                                                                                                           St. Barnabas
in support of former pupil                                                               Heaton donated a £20
Sophie who is living with                                                                voucher for a facial and Lots
cancer.                                                                                  More Style from Gee Cross         Page 3
  The day named a Smile for                                                              made a £20 donation. Local        Happy Birthday Lillian
Sophie gave each class the                                                               hero and World Champion           & Seniors surfing
chance to do a special activity                                                          Ricky     Hatton     donated      lessons
by making a donation to the                                                              signed gloves and posters.
appeal and there was lots of                                                               So     from    the     little
other treats the children could                                                          contribution from buying a        Page 4
buy and all the profits went to                                                          cake to the money raised          Get online with
the fund.                                                                                from Ricky’s signed gloves,       Community Network
  In the classes the children                                                            a grand sum of £1,200 was
did things like belly dancing,            Sophie led the way with smiles on a            raised for Sophie, an
pop music, karaoke, football,                    Smile for Sophie Day                    exceptionally special young       Page 5
art and craft. We could get our                                                          lady.                             Healthy Hattersley &
                                face painted or coloured streaks put in
                                                                                                                           Monkey Puzzel
    S                           our hair and lots of other things but                        CN64-1C
                                nothing cost a lot of money.
                                  We did our normal class work in the                                                      Page 6
                                morning and did all the fun things in                                                      Football & Boxing
                                the afternoon. Me and Abbey waited
                                outside the hall and collected money
                                in a bucket off the children as they
                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                went in the special assembly.
                                Everyone had a fun time it was a very                                                      Men in Black & Race
                                different kind of school day.                                                              for Life
                                  Mrs Lisa Packer and Mrs Pat Joy,
                                both teaching assistants, went calling          M
                                on local groups and organisations for                                                      Page 8
                    CN64-1B     donations that could be raffled to help     If was Smiles all round and lots of fun        Community Messages
                                the fundraising efforts. The New Inn,       for everyone at Sophie’s Day                   & Letters to the
 Our Reporter Shona joins pupil the Hare Hill Tavern and the Co-op                                                         Editor
  Abbey doing a collection on   donated spirits, wine, and chocolates.          By Shona Murray age 9
           Sophie’s day                                                         Community Reporter
                                                                                                                           The Community News now has a new email

There’s a hole in the precinct
                                                                                                                           internet and an email address, so if you do,
                                                                                                                           We’re really interested in how many people
                                                                                                                           This email address is for your news stories

                                                                                                                           who live on the estate have access to the
                                                                                                                           address, which is

 dear readers                                                                       dear readers
                                                                                                                           flick us an email and say....Hi :)

YOU MAY BE wondering what’s                                                      they would be starting work on
                                                                                                                           our email for anything else is

going on with the big hole, that has                                             the hole the following week.
meant the stairs off Hattersley Road                                               As you can see they didn’t
East up to the precinct have been                                                but we can report that work

blocked off.                                                                     began on Monday 26th March
   At first there was some confusion                                             and is expected to take two
about who the hole belonged to but                                               weeks to complete.
it has now been established that it is                                             So hopefully it won’t be too
the responsibility of United Utilities.                                          long before there is no hole in
   Some weeks ago a member of               One of many pictures in this edition the precinct, dear readers.
staff from the company called into          taken by Lee Robinson, Community
the Community Centre to say that                       Photographer
Page 2 - Community News, April 2007

                                              Get on Board                                                             Easter Services at
                                                                                                                          St. Barnabas

DEADLINE for articles and
                                              Point 2 Point                                                             Join the Easter Services
                                                                                                                             at St. Barnabas

community messages for
future editions
                                              Local Link                                                                  Everyone is welcome
                                                                                                                            Good Friday 3pm
                                                                                                                        Meditation of the Cross
Edition       Deadline                        Don’t miss the bus
                                                                                                                         Easter Day 9.15am &
May           6th April                                                                                                 10.30am Holy Communion
June          11th May
July          8th June
If you would like the deadlines                                                                                     Latest News from
schedule for the next 12
months give Linda a call on the                                                                                     Hattersley’s
number below.                                                                                                       Community
    Let us know your                                                                                                Safety Resource
    news & views by                                                                                                 Centre
       calling the                                                                                                   HAVE YOU been in to visit the
     News Team on                                                                                                    Community Safety Resource
      0161 368 5171                             LR
                                                                                                                     Centre in the Community
       or email us on                                                                                                Centre? The team there have                                                                                                 been as busy as ever meeting
                                                     Local Link drivers are always happy and helpful                 the needs of the community.
         Or pop in
  Monday to Wednesday at                    Don’t miss the bus, make sure you join Local                                The PACT(Police &
 JET Centre, Fields Farm Rd                 Link, Hattersley’s door to door Community                                Communities Together) meetings
                                                                                                                     are working and going from
                                            Transport service.                                                       strength to strength
                                                                                                                        The free giveaway fridge
     Policy regarding                       The service is for the use of Hattersley                                 magnets are flying out of the door
 photographs submitted                      residents only and operates seven days a                                 and have proved to be a great
 to the Community News                      week. To register to use the service, or to                              help to people. But if you have

