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                                          JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:                      Regional Nursing Lead for Endoscopy
DIRECTORATE:                    Service Improvement Directorate NLIAH
CONTRACT:                       Fixed Term Secondment until March 2010
GRADE:                          As per current salary
HOURS OF WORK                   1 session per week
REPORTS TO:                     National Programme Lead for Endoscopy
ACCOUNTABLE TO:                 Professional Lead for Bowel Cancer Screening


NLIAH is working with Screening Services to implement the Global Rating Scale (GRS) in
all trusts in Wales. This is a web-based reporting system that enables each endoscopy
unit to self-report on a variety of parameters, namely:

   Quality and safety
   Customer care
   Workforce
   Training
   Productivity

GRS has been rolled out in Wales from the Spring of 2007 and the first of the six-monthly
censuses has been conducted as a paper exercise. For the October 2007 census each
unit will need to submit their data electronically.

There is a need for clinical leadership, both medical and nursing, to engage and support
endoscopy units and their staff and to ensure that steps towards the necessary
improvements have been taken. In order to support these developments NLIAH is
appointing three medical clinical leads and three nursing leads, one of each discipline in
each of the three regions in Wales.

Visits to units and regional meetings will be needed to exchange information on good
practice and to assist in troubleshooting when needed. It will also be necessary for units
to provide evidence to substantiate their GRS rankings. Furthermore there will be a need
for what are termed “pre-JAG visits” and “JAG accreditation.” The Joint Advisory Group
for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (the JAG) is the established body, supported by the Royal
GRS Regional Nurse
Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
Version 181
Colleges, which has responsibility for ensuring the adequacy for endoscopy training in
units throughout the UK. The intention is that all the endoscopy units in the UK will have
been inspected by March 2009.

The Regional GRS Leads should be able to demonstrate leadership skills and have
extensive experience of gastrointestinal endoscopy. It is expected that applicants will have
knowledge and experience of working with the GRS. Each Regional Lead will work with
the National Programme Lead for GRS based at the National Leadership and Innovation
Agency for Healthcare (NLIAH). NLIAH will have the over-arching role in co-ordinating the
work of each of the three medical and nursing regional lead pairs.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1.      To provide strong nursing leadership for the GRS implementation.

2.      To exploit opportunities to promote and communicate innovative practices together
        with the principles and practice of service improvement in clinical and managerial

3.      To contribute to the strategic development of endoscopy services in their region,
        including the establishment of bowel screening.

4.      To work with National Programme Lead and each endoscopy unit in each region in
        developing GRS action plans.

5.      To contribute to the six-monthly national GRS implementation workshops.

6.      To participate in pre-JAG and JAG accreditation visits in units in Wales outside their
        region (eg North Wales GRS leads would visit South West and/or South East Wales
        units alongside national clinical leads and JAG representatives).

7.      To establish local structures and processes which will continue to develop and
        improve endoscopy services after GRS is established.


    Using a range of well developed interpersonal skills, the post holder will motivate,
     influence, inspire and lead others to improve services and performance to meet
     national standards.

    Influence people and events, formally and informally, both inside and outside formal
     programmes through using their highly developed communication, negotiation and
     persuasive skills. This will include the requirement to develop and maintain constructive
     relationships when reconciling or resolving situations of conflict.

    To assist in the development and production of detailed reports, graphs, charts and
     associated presentation materials using a variety of software applications.

GRS Regional Nurse
Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
Version 182
   Support and lead as an expert resource for both clinical and non-clinical teams as they
    progress through the process of change. Continually liaise with key stakeholders in
    order to achieve significant whole system change to modernise services.

   Maintain, sustain and develop effective communication channels and collaborative
    working relationships with staff at all levels within NHS Wales.

Analytical Skills

   To work as part of the team to develop and interpret data and clinical information to
    inform and develop new solutions based on extending existing systems and processes
    e.g. redesigning and modernising approaches to health and social care which has an
    impact on patient experience.

