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jip forward plan 200910 _ 201011


									                                                         JIP Forward Plan 2009/10
                                             Workstream Strategic Commissioning: Programme 5
                                                         Lead Director: Ray James
                                              Development Lead: Sarah Hollingworth (interim)
          The Strategic Commissioning Programme will work to improve joint working both across London Boroughs; and in conjunction with Health
          Partners to support the implementation of the Social Care Transformation agenda and achieving CSR 07 efficiency targets. Focusing on
          increasing commissioning capability to deliver for personalised outcomes, supporting strategic market development across all care groups, with a
          specific focus on developing commissioning pathways in collaboration with Healthcare for London to tackle London’s demographic priorities.

                                    Outcomes                                                              Success Measures

     1.     Creating opportunities to develop & influence market conditions     1.   Engagement with 50% of providers demonstrating innovation in
            to achieve Putting People First                                          delivery of personalised services
     2.     Develop collaborative commissioning opportunities to:               2.   Increased range and quantity of collaborative commissioning
                    a. Improve pathways & outcomes                                   opportunities
                    b. Secure efficient & high quality services                 3.   40% of Commissioning staff completed approved Commissioning
     3.     Effective & skilled commissioning workforce operating across             Development Programmes
            adult social care in London                                         4.   Commissioning/procurement activity is evidence based and driven by
     4.     Intelligent commissioning which is needs led and evidence                the JSNA
            based delivering JSNA outputs                                       5.   Demonstrate improved outcomes for service users and efficiencies
     5.     Opportunities to invest in prevention & early invention are              through investment in prevention and early intervention
            identified and implemented                                          6.   Commissioning is developed to achieve better & clearer pathways for
     6.     Establish commissioning to achieve improved care pathways in             individuals and carers
            Dementia & Long Term Conditions                                     7.   Mental Health Services and other services provide common
     7.     Mental Health & Social Care/Health Commissioning draws on                standards, access and care in line with high quality outcomes.
            WCC and shared expertise

                                                                       Work Programme

           Project            Task/Activity/Dates                Deliverables/Outcomes/                  Resources(cost)/                Linkages
                                                                           Dates                          Responsibility
     5.1 Improve             Facilitate collaborative      All existing networks are                Commissioning
     strategic                Commissioning and joint      operating effectively, ongoing during       Development Lead
     networks across          contribution to JIP          09/10
     Health & Social          Strategic Commissioning
     Care in London           workprgramme
                             Ensure effective
                              governance of regional
                              commissioning initiatives
                              covering all client groups
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                             OP,MH, PD, SI & LD

     5.2 Finalise           Continued roll out of        Demonstrate evidence based             Commissioning                   Improvement
     JSNA                    activity programme          Commissioning delivering to JSNA          Development Lead
     workshops, to           commenced in 08/09          priorities                               £20K, for workshop
     ensure they are                                                                               activities and development
     used to                                                                                       groups with good practice
     effectively                                                                                   information
     information local

     5.3 Continued          In conjunction with            Prevention, early intervention       £50K                         
     engagement/col          Healthcare for London           opportunities maximised to           Engagement with
     laboration              map commissioning               reduce costs and improvement          Prevention/Early
     between ASC &           pathways for Stroke,            outcomes for individuals              Intervention approaches &
     Healthcare for          Dementia & LTC                 Clear pathways for LA & health        Dementia Policy lead
     London to                                               partners to adopt
     ensure effective
     social care
     contribution to
     activity &
     5.4                    Define project scope           Project specification May 09         Commissioning                   Personalisation
     Prevention/Earl        Identify good practice         Good practice model July 09           Development Lead                 through
     y intervention –        already in place – create      Network of London boroughs to        £20K for project                 universal
     Research                business case                   implement July 09                     developments                     services
     potential              Engage collaboration of        Lead authority appointed Aug 09                                       Efficiency &
     initiatives &           London Boroughs to             Provider selected Oct 09                                               Procurement
     engage pilot            take project forward           Roll out Nov 09 onwards                                                through
     authorities to         Engage relevant                Monitor & Evaluate April 10                                            Assistive
     deliver 2 joint         provider/s                      onwards                                                                technology
     Commissioning          Appoint lead authority to
     Projects to             contract
     invest in              Write service
     prevention &            specification
     early                  Tender for supplier
     intervention to
                            Implement & roll out
     assess viability