It will be assumed, unless otherwise
                                            book a journey, ring the call centre on 08456                            one please be aware that the 856
                                                                                                                     9493 number will only be
stated, that any person sending a picture   05 55 05.                                                                answered if there is an officer on
for publication in the Community News is

                                            Watch out for Bogus
                                                                                                                     duty. If there is no officer there the
also giving absolute authority for
Hattersley & Mottram Community Media                                                                                 call will go to answer phone and
to use the picture for income generation                                                                             will be dealt with when an officer
purposes through the sale of copies of
the photographs or for use in other
promotional materials.
                                            Carpet Sellers                                                           is back on duty.
                                                                                                                        If you need to make a none
                                                                                                                     emergency call to the Police
                                            KEEP YOUR EYES open for               If you come into contact with      please telephone 872 5050 but
                                            bogus carpet sellers currently      these suspicious characters or       please be patient, this is a busy
 Thanks to Lee Robinson and                 operating in the Tameside                                                line.
                                                                                any others, contact the police
 Mike Shepley who took                      area.                                                                       Spring is nearly here and many
                                                                                on 0161 872 5050.
 many of the photographs in                  Two suspicious incidents                                                people will be out enjoying their
                                                                                  Or you can call in and talk to
 this edition of the                        have happened recently in                                                gardens so remember to be
                                                                                someone, in confidence, at
 Community News.                            Dukinfield, Stalybridge and                                              vigilant. Don’t leave your doors on
                                                                                the      Community      Safety       the catch and make sure you lock
                                            Mossley. Two men in a blue          Resource Centre in the
                                            Transit Van offered to give                                              up your sheds after use.
                                                                                Community Centre or give
 Book the digital camera                    away free carpets.                  them a call on 0161 882 9285.
                                                                                                                        If you’re interested in setting up
                                                                                                                     a Home Watch or need some help
 to take a picture for the                                                                                           or assistance then call into the
 Community News                                                                                                      Community Safety Resource
                 give Linda a               Got office skills & interested in                                        Centre or give Elsie a call on

                                            casual employment? Read on
                 call on the                                                                                         0161 882 9285.
                 number below
                                            HATTERSLEY & MOTTRAM Community Media are looking to
                                            identify people that they can employ on a casual basis at their
      Hattersley and Mottram                office in the JET Centre.
         Community News                       They are looking for people with strong IT skills and office
     is supported through the               experience who can come in and provide office support on an ad hoc
   Neighbourhood Renewal Fund               basis which will enable the organisation to grow its business.
                                              If you’re interested in having an informal chat about this kind of
                                            opportunity to work with the Community News, then give Muriel a call
                                            on 0161 368 5171.
                                              We would also like to hear from you if you have graphic design skills or you are currently developing these
                                            skills or thinking about it.

                                            Did you know that if you are on certain types of benefit you can earn £20 a week
                                            without it interfering with your benefit? So don’t let being on benefits be a
                                            barrier to you contacting us for an informal chat.
                                                                                                          Community News, April 2007 - Page 3

Young at heart                                                                    Want to try surfing?
volunteer                                                                           Free internet courses for senior
By Elsie Dixon
Community Reporter                                                                  CN64-4A

Lowe is celebrating a very special birthday
on 29th March when she reaches the grand
young age of 80.
  Lillian is a wonderful example of how helping
out in your community can keep you young at
heart. At the Seniors Christmas party last year,
Lillian received a long service commitment
certificate for her activities with Home Watch,
which she was involved in setting up and has Lillian 80 years young
been working with as a volunteer for 20 years
or more. But this isn’t the only community activity she’s been involved in over
all those years.
  Lillian’s family Joan, Steve, David and Alan want to wish her a very happy
birthday and send her lots of love and big hugs through the Community
News, as do her in-laws, grand children and great grand children.
I’m sure I speak for all her many friends in the community when I join
                                                                                         Ask Betty she will tell you it’s never to late to find out
her family in wishing Lillian a very happy birthday.
                                                                                                           you enjoy surfing
                                                                                    SENIOR RESIDENTS OF Hattersley & Mottram Community could

