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					1       Customise page settings and security letters
1. Log in to Schoolcomms from the desktop icon. Click on School Preferences, Default Page Settings. Adjust margins (set top margin to 50 with
   a header or 200 without). Insert header if required by clicking on Find header image, then browse to the location of a .jpg of your school header.
   Alter or remove the footer text as required. Click Preview to check layout.
2. Click on Tailor Student Security Letter. This is the letter that will be printed for each student’s parents. Check the contents and alter the text in
   the boxes as required. Click on the Preview button to see the letter layout. The student’s name will be inserted automatically. When you are sat-
   isfied, repeat for the School Member Security Letter. This is the version that will be printed for adult school members e.g. staff.
3. Test print the letters to check that they are satisfactory. Click Save for each one.

2       Import members and groups
School Members should be imported regularly to ensure synchroni- Role types:
sation with the school MIS and to keep groups up to date. Do not School member type                           Role ID
add students or staff manually.                                            Student                            1
                                                                           Teacher                            2
Most school administration systems provide a CSV export facility where Support staff                          3
the field types and order can be specified. Having exported data in CSV Governor                              4
format from an administration system, the file should be checked in a text School board member                5
editor or spreadsheet before importing into Schoolcomms.                   Other                              6

Configuration:                                                                       1500     Vince           Ancram        1A       1     1
The following is an example of how a Schoolcomms CSV import file would               1501     Meg             Bennett       1B       1     1
look in a text editor like Windows Notepad. It contains 5 school members,            1502     Brian           Blunt         2A       2     1
the first three are students and the last two are teachers (refer to the Role
types table for more information).                                                   1503     Peter           Chips                        2
                                                                                     1504     Polly           Chips                        2
1500, Vince, Ancram, 1A, 1, 2
1501, Meg, Bennet, 1B, 1, 1                                            Alternatively, the CSV file can be generated or viewed in a spreadsheet
1502, Brian, Blunt, 2A, 2, 1                                           like Microsoft Excel ®. In Excel, the import must be structured as follows.
1503, Peter, Chips, , , 2                                              It should be saved as type: ‘CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)’
1504, Polly, Chips, , , 2                                              1. Click on the ‘Management’ bar and select Import Management.
                                                                       2. Click on ‘Browse’ button and locate the file that you have prepared
The fields are comma-separated. There are no column headers. The field      for import.
types are as follows:                                                  3. Click on the ‘Run Import’ button to start the import.
Field# 1         Student admission number / unique identifier          4. If the import contained new members, you will be able to create secu-
Field# 2         Forename                                                   rity letters for these by clicking the Security Letters button and se-
Field# 3         Surname                                                    lecting the members for whom you wish to create letters. See below.
Field# 4         Registration group                                    5. If the import excludes any members that were previously imported,
Field# 5         School year                                                you will be able delete these leavers, if appropriate. Click the Delete
Field# 6         Role ID (See the role types table)                         Leavers button and select the members you wish to delete.

3       Print and send security letters                                         4      Checking and adding linked users
1. Click on Security Letters. Select the members for whom you wish              1. Click on School Members and Groups, Manage School Members.
   to create letters by highlighting the names and clicking on Add. Re-         2. Find and highlight the name of the member you want to check.
   member that you can select the whole list using the shift key.               3. Click on Linked People on the top toolbar.
2. Select the location for saving the letters. Click OK. Schoolcomms will       4. A box will appear showing the people currently linked to that school
   automatically collate them in registration groups.                              member.
3. When you are ready, find the files in your chosen location and print.        5. To add or edit a link for a user, click on Add Link or Edit Link and
4. Distribute to parents and encourage them to register.                           enter the details. To remove a link click Delete Link. Users should
5. Have a PC available at parents’ evenings so that people can register            be encouraged to link through the web site for themselves.
   there and then.                                                              6. When adding or editing a linked person’s contact details, tick or un-
                                                                                   tick the box to send or not send confirmation messages.

