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                       CRICKET AUSTRALIA

                                  AUGUST 2007.


     Cricket Australia’s Vision is: “Cricket – Australia’s favourite sport”

     To achieve this Cricket Australia has goals in five strategic areas for 2005-
     2009. Broadly defined these goals are:

             Reinforce and celebrate cricket’s place in the Australian community;
             Thrive at the elite level;
             Substantially increase participation in cricket;
             Grow the financial resources available to invest in the game;
             Work efficiently in our federal system.

     The Cricket Australia (CA) Sport Science Sport Medicine Program is a key
     contributor for CA to achieve these goals in the 2005-2009 strategic plan. It is
     therefore important that the application and funding processes for sports
     science research in cricket are integrated into the CA budgeting and
     education and training systems. To achieve this Cricket Australia has
     assembled a Sport Science Sport MedicineAdvisory Group (SSSMAG) to
     ensure Australian cricket research is high in quality and applicability.

     This document outlines the process and research funding application
     procedures for researchers interested in conducting cricket studies in the
     scientific and medical disciplines.

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                                CA IN CONFIDENCE

     Cricket Australia’s High Performance section – the Centre of Excellence -
     administers the research funding process in consultation with the Sport
     Science Sport Medicine Advisory Group (SSSMAG).

     The SSSMAG is comprised of various academics and practitioners in the
     sport and exercise sciences. Established coaches from the Australian cricket
     coaching community are also involved in the SSSMAG. Expert external
     advice may be sought from outside the SSSMAG if a research application
     warrants it.


     The objectives of the Cricket Australia Sport Science Sport Medicine (SSSM)
     Research Program are to provide information to the cricket community that

     a)     improve coaching methodology;

     b)     improve player preparation, management and performance;

     c)     reduce the incidence of injuries sustained when playing cricket;

     d)     improve the appreciation of coaches and administrators with respect
            to the value and potential contribution of scientific and medical
            research; and

     e)     encourage state cricket associations to adopt a more systematic
            approach to scientifc and medical research.

     Research must be designed to provide information that can be applied
     in the cricket setting. The delivery of results to the cricket community
     and Cricket Australia are important components of this research

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                              CA IN CONFIDENCE

     Applications will be considered for research projects within or across the
     medical and sport science disciplines (e.g. biomechanics, epidemiology,
     nutrition, physiology, psychology, physiotherapy, physiology, skill acquisition

     Projects within or across these sub-disciplines may seek to address:

           Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury
           Injury patterns and statistics
           Coaching, training and preparation methods
           Match analyses, trends and strategies
           Skill development
           Recovery strategies
           Social, career and welfare aspects
           Psychological factors important to cricket
           Talent identification
           Facility and equipment design

     While all research proposals will be considered for funding, the following
     areas are currently considered priority areas:

           Mental skills required in elite and developmental cricket
           Elite cricketers career and welfare issues – lifestyle balance
           Relationships between volume of cricket played and performance
           New ways to statistically characterise cricket performance and trends
           Recovery methodologies and their benefits to cricketers
           Strategies and techniques to efficiently run between wickets
           Non-conventional methods to develop cricket skills (e.g. virtual reality)
           Methods and interventions to reduce the risk of fast bowling injury
           Methods and interventions to remediate illegal bowling actions
           Methods and interventions to improve bowling performance
           Bilateral skill development
           Initial movements and stroke positions in batting
           Prediction, prevention and management of shoulder injuries

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                              CA IN CONFIDENCE

     Cricket Australia will require research applications to be reviewed by the
     Sport Science Sport Medicine Advisory Group (SSSMAG). Successful
     research proposals will be funded in instalments and by agreement within a
     CA research contract.

     When recommending funding for projects to Cricket Australia, the SSSMAG
     will consider the following categories within an application as fundable:

     5.1    Employment of Personnel
            Hourly rates of pay will be determined from the relevant Award Rates
            of pay for administrative and technical support.

            Hourly rates claimed must be commensurate with the employee’s
            qualifications and experience.

            Cricket Australia will not fund through this scheme, either fully or
            partly, scholarships or bursaries for university based graduate or
            post – graduate students.

     5.2    Travel
            Contribution towards travel will depend upon the nature of the project.
            In general, funds for travel will only be considered when they form an
            integral part of the project, i.e. data collection. Mode of travel must be

     5.3    Meals and Accommodation
            Claims for meals and accommodation will be approved under the CA
            funding structure provided they form part of the project. They will not
            be allowed in the resident work setting. Generally, accommodation
            charges should not exceed $120/night and meal/incidental costs no
            more than $60/day per person.