Meet the team at
                                                                                    soon be doing their shopping, organising a doctor’s
                                                                                    appointment or booking a holiday without even leaving the
                                                                                      How? Hattersley and Mottram Community Media (HMCM) are

Community News
                                                                                    running a series of Internet training sessions from April aimed at
                                                                                    supporting the areas senior residents, both men and women, to get
                                                                                    the most out of the internet.
                                                                                      Courses are being offered at various venues around the estate and
HAVE YOU MET Linda Whitehead                                                        what’s more, the courses are totally FREE and if you have problems
and Dawn Mines at the Community                                                     getting out and about give us a call and we’ll organise transport.
News? Linda and Dawn joined                                                           The first two courses will be beginning at Chambers Court and the
editor Muriel after successfully                                                    Cyber Café in April. To find out how you can join in these informal, fun
applying for the two jobs                                                           sessions, and which venue is suitable for you, call Dawn at the
advertised in the newspaper                                                         HMCM on 0161 368 5171.
towards the end of last year.                                                       Remember these sessions are only open to senior residents.
   There was an admin post, which is
now Linda’s job and a marketing
administrator post, now Dawn’s job
was created following a successful                                                  Interested in supporting
                                                                                    I.T Learners?
bid for Neighbourhood Mangement
funding to enable the Community
News to develop into a community
enterprise.                                                                         Are you involved in studying to teach
   Linda, who many of you will know                                                 I.T. or is it something you’ve been
from Pete’s Chippy, is thoroughly
                                                                 CN64-4B            considering? Or would you like to get
enjoying her new job. Linda started
out at the Community News as a                                                      involved in helping local people, of all
volunteer while still working at the
                                       Everyone notices change in Linda             ages, who are leaning I.T? Then join
chippy. Her voluntary work put her in taking part in a Sage Accounting              Hattersley & Mottram Community
the best position to get the job when course being organised by Hattersley          Media’s I.T trainer Dawn Mines, who
it was advertised as she was already & Mottram Community Media
                                                                                    used to teach at the Computer Centre,
doing much of the work as a (HMCM).
volunteer.                                                                          in delivering training in Hattersley.
                                            Making the most of Dawn
         Linda gets qualified            Most people will know Dawn from
                                                                                    As an I.T. volunteer, you will assist at various sessions, in
   Everyone who sees Linda in her her time at the Computer Centre in                and around the community. You’ll get valuable experience
new job comments on how much she the library. Her skills as an I.T trainer          in supporting learners or you might be happy to just get
has changed, how much happier she have been utilised by HMCM, the                   that warm glow that comes from seeing someone develop.
looks. But Linda isn’t just sitting on name of the community enterprise
                                                                                    For more information, contact Dawn on 0161 368 5171, or
her laurels enjoying her new job, she that continues to produce the
is continuing to develop her work Community News, to offer training.                call in to the Jet Centre on Fields Farm Road, between
related skills and building a brighter Look out in this edition for                 9am and 5pm, Monday – Wednesday.
future.                                 advertisements for training Dawn is
   She recently was the first to delivering on the estate.                        Notice in the non deliberate mistake in the last
complete an I.T NVQ level two            Now that you’ve had a chance to          edition? We didn’t give you the address in Africa.
qualification which was offered meet our small, but friendly, team at
                                                                                  We’ve put that right now see below and we hope
locally. She has also signed up at the Community News office, we hope
college to do a book-keeping course you will come and see us soon. But
                                                                                  you will be able to support these children
which she plans will be the first step watch out we are always looking for        Helen & Paddy, Nyamishaba Campus,
in gaining an AAT accounting ways to get people involved.                         PO Box 3, Kibuye, Karongi,Rwanda
qualification. In April she will be
Page 4 - Community News, April 2007

