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HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery
Replacement Pavilion tx2000 Series Laptop
8800mAh, 7.4V

Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery Replacement

Shipping Rate

Battery Specification

HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Li-ion battery is a replacement for HP Pavilion tx2000 Series
original battery. Brand new, with UL, CE, ISO9001:9002 certification, 1 year warranty after
It is guaraneed to meet or exceed the original manufacture characters .

      Volt: 7.4V
      Capacity: 8800mAh
      Size:
      Color:Black
      Battery Type: Li-ion
      Overview
      Compatible
      Fit Model
      Warranty

Have you encountered the situation offen that your notebook halt by small capacity battery? Do
you be eager for a long lasting extra battery to do work and entertainment with your laptop
anytime and anywhere when you are traveling? Get this HP Pavilion tx2000 Series battery
replacement now. HP Pavilion tx2000 Series battery is a spare use rechargeable Li-ion battery
pack for laptop, 7.4V, 8800mAh made, passed strict quality certification and provide 1 year
warranty. Now buy HP Pavilion tx2000 Series laptop battery you can save 30%. Cost-
effective and durable choice, DON'T MISS!

Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 8800mAh
Warranty: full 1 year.
State: 100% brand new.
Use purpose:necessary extra battery

HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery Compatible Battery Part No.

HP 431132-002HP 431325-321HP 437403-321HP 437403-361HP 437403-362HP 437403-
541HP 441131-001HP 441132-001HP HSTNN-OB37HP HSTNN-OB38HP HSTNN-OB41HP

HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery Fit Laptop Model

HP Pavilion tx1000 SeriesHP Pavilion tx1000ZHP Pavilion tx1001AUHP Pavilion
tx1001XXHP Pavilion tx1002AUHP Pavilion tx1002XXHP Pavilion tx1004AUHP Pavilion
tx1005AUHP Pavilion tx1006AUHP Pavilion tx1007AUHP Pavilion tx1008AUHP Pavilion
tx1009AUHP Pavilion tx1010AUHP Pavilion tx1011AUHP Pavilion tx1012AUHP Pavilion
tx1013AUHP Pavilion tx1014AUHP Pavilion tx1015AUHP Pavilion tx1016AUHP Pavilion
tx1017AUHP Pavilion tx1019AUHP Pavilion tx1020AUHP Pavilion tx1020EAHP Pavilion
tx1021AUHP Pavilion tx1030EAHP Pavilion tx1030LAHP Pavilion tx1040EAHP Pavilion
tx1070brHP Pavilion tx1080EAHP Pavilion tx1100 SeriesHP Pavilion tx1101AUHP Pavilion
tx1102AUHP Pavilion tx1103AUHP Pavilion tx1104AUHP Pavilion tx1105AUHP Pavilion
tx1106AUHP Pavilion tx1107AUHP Pavilion tx1110CAHP Pavilion tx1110USHP Pavilion
tx1113CLHP Pavilion tx1115NRHP Pavilion tx1119USHP Pavilion tx1120USHP Pavilion
tx1125EAHP Pavilion tx1126EAHP Pavilion tx1127CLHP Pavilion tx1127EAHP Pavilion
tx1128EAHP Pavilion tx1129EAHP Pavilion tx1137EAHP Pavilion tx1138EAHP Pavilion
tx1140EAHP Pavilion tx1150EAHP Pavilion tx1151EAHP Pavilion tx1200 SeriesHP Pavilion
tx1201auHP Pavilion tx1202auHP Pavilion tx1203auHP Pavilion tx1204auHP Pavilion
tx1205/CTHP Pavilion tx1205auHP Pavilion tx1205usHP Pavilion tx1206auHP Pavilion
tx1207auHP Pavilion tx1208auHP Pavilion tx1208caHP Pavilion tx1209auHP Pavilion
tx1210auHP Pavilion tx1210caHP Pavilion tx1210usHP Pavilion tx1211auHP Pavilion
tx1212auHP Pavilion tx1213auHP Pavilion tx1214auHP Pavilion tx1215auHP Pavilion
tx1215nrHP Pavilion tx1216auHP Pavilion tx1217auHP Pavilion tx1217clHP Pavilion
tx1218auHP Pavilion tx1218caHP Pavilion tx1219auHP Pavilion tx1219usHP Pavilion
tx1220auHP Pavilion tx1220caHP Pavilion tx1220usHP Pavilion tx1221auHP Pavilion
tx1222auHP Pavilion tx1223auHP Pavilion tx1224auHP Pavilion tx1225auHP Pavilion
tx1226auHP Pavilion tx1228caHP Pavilion tx1230laHP Pavilion tx1232laHP Pavilion
tx1240efHP Pavilion tx1240erHP Pavilion tx1250eaHP Pavilion tx1250eeHP Pavilion
tx1250egHP Pavilion tx1250elHP Pavilion tx1250enHP Pavilion tx1250eoHP Pavilion
tx1250esHP Pavilion tx1250etHP Pavilion tx12560eaHP Pavilion tx1270edHP Pavilion
tx1270eoHP Pavilion tx1270epHP Pavilion tx1270esHP Pavilion tx1280erHP Pavilion tx1300
SeriesHP Pavilion tx1301auHP Pavilion tx1302auHP Pavilion tx1303auHP Pavilion
tx1304auHP Pavilion tx1304caHP Pavilion tx1305auHP Pavilion tx1305caHP Pavilion
tx1305usHP Pavilion tx1306auHP Pavilion tx1306nrHP Pavilion tx1307auHP Pavilion
tx1308auHP Pavilion tx1308caHP Pavilion tx1308nrHP Pavilion tx1309auHP Pavilion
tx1310auHP Pavilion tx1311auHP Pavilion tx1312auHP Pavilion tx1313auHP Pavilion
tx1314auHP Pavilion tx1314caHP Pavilion tx1315auHP Pavilion tx1316auHP Pavilion
tx1317auHP Pavilion tx1318auHP Pavilion tx1318caHP Pavilion tx1319auHP Pavilion
tx1320auHP Pavilion tx1320caHP Pavilion tx1320egHP Pavilion tx1320eoHP Pavilion
tx1320erHP Pavilion tx1320esHP Pavilion tx1320usHP Pavilion tx1321auHP Pavilion
tx1325epHP Pavilion tx1325esHP Pavilion tx1325nrHP Pavilion tx1327clHP Pavilion
tx1330esHP Pavilion tx1330laHP Pavilion tx1332laHP Pavilion tx1340eaHP Pavilion
tx1340esHP Pavilion tx1345eoHP Pavilion tx1350edHP Pavilion tx1350eeHP Pavilion
tx1350efHP Pavilion tx1350elHP Pavilion tx1350enHP Pavilion tx1350erHP Pavilion
tx1350etHP Pavilion tx1360erHP Pavilion tx1390efHP Pavilion tx1400 SeriesHP Pavilion
tx1401auHP Pavilion tx1402auHP Pavilion tx1403auHP Pavilion tx1404auHP Pavilion
tx1410usHP Pavilion tx1414caHP Pavilion tx1416caHP Pavilion tx1420caHP Pavilion
tx1420usHP Pavilion tx1499usHP Pavilion tx2000 SeriesHP Pavilion tx2000edHP Pavilion
tx2000epHP Pavilion tx2000esHP Pavilion tx2000zHP Pavilion tx2001auHP Pavilion
tx2002auHP Pavilion tx2003auHP Pavilion tx2004auHP Pavilion tx2005/CTHP Pavilion
tx2005auHP Pavilion tx2006auHP Pavilion tx2007auHP Pavilion tx2008auHP Pavilion
tx2009auHP Pavilion tx2010auHP Pavilion tx2010eoHP Pavilion tx2010erHP Pavilion
tx2010esHP Pavilion tx2011auHP Pavilion tx2012auHP Pavilion tx2013auHP Pavilion
tx2014auHP Pavilion tx2015auHP Pavilion tx2016auHP Pavilion tx2017auHP Pavilion
tx2018auHP Pavilion tx2019auHP Pavilion tx2020auHP Pavilion tx2020eoHP Pavilion
tx2021auHP Pavilion tx2022auHP Pavilion tx2023auHP Pavilion tx2024auHP Pavilion
tx2025auHP Pavilion tx2025elHP Pavilion tx2026auHP Pavilion tx2027auHP Pavilion
tx2028auHP Pavilion tx2029auHP Pavilion tx2030auHP Pavilion tx2030eeHP Pavilion
tx2030enHP Pavilion tx2031auHP Pavilion tx2032auHP Pavilion tx2032laHP Pavilion
