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  DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2008 – 2010
Key Activity 1:      Implementing and monitoring the Devon, Torbay and Plymouth Agreed Syllabus

     Key Tasks       Target Group(s)        Lead/by whom               Cost         Timescale                 Success Criteria


To effectively                                                                  Autumn Term 2008       All Devon schools familiar with AS
implement the new    All Devon schools,    Graham Langtree ,         25 days                           requirements and using the
AS Every Child                               Trish Martin and        Advisers       Major INSET        supportive handbooks effectively
Matters in RE and     Devon SACRE          members of Devon            time      programme through     leading to improved standards in
the new units of        members                  SACRE                          learning communities   RE
work through                              (who are encouraged
learning               The dioceses       to attend the training)


To monitor the         Selected Devon      Graham Langtree/         20 days         Autumn 2008        Monitoring leads to improved
impact of the new         schools          Barbara Wintersgill      Advisers       - Spring 2009       standards in, and evaluation of,
AS through focused                                                  time                               RE. Key strengths and areas for
visits to a sample                                                                                     development shared with Devon
number of primary,                                                                                     SACRE and feed into future plans.
secondary and
special schools
Key Activity 2:              To develop the role of Devon SACRE in Community Cohesion (Generic)

     Key Tasks            Target Group(s)      Lead/by whom              Cost         Timescale              Success Criteria

2A                          Devon SACRE                               10 days                        Devon SACRE provides clear,
                              members        Graham Langtree          Adviser                        effective and well received guidance
To enhance the                                                        Time plus      Summer 2008 -   to Devon LA and schools on the role
role of SACRE in            Devon schools                             SACRE          Autumn 2009     of RE in community cohesion
Community                                                             working
Cohesion through           National groups                            group
effective guidance
to schools.

Key Activity 3:            Exemplifying standards and the level descriptions in Every Child Matters in RE (Generic)

To develop high                                                         30 days
quality and well            Devon schools                               advisers                     Guidance is well received both
used exemplars of                             Graham Langtree          time plus     Autumn 2008 –   locally and nationally and leads to
the new level              National groups                               travel /     Spring 2010    enhanced, thoughtful assessment in
descriptions                                                             supply                      RE
                            Devon SACRE        Teachers working       costs of the
To illustrate a              members –       group ( in partnership     working
variety of effective                          with Plymouth and           group
approaches to                                       Torbay)
assessment in RE

Activity 4:            To provide guidance and support to schools on effective provision and practice on
                       spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in schools with a particular focus on
                   collective worship (Generic)

     Key Tasks         Target Group(s)      Lead/by whom         Cost          Timescale                 Success Criteria


To review current      All Devon schools   Graham Langtree       3days                           Devon SACRE fully aware of
provision and use                                               Adviser     Autumn Term 2008 -   current strengths and weaknesses
of Devon guidance                                                 time          Spring 2010      in SMSC

4B                                                               20 days
                       All Devon schools   Graham Langtree       Adviser                         New guidance has a positive
To establish a small                                            time plus   Autumn Term 2008-    impact on schools in terms of their
task group to                                                  travel and   Summer term 2010     SMSC provision.
produce additional                                                supply
guidance on SMSC                                                costs for
(in partnership with                                             working
Plymouth and                                                      group
Torbay)                                                        members

                        Devon SACRE        Graham Langtree –      Nil          Spring 2009       SACRE members understanding
To spend INSET            members          Members of Devon                                      of key issues in SMSC is
time at a future                                SACRE                                            enhanced
SACRE meeting on
Activity 5:                To review the effectiveness and impact on learning of SACRE (Generic)

      Key Tasks        Target Group(s)   Lead/by whom             Cost          Timescale             Success Criteria

                                                                                              Devon SACRE clearly aware of its
To develop the          Devon SACRE      Graham Langtree         5 Days        Autumn 2009-   impact on the Devon community,
partnership                              Members of Devon      Adviser time    Summer 2010    particularly schools and colleges.
between Devon           Devon schools        SACRE                                            Activities held to build partnership
SACRE and                                                                                     with Devon schools and faith
                          Devon faith                                                         communities.
 i.   Devon schools      communities

 ii. faith
     communities in

                                                                  20days                      DVD has a positive impact on
To develop, in                           Graham Langtree /     Adviser time    Summer 2008-   teaching and learning , enhances
partnership with                                                 plus links    Summer 2010    partnership with faith communities
Devon interfaith                          Chair of Devon         with faith                   and increase public understanding
network, a DVD on       Devon SACRE         SACRE/             communities                    of the place of faith and beliefs in
faith and beliefs in      members                              and costs of                   Devon
Devon, to be used                        Devon and Exeter         making,
by Devon schools                         Interfaith networks    distributing
(in partnership with                                              DVD to
Plymouth and                                                      schools
Activity 6:         Developing support for gifted and talented pupils in RE (Generic)