   To work as part of the team to help provide judgements derived from the analysis of
    highly complex information gathered from a wide variety of sources; and use service
    improvement methodologies to demonstrate to organisations opportunities for services
    improvement gains, including the development and implementation of integrated care

   There is a regular requirement to assist in the development and production of reports.

Policy Development and Implementation

   To contribute to policy development and implementation of GRS and the National
    Bowel Screening Programme

   Work in collaboration with the Professional Lead for Bowel Screening and the National
    Programme Lead to co-ordinate and adjust plans to deliver national and local service
    development and improvement in Endoscopy across Wales.

   Work with patients, service improvement managers and clinical teams across multiple
    organisations within Wales to identify opportunities for continual service improvement
    for patients.

   Provide expert advice to NHS organisations on how to successfully achieve GRS

Planning and Organisational Skills

   Plan with GRS Team on external speakers and experts to create innovative
    conferences and training events.

   To help facilitate a range of regional meetings, networks and events with support from
    the National Programme Lead or the Professional Lead for Bowel Screening. This will
    require the participation in meetings which require communication with a variety of
    audiences and mixtures of attendees.
GRS Regional Nurse
Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
Version 183
   To assist in the development and delivery of training programmes for multi-disciplinary
    groups. This includes delivery to clinicians and senior managers across multi-
    organisational programmes and workshops about a variety of subjects.

Resource Management

   The assist in the formulation of information/data collection/analysis to support long term
    plans/improvement and strategic direction of Endoscopy in organisations.

   To advise on relevant audits using Service Improvement methodology to improve
    services across organisations.

Physical Effort

   Frequent VDU use is required for this post for periods of up to 3 to 4 hours at a time in
    order to produce complex reports and presentations

   There is a frequent requirement to sit in a restrictive sitting position for up to 3 hours on
    a regular basis to meet the travelling requirements of the post.

GRS Regional Nurse
Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
Version 184

   Performance Reviews/Performance Obligation: The post holder will be expected to
    participate in the Trust individual performance review process to ensure continued professional

   Job Limitations: At no time should the post holder work outside their defined level of
    competence. If the post holder has concerns regarding this, they should immediately discuss
    them with their Manager / Supervisor / Consultant. All staff have a responsibility to inform
    those supervising their duties if they are not competent to perform a duty.

   Confidentiality: In line with the Data Protection Act 1998, the post holder will be expected to
    maintain confidentiality in relation to personal and patient information, as outlined in the
    contract of employment. The post holder may access information only on a need to know basis
    in the direct discharge of duties and divulge information only in the proper course of duties.

   Risk Management: The Trust is committed to protecting its staff, patients, assets and
    reputation through an effective risk management process. The post holder will be required to
    comply with the Trust‟s Risk Management Policy, Health and Safety Policy and other
    associated policies and to actively participate in this process, having responsibility for
    managing risks and reporting exceptions.

   Records Management: The post holder has a legal responsibility to treat all records created,
    maintained, used or handled as part of their work within the Trust in confidence (even after an
    employee has left the Trust). This includes all records relating to patient health, financial,
    personal and administrative, whether paper based or on computer. All staff have a
    responsibility to consult their manager if they have any doubts about the correct management
    of records with which they work.

   Health & Safety: The post holder is required to co-operate with the Trust to ensure health and
    safety duties and requirements are complied with. It is the post holder‟s personal responsibility
    to conform to procedures, rules and codes of practice; and to use properly and conscientiously
    all safety equipment, devices, protective clothing and equipment which is fitted or made
    available, and to attend training courses as required. All staff have a responsibility to access
    Occupational Health and other support in times of need and advice.

   For Clinical Staff Only: All clinical staff are required to comply, at all times, with the relevant
    codes of practice and other requirements of the appropriate professional organisations e.g.
    GMC, NMC, HPC etc. It is the post holder‟s responsibility to ensure that they are both familiar
    with and adhere to these requirements.