Get a daff & support                                                                                    Standing alone
Marie Curie appeal                                                                                      the Monkey
MARCH SAW THE start of Marie Curie Cancer
Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal to help raise £5
                                                                                                        Puzzle tree
million to support their work caring for
people terminally ill with cancer.
  By wearing a daffodil pin badge you can help
Marie Curie Nurses make a real
  difference - and help them to give more of the
150,000 people terminally ill with                   for collections or by teaming up with friends,
  cancer nationwide the choice of being cared        family and work
for in the familiar surroundings of their              mates to do something memorable and create
  own home.                                          their own fundraising event.
  You can get your daffodil pin throughout March       For further information about the Appeal or to
from lots of local stores and banks including        find out how you can help locally
Home Base, Next, Abbey, Costcutter, Mark One           call the Daffodil Hotline on 0845 601 3107
and Alliance & Leicester.                            (local rate) or visit
  Or you can join the hundreds of people who
will give their support nationwide by volunteering

What’s On - at Hattersley & Mottram Libraries
 Join the challenge to make the longest caterpillar in         Make Easter cards for friends and
 Hattersley at Hattersley Library on Thursday 5th April at     family at Mottram Library on
 2.15 pm. You will hear lots of amazing caterpillar facts      Tuesday 3rd April between 2.15 and         Many people were pleasantly surprised to
 and before getting involved in the challenge                  3.15pm.                                    find out that following the demolition of
 This is a FREE event for children aged three and over         The FREE activity is for children          the houses around, what was, Garnett
 their parents and carers. Children aged eight and under       aged three and over, but if you’re         Road the majestic Monkey Puzzle tree is
 will have to be accompanied by a parent or adult carer.       under eight you’ll have to take a          still standing.
 For more information contact the library staff on 0161        parent or adult carer along with you.        The tree always looked impressive but now
 368 8515.                                                     For more information give the staff at     standing all alone it looks even better. If you
                                                               the library a call on 01457 764144.        know the story behind the tree give us a cal
                                                                                                          at the news room on 0161 368 5171.

  Healthy Hattersley
  Hattersley Health                                                                                     Walking for
  Matters                                                First Aid
                                                         Update                                         Health 2007
                                                                                                        It’s that time of year again!
                                                                                                        We have got 100’s of
                                                          22 residents have                             pedometers to give away –
                                                          recently                                      FREE.
                                                          completed two                                    All you have to do is
                                                          First Aid courses.                            contact Carlos on 0161
                                                          Everyone was on a waiting                     368 2096 or pop into the
                                                          list for the sessions and this was the        Neighbourhood Partnership.
                                                          first opportunity for them to run.               You will only need to
                                                             All participants said they enjoyed it      record your steps for
                                                          and learned a lot, but for those who          four weeks then you will
                                                          couldn’t make it, more sessions will run      get a certificate saying
                                                          later in the year.                            how far you have
                                                            The qualification lasts for three years     walked, entry to a raffle for a £20 Co-op
   We will all need to use local health                   so if you are interested please contact       voucher and other good stuff.
   services at some time, the Doctors surgery             Carlos on 0161 368 2096.                         Get in touch if you want to:
   or clinic, the hospital, the dentist etc, and            * First aid can help to save lives so if
   there is a local group that aims to improve            you think it would be beneficial for               Exercise more
   these services for residents like you.                 yourself or your family please get in              Improve your health
     Why not get involved and have your say               touch.                                             Lose weight
   about the services that affect you and your                                                               Know how far you have
   family. The group can look at any health                                                                  walked
   issue so contact Carlos (local health worker)                                                          Note. These pedometers have
   on 0161 368 2096.                                                                                    step/distance/calorie counters, stopwatch
     We can’t make your situation better if you                                                         and a clock. They are very useful little
   don’t tell us what the problems are. Make your                                                       things.
   voice heard.
                                                                                                          Community News, April 2007 - Page 5

Young people attract
funding                                 CN64-5A

From Youth
A GROUP OF young people from
Hattersley successfully attracted
funding for various projects after
applying      to      the    Youth
Opportunities Fund.
  To ensure the money goes to the kind         Some of the young people who
of projects young people themselves
                                              successfully applied to the Youth
would support, youngsters are involved
                                                    Opportunities fund
in administering the fund. A group of
young people from the funding panel           course and another was for a kit for the
visited the Hattersley applicants to find     newly formed dance group. Other items
out about what they were applying for and     the young people will now be able to buy,
why.                                          thanks to the funding, includes a golf
  One of the applications was to support a    driving net and gym equipment
young person to attend a gym instructing      specifically designed for young people.