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     for wider roll out      Monitor & Evaluate

     5.5                     Ongoing implementation         Strategic Commissioning Board      Commissioning
     Consolidation of         of recommendations              is operating effectively            Development Lead
     Strategic                from Commissioning
     Commissioning            Scoping Report Jan 09

     5.6 Utilise             Review current                 Continued roll out of good         Commissioning                  Personalisation
     outputs from             practice/business case/         practice case studies               Development Lead
     sub regional             case study as identified
     Commissioning           Publish to ADASS
     networks to              Commissioning Leads
     identify and            Support follow up
     disseminate              questions/queries
     good practice           Continued opportunity
                              assessment to identify
                              future good practice
                              examples for similar roll
     5.7 Continued           Continued roll out of        Give financial support for 8/10      £50K, £25K of which to be      Improvement
     roll out of              activity programme          placements during 09/10                 drawn from Improvement
     Commissioning            commenced in 08/09                                                  Workprogramme

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     5.8 Continued          Continued roll out of         Improved capacity of                  Commissioning             Improvement,
     roll out of             activity programme           Commissioners as established             Development Lead           Leadership &
     Accelerated             commenced in 08/09           through programme evaluation                                        Workforce
     Learning               Autumn event 09 in            2nd phase planning to commence
     Development             conjunction with NHS (L)     from Sept 09
     5. 9 Sub               Consult to identify topics    Delivery of 3 Strategic               Commissioning             Personalisation
     regional               Design and prepare           Commissioning Master Classes             Development Lead          Improvement
     network to              content                       Commissioners are more
     deliver 3              Engage Personalisation       informed on topical issues
     Strategic               workprogramme
     Commissioning          Set up events, invite and
     master classes          deliver
     based on               Evaluate and develop
     “topical” issues        actions for future events
     through the
                            Develop                         Continued roll out of good          Commissioning             Personalisation
     5.10 Identify           ideas/opportunities              practice case studies                Development Lead
     further                 through partner group
     opportunities for       collaboration/opportunity
     collaborative           assessment
     commissioning          Develop business cases
     with key                for collaborative projects

     5.11 In                Develop                       Services are in place to support      £50K to enable sub        Personalisation
     conjunction with        ideas/opportunities          independence, choice and control         regional initiatives       Ref project 1.1.1
     Transformation          through sub regional                                                                             Personalisation
     Workstream              group collaboration
     identify a             Engage providers, LA &
     workprogramme           SU groups through a
     to create the           forum to develop
     right market            opportunities for
     conditions to           development &
     deliver                 implementation
     Ref project

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     5.12 Identify          Review current               Through pilots evidence effective      Commissioning                 Personalisation
     pockets of good         practice/business case/     practice/services that support            Development Lead
     practice that are       case study as identified    personalisation
     delivering             Publish/inform
     transformation          Commissioning networks
     in the market          Support follow up
     for wider               questions/queries
     communication          Continued opportunity
     and roll out            assessment to identify
                             future good practice
                             examples for similar roll
     5.13                   Analytical project to        Provide London Boroughs with           £20K resourced through        Personalisation
     Understand the          assess impact of            data that explores challenges over        Capital Ambition funding      Efficiency &
     impact of               economic climate on         next 5-8 years                                                           Procurement
     changing                residential & nursing        Provide tool to support boroughs
     economic                care market                 in modeling ongoing potential costs
     climate on                                           Report finalised by Aug 09
     social care

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