    Key Tasks            Target Group(s)       Lead/by whom             Cost           Timescale              Success Criteria

To provide              All Devon schools
exemplars of            plus national groups                                                          Improved provision in identifying
effective practice in                                              10 days Adviser                    and supporting gifted and talented
supporting gifted                              Graham Langtree /   time plus small    Spring 2009 -   RE pupils and improved pupil
and talented pupils                               Paula Bray       SACRE working      Summer 2010     performance.
in RE( in                                                               group
partnership with
Plymouth and

Activity 7:         Developing supportive guidance for mixed age classes in RE in primary and special schools
                                                               (primary and special schools focus)

    To develop          All Devon schools      Graham Langtree /     10 days RE       Summer 2008-    Guidance is valued and well
effective and well-     with mixed age                               Adviser time      Spring 2009    received and leads to higher
received guidance       classes plus other       Trish Martin /    plus publication                   quality planning and deliver of RE
   on using the                                                         costs
 Agreed Syllabus        LAs with similar       SACRE members
   ‘Every Child         schools to Devon       and working group
Matters in RE‘ and
supportive units of
work in mixed age
Activity 8:           Developing Guidance for RE in the Early Years (primary and special schools focus)

    Key Tasks            Target Group(s)         Lead/by whom               Cost           Timescale            Success Criteria

To develop high          All Devon primary       Graham Langtree/       20 days Adviser                   Effective guidance which is well
quality and             and special schools        Trish Martin /          time plus      Autumn 2008-    received in Devon and promoted
stimulating             plus Early Years          Juliet Doswell /                        Summer 2010     nationally
materials and           settings and national   Sheena Wright (DES      Working groups
guidance which          bodies                  Early Years Adviser)        costs
enriches learning
for all children in                              SACRE members
Early Years( in                                  and practitioners
partnership with                                      group
Plymouth and

Activity 9: Developing effective collaborative / inter-disciplinary learning in RE (secondary and special
                                                                                           schools focus)

 To develop good        All Devon secondary     Graham Langtree /          20 days        Autumn 2008 –   Effective collaboration leads to
 exemplars of RE        and special schools        Ed Pawson /          Adviser’s time     Autumn 2009    well-regarded exemplars which
collaborating with                              Barbara Wintersgill /   plus working                      improve learning both in RE and
other subjects with     National groups                                  group costs                      the other contributory subjects.
    a focus on                                    Devon SACRE
 partnerships with                                  members
 English, Science,
  Humanities and                                 Teachers’ working
     Creative                                         group
Expressive Arts (in
 partnership with
    Plymouth /
Activity 10:            Developing effective assessment in RE (secondary and special schools focus)

    Key Tasks             Target Group(s)       Lead/by whom            Cost           Timescale          Success Criteria

To provide                                      Graham Langtree /
stimulating and          Devon secondary                            15 days Adviser    Autumn 08 -    Quality and accuracy of
practical guidance       and special schools       Mary Hext /         time plus       Summer 09      assessment in RE is
in assessing RE                                                      working group                    enhanced in all Devon
(linked with Activity    National groups         Devon SACRE                                          secondary and special
3) in partnership                                  Members                                            schools
with Plymouth and
Torbay                                          Teachers’ working

Activity 11:            Developing thoughtful and stimulating learning activities in RE
                         (Secondary and Special schools focus)

To enrich learning       Devon Secondary        Graham Langtree /
in RE through the        and special schools.      Paula Bray /     15 days adviser   Autumn 2008 -   Effective guidance leads to
creation of a                                                          time plus       Spring 2010    more challenging RE and
thinking skills          National groups        Members of Devon     working group                    enriches pupils’ thinking
approach to                                         SACRE                costs                        skills.
develop ideas for
RE based on the                                 Teachers’ working                                     Improved attainment in RE
approach of                                          group                                            through the development of
philosophy for                                                                                        key thinking skills.
children (in
partnership with
Plymouth and

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