The Crossword
It seems that last months crosswords          Fields Farm Road, so we’ll be in touch
proved a little too difficult. Even through   shortly Andrew.
many people talked about doing the            Thanks to resident Sue Johnson for this
crossword we received just one entry          month’s crossword
and that was from Andrew Davies of
 Clues Across                                  Clues Down
 1. Create or Design (6)                       1. Put money into Financial
 4. Public Transport (5)                           Schemes (6)                            1                2          3         4        5      6
 7. An Inflatable Seat (10)                    2. Opposite of entry (4)
 8. Prepare for Publication (4)                3. Sense of Touch, Tangible (7)
 9. A Device to measure                        4. Broom made out of Twigs (5)                        7
    quantities (5)                             5. Glide on Snow (3)                       8
11. Lever worked with the foot (7)             6. Spanish Man (5)
                                                                                                                                9        10
13. Raise Higher (7)                           7. Frames for drying laundry (6)
15. Joined/Blended Together (5)                10. Half conscious state (6)               11                               12
17. Mark Of an Old Wound (4)                   12. Flexible, stretchy (7)                                             13                        14
18. A Person learning a trade from             14. Mistakes (6)
    a skilled person (10)                      15. Sumptuous Meal (5)                     15                    16
20. A drying cloth (5)                         16. Live In (5)                                                                      17
21. Type of Fruit i.e. Lemon, Lime,            17. Rabbits Tail (4)
    Orange Grapefruit (6)                                                                 18         19
                                               19. Animals Foot with claws (3)

Across - 1 Football, 5 Archery, 6 Curling, 8 Polo, 10, Netball, 14 Snooker, 15
Tennis, 16 Horseracing, 17 Boxing, 18 Skiing
Down - 1 Fencing, 2 Table Tennis, 3 Greyhound racing, 4 Kayaking, 7 Golf, 8
Pool, 9 Darts, 11 Basketball, 12 Badminton, 13 Skating
                                                                                                          Answers to Sporty Crossword

   Barney’s parents & tots need new volunteers
  What are you doing with your toddler this           other children before they go off to
  Tuesday and Thursday? If it’s not much why          school.                                               CN64-5B
  don’t you think about joining Barney’s parent       It’s not experts that run parent and toddler
  and toddler group?                                  groups, it’s ordinary parents and
  Ellen, Lene and I will be leaving Barney’s          grandparents like you and we would love the
  parent and toddler group in September,              group to continue as we feel it’s beneficial
  because our little ones will be getting ready       to Hattersley’s parents, carers and
  to start nursery school, so we are looking          children.
  for other parents/carers to get involved            The group meets from 12.45 till 2.30pm
  ready to take over running the group when           every Tuesday and Thursday at Meeting
  we leave.                                           Point at St. Barnabas and if you’re
  Getting involved is a great opportunity for         interested in joining then you will be very
  parents/carers to meet new friends and              welcome. If you are interested in taking on              Could you take over from Lene,
  bring along their children and grand                one of the committee roles just have a word                      Ellen or myself
  children to a playful, friendly environment         with one of us and we will be happy to
  where they are encouraged to mix with               support you to be able to do that                  By Sam Hunt
                                                                                                         Community Reporter
Page 6 - Community News, April 2007

Win snatched Lauren takes title for
on rebound third year running
                                                   By Jimmy Kickit
                                   CN64-6A         Community Reporter
                                                   LAUREN ALFORD continued her winning
                                                   streak when for the third year running she
                                                   became Champion at the Tameside Catholic
                                                   Schools Cross Country Championships. This
                                                   win followed a success at the Manchester
                                                   Road Races when Lauren won the year six
                                                   girls race by an impressive 150 yards, over
                                                   the 1500 metre course.
                                                     Lauren took the Championship at the Tameside
                                                   Catholic Schools Cross Country winning her last
                                                   race, in a three race series, by her biggest margin
                                                   of 50 yards. With this third consecutive win in
                                                   three years, she joined an elite band who have
                                                   achieved this feat by winning the under nines and
                                                   under elevens title.
                                                               St. James’ competitors
                                                     Also running for St James School at the
                                                   Championships were Georgia Johnson, running
                                                   in the year three and four girls race, where she
                                                   finished in a very respectful thirteenth place.
  Jack & Ashley both took Man of the               Lauren’s younger brother Shaun, hoping to follow
                                                   in his sister’s championship shoes, ran in the             Lauren with her medals following her
              Match title
                                                   year three and four boy’s race where he finished                    championship run
PLAYERS FROM Hattersley’s under 10 A
                                                   in twelfth position.                                  Kealy finished in ninth place. This helped their
and B football teams had to pull together
when many of the players didn’t turn up,                   Mottram Primary takes Silver                  school Mottram Primary take overall Silver
due to illness, for two games against                Joining Lauren at the Schools Manchester            position.
Hyde United, at Walker Lane in Hyde on             Road Races were racing sisters Jamie and Kealy          Shaun put a fantastic effort and finished
Saturday 17th February..                           Moran. Running in the year five race Jamie            eleventh from 30 runners, most of whom were
   But the side wasn’t let down when a             finished in a very creditable third place while       twice his size.
mix of players from both teams played