Where to get more help                                                          7      Adding members (manually)
                                                                                1. Click on School Members and Groups, Manage School Members,
For more detailed help on using Schoolcomms Click on the Help button               Add Member.
on any screen, or download the full manual from the web site at                 2. Type in the Forename, Surname, select role from the drop down list,
                                                                                   type Registration group and year. Click OK.
                                                                                3. Click OK to prepare the security letter for the new member.
                                                                                4. Preview the letter, alter the page settings if required, Click Print.
Quick Reference Guide CSV PAYG
Composing an SMS text message                                              Sending an SMS message
1. Click on Messaging, Compose an SMS Message.                             1. When you are ready click Send Now. Schoolcomms will perform a
2. To continue preparing a previous draft, click Open Draft; to start a       spell check and send the message to all linked recipients.
   new message click Templates, and choose the template to use.            2. Click Send Later for dispatch at a later time.
3. Select the recipients (see below)                                       3. Some of your recipients may not be linked for SMS.
4. Place the cursor in the text box and type your message.                 4. Click View and Print the message to make paper copies.
5. Use the wildcards to personalise your message.                          5. Click View and Print the paper distribution list. This will give you a
6. You are limited to 160 characters credits to fulfil your mailing. See      list of those requiring paper copies, by registration group, for handing
   the ‘Ordering SMS credits’ box below.                                      out to students. Click Print.
                                                                           6. Non resident parents can be flagged on the list using Add/Edit Link on
                                                                              the Manage School Members screen
Selecting Recipients                                                       7. This list can be accessed from the Sent Items screen for 30 days.
1. Click on the To Parents… or To School Member.. Button.
2. Use the Select Recipients screen to move the required recipients into
   the right hand boxes. You can select recipients individually or by
   group. Use the Look For box for a quick search.
3. Highlight the recipients in the left hand box and click the To Parent
                                                                           Received messages
   of.. or the To School Member button to move the names into the
   right hand boxes.                                                       1. Click on Messaging, Received messages. If your school is not en-
4. Check that you have correctly chosen to send the message to the            abled to receive SMS messages you will be given the opportunity to
   student themselves and/or their parents.                                   change your choice here.
5. If you wish the message to go to all parents untick the Prime par-      2. Amend the date range if required and click Show.
   ents only box.                                                          3. Select a message and you will see the text in the window.
6. Click OK. The recipients will appear on the compose email screen.       4. Click Delete to remove the selected message(s).
7. You can return at any time before you send the message to alter the
   recipients by clicking on the To Parents of button.                     Viewing sent items and checking delivery

                                                                           1. Click on Messaging, Sent Items.
Creating groups                                                            2. Highlight the message that you want to review. Click View Message
                                                                              to see the sent item.
1. To make a new group, click on School Members and Groups, Man-           3. Click on the To Recipient.. to view the list of recipients.
   age School Groups, Add Group.                                           4. Select the message and click on Delivery Status to see the status of
2. Type the name of the new group and click OK.                               the sent messages, by recipient.
3. When prompted, click OK to select group members.
4. Highlight the members of the group and click on Add’ Either select
   individual members from the list on the left or select whole groups
   and remove those not required. Use the search box by typing in a
   few letters from the name and click Find now.
5. Click OK to save the group.
                                                                           Ordering SMS credits
                                                                           1. If you need to order more SMS credits, click on the Compose SMS
                                                                              message button.
Management Reports                                                         2. Click on SMS credits; the number of remaining credits will be dis-
1. Click on Management, Management Reports.
                                                                           3. Click on Order Credits.
2. Select the report that you wish to view by double clicking on it.
                                                                           4. Select the bundle size that you require and enter a Purchase order
3. Of particular help may be the report showing all registered people
   with their contact details.
                                                                           5. Click OK and save or print the pdf order form. The new credits will be
                                                                              immediately available for use.
                                                                           6. Please sign and fax the order to 0844 445 7148 or email it to
Where to get more help                                                        sales@schoolcomms.com. An invoice will be sent by post.
For more detailed help on using Schoolcomms Click on the Help button
on any screen, or download the full manual from the web site at            Quick Reference Guide CSV PAYG                                Page 2

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