     5.4    Technical Services and Supplies

            5.4.1   Computer Service
                    Reasonable expenses for computer services, or purchase of
                    software, are permitted. Budgets must include information of
                    the facility to be used, rates per hour, and number of hours
                    required. Generally the purchase of hardware is not funded by
                    Cricket Australia.

            5.4.2   Equipment
                    Funding is generally not provided for equipment. However, the
                    purchase of items specifically required for the project may be
                    considered if such items are normally not available and

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                              CA IN CONFIDENCE
                   deemed essential. Any equipment purchased will be and will
                   remain the property of Cricket Australia.

           5.4.3   Consumables
                   Funds may be provided for laboratory supplies such as films,
                   gases, compact discs etc.

     5.5   University Infrastructure Costs

           Funds for up to 15% of university infrastructure costs may be

     5.6   Commercial Research

           Any funding of commercial research will be viewed as a business
           partnership, and hence all factors related to this partnership will need
           to be negotiated between Cricket Australia and the relevant external
           parties. You should contact Cricket Australia Legal Counsel on (03)
           9653 9999 to discuss your proposal - before submission to the
           SSSMAG - if it contains commercial aspects to it.


     6.1   Process

           Cricket Australia will seek feedback from key stakeholders and may
           advertise specific topics deemed priorities for Australian cricket and
           call for applications relating to these topics.

           Cricket Australia invites researchers to submit a research proposal for
           review by the SSSMAG. The guidelines for research proposal
           applications, processes and funding are detailed in this document.
           Particular care should be taken to adhere to sections 7 to 12 of
           this document. Generally, research proposals are needed for funding
           applications of AUD$4,000 and above.

     6.2   Commissioned Research

           Researchers with a demonstrated interest, expertise and a proven
           track record may be invited by Cricket Australia to submit a proposal
           on a selected topic.

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                             CA IN CONFIDENCE

     7.1      Structure of Research Proposals

     All applications must originally be a Word document, Arial 11 point font, top
     and bottom margins of 2.5cm, and left and right margins of 3 cm. The
     application must contain the following subheadings and information (please
     note sections exceeding word limits may be ignored by the SSSMAG):

          The title of the study (Maximum 20 words).

           The research team (include qualifications, contact details, research
           experience, affiliations, reports/publications since 2000 only [maximum 1

           page only], designated main researcher).

           Introduction (include brief statement of the problem, a brief outline of the
           research approach and the potential benefits to cricket; Maximum 250


          Brief literature review with references (Maximum 750 words).

          Research objectives and/or hypotheses.

           Methodology (target participants, data collection and statistical
           procedures; Maximum 1000 words).

           Budget details (itemise costs and outline other sources of funding being
           sought/gained; refer to section 5 of this document).

          Research timeline (detail dates for data collection, analysis and final
           reporting phases).

           Information dissemination (how will the research findings be delivered to
           cricket. N.B. A cricket forum presentation, a full technical and a coaches

           report are considered the minimum).

     7.2      Supporting Documentation

     a)       Each application must be supported and endorsed by a written
              statement from a state cricket association or the Head Coach of
              the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence (COE). State
              associations or the COE must indicate the level of support they will
              provide and this is to be submitted with each application. It is
              imperative that regular communication links are developed between
              the state cricket association and the researchers in the development
              of the proposal, however, it is not mandatory that the study
              participants be directly linked with the state cricket association.
              Endorsements from state associations should be from 2 of the
              following: Chief Executive Officer, Head Coach, and/or High

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                                 CA IN CONFIDENCE
     Performance Manager. COE endorsement, if applicable, should be
     from the Head Coach. These endorsements should include a
     statement that the state association or COE has read this document in
     full and they understand and will fulfil their obligations as outlined in
     section 11 of this document.

b)   One copy of the final clearance from the Ethical Committee of the
     administering institution must be attached to the original application
     form, or forwarded as soon as possible thereafter.

c)   Each researcher in the project should clearly outline the
     environment and in what capacity they will be operating. This
     should include:

        Honours, Masters or PhD level student, if as a student
        University Lecturer/Professor/Supervisor, if in Academia
        State or National Institute of Sport Scientist/Therapist etc
        Part-time or full-time researcher in the proposed project
         Average time that will be spent by each researcher of the team on
         the research project on a monthly basis.

d)   A signed and dated statement from the supervisor/employer of
     the main researcher stating:

