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									                         Poole Agenda 21 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:      28 July 2008                    Meeting Time:         19:30 – 22:00
Venue :            Poole Civic Centre              Room No.              134
Chair:             Tony Hamilton                   Recorder:             Theresa McManus

Al Rodger                            Dudley Hull (£)                   Theresa McManus (mins)
Anne Sieve                           Jo Abbess                         Tony Hamilton (chair)
Derek English                        Julian James

Mary Jee                                               Ron Long
Pam Chadbourne

1. Welcome.
   The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies as above.

3. News, Announcements, Events, Meetings etc.

        03/08 – 11/08        Climate Camp
        09/08/08             Kingsnorth mass action
        13/09 – 17/09        Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Bournemouth
        18/09 (?)             Question Time is being hosted in Bournemouth
        26/09/08             Deadline for objections to Stanstead airport expansion

4. Items for AOB and any agenda adjustment.
       Jonathan Burke is leaving the council in September. Theresa to have a chat with
       Jonathan to see if a replacement is planned.

5. Review previous minutes
      The minutes were agreed with one clarification: that the opportunity relating to the
      Poole College Development was to review the plans and meet the architect. Not for
      submitting concerns to BoP.

6. Stop Climate Chaos AGM
   There were about 35 people present at the AGM, out of 74 member organisations. Tony
   attended representing PA21 and TGWS. Tony was disappointed to learn that the SCC
   plan to focus their efforts only on campaigning against expanding the UK’s coal-fired
   power capacity, and came away with the strong impression that the coalition is in fact
   behaving like an individual group rather than a coalition.
   PA21 have 3 votes for the 3 positions on the SCC board which became vacant this year.
   The candidates were Andy Allans, the director of FoE; Ann Miller, from the Network for
   Social Change, a big contributor to SCC coffers, John Sauven from Greenpeace, and Jim
   Scott, a maverick. The results of the PA21 vote were as follows:
   Andy – 8 votes
   Ann – 8 votes
   John – 1 vote
   Jim – 4 votes
   Consequently, the PA21 votes will be cast for Andy, Ann and Jim.

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                       Poole Agenda 21 Meeting Minutes

7. ARM
   Don Collier has agreed to be the keynote speaker but a firm date now needs to be
   arranged. Theresa to contact BoP to identify suitable dates (stop press: Committee Suite
                                                                                   th        th
   booked for 26/11, but the Conference Room is currently also available on the 5 and 27 )
   Soo to forward the presentation from Kevin Lister, of Plane Stupid, who has offered to
   present. Tony and Theresa to meet with Don Collier.
   Other possible organisations/speakers suggested were :
   Various local clerics
   Ben Branwyn (Transition Towns)
   Advertising was discussed, and making sure that it is included in the appropriate edition
   of Poole News and is in the Council Diary.
   Further actions to be determined after meeting with Don Collier.

6. Lobbying BoP Councillors
      The objective of this action is to increase the accountability of local councillors and
      the council. Pairs of PA21 members should meet with councillors, to ensure that one
      takes notes. A spreadsheet of the councillor names and areas is available on request.
      PA21 members can also arrange to speak at area meetings. These are advertised in
      the Advertiser, and on the BoP website at

PA21 Member        Councillor       Area               Status
Pam & Derek        Carol Evans      Poole Town         Completed
Tony & Theresa     Don Collier      Parkstone          Meeting to be arranged
Theresa & Jo       Ron Parker       Penn Hill          Meeting to be arranged
Anne Sieve         Carol Deas       Canford Cliffs     Lobbied at July area meeting
Anne Sieve         May Haines       Canford Cliffs     Lobbied at July area meeting
Anne Sieve         Xena Dion        Penn Hill          Lobbied at July area meeting

7. Constitution
      Jonathan Burke is trying to get a free legal review of this.

8. Recruitment
      Ann has passed PA21 details to the PCVS but they have not yet got in touch.
      Stop Press: forms now received.
      Tony to put adverts up on local noticeboards.

9. Climate Change Bill
       At least 3 PA21 members have already submitted comments

10. Speaking at Council
       Questions for the council have to be submitted 8 working days before the meeting. At
       committees it is possible to request to speak for up to 5 minutes.

11. Local Area Meetings
       The Sandbanks cycle lane was discussed at the Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill area
       meeting. Anne Sieve queried why it was necessary to have the plans prepared by a
       firm of consultants from York.

12. Contact with the Echo
       Theresa and Soo to work with the Echo to increase profile locally for sustainable

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                       Poole Agenda 21 Meeting Minutes

13. Other Reports and Actions

        a) Core Strategy
           Nothing to report.

        b) Poole College Development
           Nothing to record.

        c) Planning
           Nothing to report.

        d) Transport
           Cycle lane discussed at the Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill area meeting.
           A new railway station is planned between Basingstoke and Reading, and a new
           lift is planned at Southampton Parkway.

        e) Website
           TM to check link to

        f)   Environment
             There is a shoreline plan now available for consultation. See

        g) Fairtrade
           Nothing to report.

        h) TGWS
           Not discussed.

        i)   Media
             Aiming to produce the next newsletter for October, so that the advert for the ARM
             is timely. Also planning for a follow-up edition after the ARM.

        j)   Responding to the Press
             Not discussed.

        k) Treasurer
           £200 public liability insurance to be paid via BCTV membership. Dudley to check
           the impact of the number of project days.

        l)   Membership
14. AOB
    Tony to contact Dorset Agenda 21.

15. Main Discussion : FOOD MILES
       One way to reduce food miles is to grow your own. For those that don’t have enough
       space, or access to allotments, a new type of group is emerging where garden space
       and gardening labour is shared for growing food.
       The possibility of putting a carbon footprint on food labels was discussed. It was
       agreed that it would be possible for processed foods, e.g. crisps, but very difficult to
       fresh produce. Country of origin is probably the best indicator for fresh produce, but
       that doesn’t tell you if the food got shipped round the world for processing (ie
       cabbages being flown to china to have the outer leaves stripped off by cheap labour
       and then flown back.)
       It was agreed that we would like to see more stores adopt local sourcing and
       seasonal sourcing policies, but we were not convinced that this idea yet has a strong
       public mandate.

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                       Poole Agenda 21 Meeting Minutes

        Also discussed was the lack of facilities for processing food waste from all areas:
        manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

16. AOB
       As a precaution against people arriving at the civic centre for PA21 meetings and not
       being able to enter the building, contact details have been added to the minutes so
       that other attendees can provide assistance.
       The PR Officer for Infenergy has applied to attend the September meeting.
       Tony to contact Dorset Agenda 21
17. Next regular meeting details : 19:30 on 22     September at Poole Civic Centre in either
    room 133 or 134

Contact Details:

Name                      Telephone Number
Derek                     07902311497
Julian                    07742 452886
Theresa                   07958138053
Tony                      07855 821527

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