tx2033auHP Pavilion tx2040etHP Pavilion tx2050eaHP Pavilion tx2050efHP Pavilion
tx2050egHP Pavilion tx2050epHP Pavilion tx2051xxHP Pavilion tx2052xxHP Pavilion
tx2070eeHP Pavilion tx2070enHP Pavilion tx2075brHP Pavilion tx2100 SeriesHP Pavilion
tx2100edHP Pavilion tx2100epHP Pavilion tx2100erHP Pavilion tx2101auHP Pavilion
tx2102auHP Pavilion tx2103auHP Pavilion tx2104auHP Pavilion tx2104caHP Pavilion
tx2105auHP Pavilion tx2106auHP Pavilion tx2107auHP Pavilion tx2108auHP Pavilion
tx2108caHP Pavilion tx2109auHP Pavilion tx2110caHP Pavilion tx2110esHP Pavilion
tx2110usHP Pavilion tx2113clHP Pavilion tx2114caHP Pavilion tx2115nrHP Pavilion
tx2117clHP Pavilion tx2120esHP Pavilion tx2120usHP Pavilion tx2130eaHP Pavilion
tx2130elHP Pavilion tx2130esHP Pavilion tx2130etHP Pavilion tx2140egHP Pavilion
tx2150eeHP Pavilion tx2150efHP Pavilion tx2150eiHP Pavilion tx2170eeHP Pavilion tx2500
SeriesHP Pavilion tx2500eaHP Pavilion tx2500zHP Pavilion tx2501auHP Pavilion tx2502auHP
Pavilion tx2503auHP Pavilion tx2504auHP Pavilion tx2505auHP Pavilion tx2506auHP Pavilion
tx2506elHP Pavilion tx2507auHP Pavilion tx2508auHP Pavilion tx2508caHP Pavilion
tx2509auHP Pavilion tx2510auHP Pavilion tx2510caHP Pavilion tx2510eaHP Pavilion
tx2510elHP Pavilion tx2510usHP Pavilion tx2511auHP Pavilion tx2512auHP Pavilion
tx2513auHP Pavilion tx2513clHP Pavilion tx2514auHP Pavilion tx2514caHP Pavilion
tx2515auHP Pavilion tx2516auHP Pavilion tx2517auHP Pavilion tx2517caHP Pavilion
tx2517clHP Pavilion tx2518auHP Pavilion tx2519auHP Pavilion tx2520auHP Pavilion
tx2520eaHP Pavilion tx2520efHP Pavilion tx2520ejHP Pavilion tx2520erHP Pavilion
tx2520esHP Pavilion tx2521auHP Pavilion tx2522auHP Pavilion tx2523auHP Pavilion
tx2524auHP Pavilion tx2524caHP Pavilion tx2525auHP Pavilion tx2525nrHP Pavilion
tx2526auHP Pavilion tx2527auHP Pavilion tx2528auHP Pavilion tx2529auHP Pavilion
tx2530auHP Pavilion tx2530eaHP Pavilion tx2530eeHP Pavilion tx2530eiHP Pavilion
tx2530esHP Pavilion tx2531auHP Pavilion tx2532auHP Pavilion tx2532laHP Pavilion
tx2533auHP Pavilion tx2534auHP Pavilion tx2536auHP Pavilion tx2540brHP Pavilion
tx2540eaHP Pavilion tx2540esHP Pavilion tx2550eaHP Pavilion tx2550edHP Pavilion
tx2550eeHP Pavilion tx2550egHP Pavilion tx2550eiHP Pavilion tx2550epHP Pavilion
tx2550erHP Pavilion tx2550esHP Pavilion tx2550ewHP Pavilion tx2550trHP Pavilion
tx2551xxHP Pavilion tx2570brHP Pavilion tx2570epHP Pavilion tx2570esHP Pavilion
tx2590eoHP Pavilion tx2600 SeriesHP Pavilion tx2601auHP Pavilion tx2602auHP Pavilion
tx2603auHP Pavilion tx2604auHP Pavilion tx2604caHP Pavilion tx2605auHP Pavilion
tx2606auHP Pavilion tx2607auHP Pavilion tx2608auHP Pavilion tx2608caHP Pavilion
tx2609auHP Pavilion tx2610auHP Pavilion tx2611auHP Pavilion tx2612auHP Pavilion
tx2613auHP Pavilion tx2617caHP Pavilion tx2620ejHP Pavilion tx2620esHP Pavilion
tx2622nrHP Pavilion tx2623caHP Pavilion tx2625esHP Pavilion tx2627clHP Pavilion
tx2630eaHP Pavilion tx2630esHP Pavilion tx2630etHP Pavilion tx2635eaHP Pavilion
tx2635esHP Pavilion tx2635usHP Pavilion tx2640erHP Pavilion tx2640esHP Pavilion
tx2645eeHP Pavilion tx2645eiHP Pavilion tx2650edHP Pavilion tx2650egHP Pavilion
tx2650epHP Pavilion tx2650erHP Pavilion tx2650ewHP Pavilion tx2670efHP Pavilion
tx2670eoHP Pavilion tx2675eeHP Pavilion tx2690eoHP TouchSmart tx2 seriesHP TouchSmart
tx2-1000 seriesHP TouchSmart tx2-1010eaHP TouchSmart tx2-1020eaHP TouchSmart tx2-
1020usHP TouchSmart tx2-1100 seriesHP TouchSmart tx2z series

HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery Warranty & Tips

We warrant that the HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Battery sold in our website, other than
explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.
We warrant our HP Pavilion tx2000 Series battery for 1 year under normal, non-commercial use.
Defective products could be replaced if returned within a year since the date of purchase.

1. Charge the HP Pavilion tx2000 Series lithium battery after it automatically powers off , then
full charge the battery.
2. Avoid erroneous usage of battery, such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.
3. Keep your HP Pavilion tx2000 Series lithium battery clean.
4. Don't leave HP Pavilion tx2000 Series laptop battery in direct sunlight, areas where it will be
exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
5. Non use Li-Ion HP Pavilion tx2000 Series battery must be fully discharged and then
recharged every 2-3 weeks.

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