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					       DERBY HOMES

                                        LEAD :
                                          by example-be open accessible and accountable
                                         promote, uphold and communicate Derby Homes core values,
                                          aims & objectives
                                         make sure your team know where they fit in to the bigger picture
                                         involve customers in everything you do

                    COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY:                                DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY & LOYALTY:
                     share information through team meetings & A&Ds         make fair decisions
                     listen, act and respond appropriately                  value equality & diversity
                     be aware of your audience and choose your              honour your commitments to your team and to our
                      communication style and method accordingly              customers

                    DEVELOP YOURSELF:                                       DEVELOP OTHERS:
                     take responsibility for your own learning              celebrate & recognise achievements
                     ask for & learn from feedback                          address performance issues
                     translate learning into actions                        encourage teamwork
                     learn from experiences                                 recognise strengths – identifying learning potential
                                                                             provide regular feedback

                                    DEVELOP THE SERVICE:
                                     with the involvement of your team develop & deliver ‘SMART’ service plans
                                     learn from mistakes/complaints
                                     monitor performance – review – improve
                                     encourage and initiate ideas
                                     plan ahead – think to the future – implement change
                                     work in partnership

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