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					Welcome to the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce official website!

The San Juan Capistrano community has over 200 years serving as a place of culture,
history and commerce. Today, the business community continues to grow and is home to
1,800 businesses, with about 400 of them actively registered as part of the SJC Chamber of

Our Chamber of Commerce prides itself as being caretakers of the local business
community. In this role, the Board of Directors takes leadership positions on issues of
relevance and importance to the local business owner and works closely with the City of
San Juan Capistrano to implement positive business and economic development programs
benefiting the small and large business owner.

The San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce office is staffed by a capable and
welcoming Executive Director, Ms. Karen Richesin who is assisted by a supportive and
caring professional Natalie Miller. The Chamber staff receives all incoming business calls,
and ensures that business concerns are responded to in a professional and expedited

Our Chamber of Commerce has a 17 member roster of Board of Directors and is
spearheaded by Eric Altman of Berrington Properties who serves as President. The
Board’s goals are focused on developing:

-Proactive business retention and development efforts carried out with collaborative
partners such as the City of San Juan Capistrano, and local chambers of commerce from
Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, and more.

-Direct involvement with the economic climate of the community through a vibrant and
dedicated Economic Development Committee which meets regularly to identify and
develop new business development initiatives that can be communicated with the business
community and City at large.

-A responsible and involved role in the community helping to support not only the
businesses’ interests, but also ensuring that business programs and development guarantee
the continued protection of quality of life for the residents and business owners who live
and work in San Juan Capistrano

-Finally, the Chamber Office serves nearly daily as an entity of hospitality responding to the
thousands of inquiries about all things San Juan Capistrano to the prospective visitor,
tourist, and new resident and or new business owner. With Mission San Juan Capistrano
located in the heart of historic downtown, the Chamber of Commerce carries out visitor
services as part of its charter.

Specifically, San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce members receive direct benefits
as part of their membership, including being listed on the official online business directory,
and the printed Bi-Annual Business Directory distributed to all households in the area.
Members are invited to promote their businesses at monthly mixers, as well has have a
direct opportunity to meet elected officials from the local, county, state and federal levels at
monthly governmental affairs meetings regarding legislative changes affecting business
owners. In general, being a member of the Chamber provides a business owner with the
local opportunity to expand ones’ network and visibility to generate more awareness for
their company or service.

For those of us actively engaged as Chamber staff or Board of director members, we
welcome you to this website, and invite you to visit the community and consider locating,
or relocating your business to San Juan Capistrano. If you are looking to join a growing
non-for-profit entity focused on business development, and want to network and make new
connections benefiting your business, we invite you to join the San Juan Capistrano
Chamber of Commerce.

To do so, you may join on line by clicking – or by calling Karen or Natalie and we’ll be
glad to have you as part of the Chamber benefiting this unique business community now,
and for years to come.


The San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
Eric Altman          Berrington Properties
Michael Ball         Atria Senior Living
Eric Bergstrom       PennySaver
Mark Campaigne       Education Consultant
Duane Cave           SDG&E/The Gas Company
Steve Freygang       Pro Petroleum
Cindy Holmes         Images/Creative Solutions
Mechelle Lawrence Mission San Juan Capistrano
David Malt           David Malt and Associates
Neil O’Connor        O’Connor Mortuary
Kelley Peeden        Chick’s Plumbing
Becky Rodarte        Birtcher Anderson, LLC
Michael Swan         Mutual Securities Inc.
Larry Thomas         Independence Bank
Kelley White         Coastal Mountain Youth Academy

Ad Hoc
Patricia Bates          Orange County Supervisor