                                               The Duck Report
both games and gave a first class
   The first game kicked off and right from
the start Hattersley took control of the
match out playing their opponents all over     HELLO DUCKLINGS – Only                Inn. It’s sad news that The New
the pitch. It was an excellent display of      295      shopping     days     till   Inn are going down faster than
football and there was a great shot from       Christmas and I need some             Duck’s Carlsbergs!! Just like my
outside the box from Sam Panter. Callum        new slippers and a Stannah            school report – must try harder.
Royal was on target with an excellent          Stair lift.                                         Darts
shot, only to be denied a goal by the            It’s nice that the new flats on       Thursday Darts – The New
post.                                          Underwood Road will be named          Inn’s only hope for Silver ware is
   The team enjoyed so much possession,        after Ricky Hatton but did you        to re-group and win the knock
it was no surprise when the Hattersley         know that the massive puddle on       out cup because the form has
boys went into the lead with a goal from       the Jet Centre car park has been      dropped – unlike the price of the
Frazer Stelfox. With only a few minutes to     named after yours truly – The         beer says Jamo.                      Dusty Rug – Why’s it dusty? Coz
go goalkeeper Anthony Hancock made a           Duck Pond.                                       And finally               it’s never been beaten.
terrific save and it was bad luck that the                    Pool                     To all those people who fancy a       Till next month, quack quack –
rebound was put in for Hyde United to           In the Landlords Cup – Steve         flutter on the Grand National,       I’ll be back
level the match, just before the final         Heaton of the Hare Hill Tavern        Duck’s heard from the horse’s
whistle.                                       beat Tommy Murtagh of the New         mouth that the winner will be        By David ‘Duck’ Owen
   The final score was 1-1 and ‘Man of the                                                                                Community Reporter
Match’ went to local lad Ashley Smith, for

                                               Lisa makes history
his outstanding contribution playing his
first game in defence. Well done Ashley.
   The second game kicked off but never

                                               At Hattersley Boxing Club
lived up to expectations following the first
game. Hattersley’s under 10’s were down
2-0 by half time and it could easily have      LISA BOWES BECAME the                 coach Martin Robinson, who           the same evening James
been three, but for a brilliant penalty save   first female ever to represent        accompanied Lisa, said: “Lisa is     Myerscough lost on points to
by Anthony Hancock. The team never             Mottram & Hattersley Boxing           a credit to the club, both in the    Paul Lavette of Long Lane
gave up and battled to the end to finish 3-    Club on Friday 2nd March              way she boxed and through her        Boxing Club in Liverpool.
0 down. Well done to Jack Bell who took        when she travelled to                 sporting attitude towards her          Mottram & Hattersley Boxing
away the ‘Man of the Match’ title.             Sheffield to box Gervan Smith         opponent. Everyone at the club       Club are hoping to stage a show
   Despite not getting the rewards they        of the Steel City Boxing Club.        feels that Lisa can become very      locally in May, so watch this
deserved credit must go to all the team          At the end of a very                successful in what is a male         space for more details.
for an outstanding performance. Well           demanding contest Lisa, a pupil       dominated sport.”
done Boys.
            By Footy MadMum                    at Alder High School, came out          On the same show local lad
                                                                                                                          By Mick Moran
                                               on top winning by a unanimous         Dean Quinn lost on points to
            Community Reporter                 decision. Mottram and Hattersley      Steve Coore of Sheffield and on      Community Reporter
                                                                                                         Community News, April 2007 - Page 7

