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					                               NOTICE OF CONSTABLE SALE
                                    REAL PROPERTY

                              (Sale to held as near to 11:00am as possible)

By virtue of a Writ of Execution issued by the County Court at Law #3 of Dallas County, Texas, on the
21st day of September, 2005 in the case of

Bridgett Jackson


Micaiah Pruitt, Cause No. CC-03-05029-C, and directed and delivered to me as Constable of Precinct 3,
Collin County, Texas, I have levied upon this 26th day of October, 2005 and will, between the hours of
10:00am and 4:00pm, on the first Tuesday of December, 2005, it being the 06th of said month, at the
courthouse door of Collin County, Texas proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder with cash in
hand, unless otherwise exempted, all the right, title and interest which the said Micaiah Pruitt, had of, in
and to the following described real property, to-wit:

Being Lot 35, Block F of Daniel Crossing Phase D, an addition to the City of Murphy, Collin County,
Texas according to the Plat thereof recorded in Volume M, Page 162, Map Records, Collin County, Texas.

Said property is levied upon as the property of Micaiah Pruitt and will be sold to satisfy a judgment
rendered in the said Court of Dallas County, Texas on the 25th day of July, 2005 in favor of Bridgett
Jackson and against the said Micaiah Pruitt for the sum of $7,000.00 principal, plus attorney fees of
$2,500.00 with interest from the 25th day of July, 2003 at 10% per annum, court costs of $249.00, and
further costs of executing this writ.

NOTICE: This property may have other liens or taxes due, or encumbrances, which become the
responsibility of the successful bidder.

Witness my hand this 26th day of October 2005.

BOB BELL, Constable
Precinct 3, Collin County, Texas

By ___________________________, Deputy.
       Richard Harris

Subscribed and sworn before me, a Notary Public, on this 26th day of October 2005.

                                                             Notary Public

                         920 E Park Blvd, Suite 230 Plano, TX 75074 (972) 881-3070

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