    All Clinical Staff will be advised during their induction of the arrangements available for them to
    access advice and support both during and outside normal working hours.

   Job Description: This job description is not inflexible but is an outline and account of the main
    duties. Any changes will be discussed fully with the post holder in advance. The job
    description will be reviewed periodically to take into account changes and developments in
    service requirements.

GRS Regional Nurse
Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
Version 185
                                          PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                              Criteria                                        How Tested

                                                                                  Ess   Des   App   Int   Pre

Registered Nurse with a relevant professional qualification                         x
Educated to relevant Masters Degree level e.g. Masters Degree in Change
Management or Education, Masters Degree in Clinical Governance or Core                   x
Academic Subject.
Equivalent combination of Educational/Change management and service
Improvement knowledge/qualification :

        (e.g., CIPD / Training and Development related qualification or courses
        covering professional development, workforce redesign,
        Change Management, Learning and development, Organisational
        Culture theories).                                                               x

Supplemented with appropriate advanced specialist vocational courses (e.g.,

Appropriate demonstrable experience (e.g. Significant experience working in a
similar environment at Masters Level).
Demonstrate standard keyboard skills and have a working knowledge of                     x
Microsoft Office packages. ECDL Level 2 or equivalent.


Significant management experience in a senior role including staff management,      x
ideally within endoscopy
Experience of successfully leading and implementing projects.                       x
Expertise in delivering highly specialist change management and service                  x
improvement services.
Experience of successfully leading and implementing project driven change
management.                                                                         x

Skills & Abilities
Ability to communicate highly complex technical concepts and analysis
effectively to different organisations and audiences; including formal                   x
presentations e.g. Board level.
Demonstrate an ability to provide, receive and record both routine and highly            x
complex communications, electronically, orally and written.
Ability to overcome barriers associated with conveying highly complex technical          x
information to a non-technical audience.
Ability to organise, plan and prioritise a diverse range of complex strategic
programmes to meet statutory and other deadlines typically involving other               x

    GRS Regional Nurse
    Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
    Version 186
    Ability to work closely with people in other disciplines and form professional                      x
    working relationships.
    Demonstrate an ability to carry out analysis, interpretation and comparison of
    complex change management and service improvement training issues, and to                           x
    act as an expert reference point.
    Ability to train multi-disciplinary groups including clinical staff through the                          x
    delivery of multi-organisational training programmes.
    Ability to communicate effectively across different levels of the organisation.                     x
    Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with team                           x
    members and other staff.
    Can demonstrate initiative, creativity, flexibility and a personal ethos of                         x
    continuous improvement.
    Show an ability to gain an understanding of other professionals „problem                            x
    solving‟ requirements.
    Ability to focus, concentrate and accurately complete tasks within given
    timeframes whilst dealing with unscheduled interruptions e.g., changing                             x
    Ability to manage services across organisations.                                                    x
    Ability to translate strategy into action.                                                          x
    Demonstrable additional specialist knowledge and expertise e.g. advanced                            x
    presentation and facilitation skills.
    Knowledge of NHS Change Management and Service Improvement agenda
    and methodologies, including knowledge of current Service Improvement                                    x
    change management Strategy.
    Knowledge of the NHS broader Modernisation Agenda.                                                  x
    Understand the requirements of Information Governance in relation to the NHS.                       x

    Personal Attributes
    Ability to meet the frequent travel needs of the post. (The post-holder will be
    required to travel to any location as required by the organisation which may be                     x
    remote and distant and this may mean overnight stays away from home).
    Flexible to meet the needs of the service.                                                          x
    Commitment to principles of change management.                                                      x
    Welsh speaking.                                                                                              x

I agree that this job description and person specification accurately describe the above post and has been
developed jointly.

Employee’s Name and Signature: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Date: ------------

Manager’s Name and Signature: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Date: ……….

         GRS Regional Nurse
         Service Improvement Directorate (NLIAH)
         Version 187

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