Football supports Join joggers for
‘Stand up &                                                            Race for Life
Speak out’                                                             HATTERSLEY FEMALES have
                                                                       already begun to sign up for Team
                                                                                                                   notice and already 16 gym members
                                                                                                                   have signed up to get in training for the
                                                                       Hattersley, who for the second year         Race for Life.
                                                                       running, will take part in the Race           The joggers will be setting off from
                                                                       for Life, which this year will take         The Gym at 5.30 pm for a gentle jog
                                                                       place in Heaton Park on Sunday 3rd          around Hattersley. You can join them
                                                                       June, to raise money for Cancer             just to keep fit or if you too want to get
                                                                       Research.                                   in training for the big race in June. If
                                                                         The Gym Jogging Club will be              you’re under 16 and want to join the
                                                                       starting up again on Tuesday 27th           joggers you’ll have to drag an adult
                                                                       March, and every Tuesday until further      along with you.

                                                                       Ken Ward Sports
                                                                       Centre half term
THE NORTH WEST Sports                The tournament was a great        IN THE HALF term
Forum hosted a 5-a-side            success despite the weather,        holidays I went to the
football     tournament      for   and lots of volunteers’ parents     Ken Ward Sports
youngsters from Hattersley,        and spectators turned out to        Centre, where they
New East Manchester and            cheer the young people on. As       had sports and
North Huyton, at the Ken Ward      well as being a great event it      activity sessions. I
Sports Centre in February to       also turned out to be a fantastic   got to play football
promote the “Stand up, Speak       opportunity to show off the first   with other people from
up” against racism message.        class facilities at the new Ken     around the estate, it
  More than 40 young people        Ward Sports Centre.                 was great.
including Hattersleys under 10’s     Teams from Hattersley and           The football coaches        CN64-7B
girls and boys team and under      North Huyton took first and         Paul, Andy and James
10’s and 12’s boys teams were      second place but all the young      were there to teach and
coached by coaches from New        people received prizes that         show us what to do; I      Ryan had fantastic time in half term joining the
East Manchester FC, all of whom    included medals, trophies and       thought they were all             fun at the Ken Ward Sports Centre
come from Black and Ethnic         Futsal balls and bags.              very good.
minority backgrounds.                                                    I won a £20 sports voucher for        By Ryan Brockbank - aged 8
                                                                       going to all the sessions and being     Community Reporter
                                                                       good. I hope they have the sessions
                                                                       again in the next holidays because I
  CN64-7C                                                              really enjoyed it.

                                                      Kayne & Jack join the Men in Black
                                                        H A T T E R S L E Y               Sports College, Kayne and          was tutored by Cheshire
                                                        YOUNGSTERS,              Kayne    Jack did practical work and        County FA’s Referee’s
                                                        Howe and Jack Alford              classroom sessions which           Development Officer and
                                                        joined      fourteen      other   included a written                 Premiership Linesman Trevor
                                                        young        people        from   assessment and an essential        Massey.
                                                        Tameside who took time            Child Protection course.             Hattersley’s football
                                                        out from relaxing during            Hattersley Football              development team organise
                                                        the February half term            Development Officer, Andy          courses locally throughout
                                                        holidays to study a three-        Basterfield said: “It’s great to   the year. They include
                                                        day Basic Referees course.        see young people doing             Refereeing, Coaching, First
                                                          Jack and Kayne have             something so worthwhile in         Aid, Child Protection and
                                                        already begun to put their        their spare time. Refereeing       Admin. A level one course is
                                                        new skills to use, refereeing     isn’t easy – you need a good       due to start in March at the
                                                        matches for local side            knowledge of the game,             Ken Ward Sports Centre
                                                        Hattersley Football Club,         strong fitness and                 (KWSC). If you’re interested
                                                        after successfully achieving      confidence. It’s a great skill     in taking part or would like to
                                                        the level eight refereeing        to have and it will look great     know more about the training
                                                        qualification which allows        on their CV.”                      on offer, call in and see Paul
                                                        them to officiate at junior         Tameside Sports and              or Andy at the KWSC or give
                                                        football league matches.          Hattersley Football                them a call on 0161 366
                                                          During the three day            Development Teams and              5545.
   Jack & Kayne putting new skills to use in            course for 14 to 16 years         Astley Sports College
                 Hattersley                             olds held at Dukinfield Astley    arranged the course, which
Page 8 - Community News, April 2007

