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                           Full Text Online Law Journals

Title                                                         Coverage

American Law and Economics Review                               1999-2008
Child and Family Law Quarterly                                  1996-
Civil Court News                                                2001-
Common Law World Review                                         2000-
Company Secretary's Review Westlaw                              2000-
Construction Law Journal                                        1999-
Corporate Rescue and Insolvency                                 1997-
Criminal Law and Justice Weekly (formerly Justice of the Peace) 2000-
De Voil Indirect Tax Intelligence                               1999-
Education Law Journal                                           03/2001-
Elder Law and Finance (ceased)                                  2001-2002
Electronic Business Law (ceased)                                1999-2007
Environmental Law Review                                        1999-
Estates Gazette-Legal (ceased)                                  1997-1999
European Journal of International Law                           1998-
Family Law Journal                                              1998-
Industrial Law Journal                                          1998-
International Family Law Journal                                2001-
International Journal of Constitutional Law                     2003-
International Journal of Evidence and Proof                     1998-
International Journal of Law and Information Technology         1999-
International Journal of Law Policy and the Family              1998-
International Journal of Refugee Law                            1998-
Jordan's Journal                                                2001-2003
Journal of Conflict and Security Law                            2002-
Journal of Criminal Law                                         2000-
Journal of Environmental Law                                    1998-
Journal of International Banking & Financial Law                1995-
Journal of International Criminal Justice                       2003-
Journal of International Economic Law                           1998-
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization                      1999-
Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (ceased)                 1990-1993
Journal of International Trust & Corporate Planning             1999-
Law Society's Gazette                                           1998-
Law, Probability and Risk                                       2002-
Medical Law Review Lexis                                        2001-
Medico-Legal Journal (UK)                                       2001-
New Law Journal                                                 2001-
Occupational Pensions Journal                                   1997-
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies                                 12/2002-
Pay & Benefits Bulletin (formerly Payroll and Human Resources) 2000-
Pensions World                                                  2003-
Police Journal                                                  2000-
Privacy and Data Protection                                     2000-
Simon's Tax Briefing                                            2001-
Statute Law Review                                              1998-
Tax Journal                                                     2003-
Taxation Magazine Taxation                                      2001-
Tolley's Health and Safety at Work                              2000-
Tolley's Practical Audit & Accounting                           2001-
Tolley's Practical NIC Newsletter                               1999-
Tolley's Practical Tax Newsletter                               1999-
Tolley's Practical VAT Newsletter                               1999-

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