         The project can be accommodated in the general facilities of the
         department/school/section of the main researcher’s workplace

         That she/he is prepared to have the project undertaken within the
         organisation of the main researcher as set out in the proposal.

f)   A signed and dated statement by the main researcher is needed,
     acknowledging that they will agree to undertake the following:

        Inform the SSSMAG of any changes in the study design
        Inform the SSSMAG of any anticipated variations in project costs
         Inform the SSSMAG of any anticipated delay to the completion of
         the project

        Provide the SSSMAG project status reports on a quarterly basis
        Maintain a record of project expenditure (updated monthly)

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                       CA IN CONFIDENCE

     8.1   Scientific Review of Proposals - SSSMAG

           Selected members of the SSSMAG will independently review
           proposals according to the following criteria:

              demonstrated depth of insight into the problem
              scientific merit, design and methodology of the project
              feasibility of the study
              appropriateness of the budget and project timeline
              potential benefits and applicability to cricket
              degree of support from the state cricket association/COE
              track record of the research team
               external expertise will be recruited to evaluate your proposal if

           If the SSSMAG requires further information the main researcher will
           be contacted.

     8.2   Recommendation to Cricket Australia

           The recommendations of the SSSMAG will be submitted to Cricket
           Australia for budgetary considerations. Final funding allocations by
           Cricket Australia will be based upon:

              the direct benefit to Australian cricket
              the scientific review and recommendation of the SSSMAG
              the degree of support from the state cricket association/COE
              an analysis of the cost to benefit ratio for Australian cricket

     Cricket Australia will have final approval of funding of recommended
     projects. Priority may be given to those topics as commissioned by
     Cricket Australia.

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                             CA IN CONFIDENCE

      9.1    Notification

             Feedback from the SSSMAG and CA will be provided to research
             proponents via the Sport Science Sport Medicine Manager. Proposals
             will be categorised as one of the following: 1. Funding recommended;
             2. Conditional funding (minor alterations needed); 3. Revise and
             resubmit (major alterations needed); 4. Funding not recommended.

      9.2    Contract

             If funding is granted, a legal contract will be executed between Cricket
             Australia, the research team and the administering institution. The
             contract ensures that:

                Funding processes are agreed and understood.
                Funding is used in the manner set out in the proposal.
                 The research team lives up to the expectations set out in the
                 research proposal and agreed to by Cricket Australia.

                 The administering institution lives up to the expectations set out in
                 the research proposal and agreed to by Cricket Australia.

                 The responsibilities of the main researcher as outlined in section
                 10 are met.

                The Intellectual Property of all parties is protected.

             Failure to comply with the contract may lead to Cricket Australia
             revoking funding or requesting that all or some monies are returned to
             Cricket Australia.


      On or before the specified completion date of the research project, the
      researcher must submit the following to Cricket Australia in a mutually agreed

       A coaches report
       A scientific report
       An outline of papers to be published or presentations to be made resulting
        from the research findings. (N.B. subject to Cricket Australia approval,
        which will not be unreasonably withheld).

       Satisfactory completion of the project will be determined by:

       the scientific report being favourably reviewed by the SSSMAG
       the coaches report being favourably reviewed by the state cricket
        association and/or CBCE.
       a satisfactory audited financial statement from the researcher or the
        administering institution being received by Cricket Australia.

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                                CA IN CONFIDENCE

      When a research project is being conducted in collaboration with a state
      cricket association that state association should:

       ensure the relevant personnel are available to provide on site assistance
        and background material where appropriate.
       assist the researchers to access the appropriate number of subjects if
       provide regular feedback to the COE.


      12.1   Submission of Research Proposals

             One (1) Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the full
             proposal should be emailed to:

             Marc Portus at:

             Otherwise one hardcopy posted to:

             Dr. Marc Portus
             Manager, Sport Science Sport Medicine Unit
             Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence
             PO Box 122, Albion, QLD 4010

        Deadline for proposal submission is 5pm, Friday 12th October 2007.

      12.2   SSSMAG Proposal Review & Feedback

             Cricket Australia will endeavour to provide feedback and notification of
             your proposal within 4-6 weeks of receipt.


      Cricket Australia supports and encourages scientific and medical research
      that will make a direct contribution to the development of cricket. It is
      envisaged that much of the information gained through this program will be
      applicable at many levels of Australian and international cricket.

      If you have any queries regarding your proposed research project please
      contact Marc Portus on or (07) 3624 8309.

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                               CA IN CONFIDENCE

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