  Letters to the Editor                                                                               Putting a message in the Community News is
                                                                                                              free but as space is limited it’s
                                                                                                                  First come, First served
Thanks & Farewell to IPS                                                                                     So get your message in early!
Dear Editor                                        community members when I commend them                   Happy 65th Birthday
As a colleague and member of the Hattersley        on their work and I know they have made many                  Ken Roberts
community, I would like to say a massive thank     friends on the estate.                              A Special Husband, Dad & Granddad
you to Mark and all the IPS team for all the          As development manager for Point 2 Point I            Enjoy your retirement
fantastic work they have carried out in            could not have managed without their help             Love you loads all your family
Hattersley.                                        around the premises, when we first moved in
  Not only on the 100s of void properties they     and then later when they shared the premises
worked on, securing them, doing the house          with us. They would give up their lunch breaks                       Happy 11th Birthday
clearances and gardening but also for their        and personal time to help us get the unit sorted                       Laurell-Marie
dedication and support.                            out.                                                                    Love You Lots
  Who knows what the consequences could               Once again, thank you.                                         Mum, Dad, Chantell & family
have been without them here in Hattersley to       Doreen Hirst
contribute to the securing of the void             Point2Point Community Transport
properties. I am sure I speak on behalf of many                                                                 44 years together
                                                                                                      Congratulations to a very special couple
Where’s the respect?                                                                                       Mum & Dad, Nan
Dear Editor                                         Three roses were purchased for the funeral                & Granddad
Alice Hunt and Pat Lloyd would like to let         and the remainder of the collection, £60.00                 Love always
neighbours who contributed to the collection       was donated to Cancer Research.                        Julie, Gail & families
for the late Agnes Barnes know that £66 in total   Agnes & Pat
was collected.                                     Hattersley Residents
                                                                                                                           Look Who's 2
                                                                                                                         Mikey Rio Thomas
  Want to send us a                      Call into the Community Centre                                                      Lots Of Love
                                                                                                                        Mummy, Daddy, Nana,
  community message?                     every Wednesday from
                                                                                                                     Grandad, Grandma & Grandad
                                         11am till 1pm
  Want to order a                        and see our fantastic volunteer
  photograph from the                    Betty Holland                                                 Happy 1st Birthday
                                                                                                        Leon Tyler Bate
  newspaper or our
  flickr site?
                                         You will find Betty in the Café area. But if you’re not             Lots of love
                                         sure who she is, just ask. Betty is a regular centre          Nana, Granddad & Auntie
  But don’t want to                      volunteer, so most people know her.                                   Sammie
  walk down to the JET                   Betty will be able to take your community message or
  Centre?                                take your photograph order.
                                                                                                                  Margaret Dean
                                                                                                                Best wishes for your
                                                                                                                   75th Birthday
                                                                                                         With love from Doris and all your friends

   Do you need to call the
                                                                                                                     Stacey Louise Thornton
   Council or an Agency for                                                                                           Happy 16th Birthday
   information or to discuss a                                                                                               Lots of Love
   claim?                                                                                                                  Mum, Dad & Lewis

    Why not use the                                      You can use the
    Warm Phone                                           Warm Phone
                                                                                                               Happy Mother’s Day
                                                                                                                  June Forth
    and do it for                                        absolutely free                                              Lots of Love
                                                         of charge to get
    free?                                                information on:
                                                                                                              Sharon, Carl, Stacey & Lewis

                                                                                                         Happy 5th Birthday
                Bereavement Benefit Housing Benefits                                                         Lucinda
                National Debt Line Job Seekers Direct                                                           Lots of Love
                                                                                                        Mummy & Daddy, Grandma,
                Connexions (16-19 years) Social Fund                                                             Granddad,
                                                                                                         Auntie Shell, Uncle Wayne
                Disability Living Allowance Council Tax                                                         & Mikey Rio
                Attendance Allowance Crisis Loans
                                                                                                                 Loving Memories
   The Warm Phone is situated in a private office in Hattersley                                                 Darren McDermott
   Neighbourhood Partnership’s office on Hattersley Precinct.
                                                                                                               Love and miss you forever
   You can book use of the Warm Phone or just call in                                                      Love Mum, Dad, Brothers & Sisters
   For more information give Sharron Power a call on 0161 368 2096

                      The Hattersley & Mottram Community News is produced and designed by Hattersley & Mottram Community Media,
                 JET Centre, Fields Farm Road, Hattersley, Hyde Cheshire SK14 3NP Telephone 0161 368 5171 email

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