PALMYRA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                           MEETING MINUTES
                             February 5, 2009
                                 8:00 a.m.
                          HOT ROD BAR & GRILL

Meeting was called to order by Chamber President Kathy Walters at 8:15 p.m.

Roll Call: Rick Ball, Laurie Mueller, Kathy Walters, Terry Burrington – present.

Also Present: Wendy Lucht, , Ruthann Mueller, Marie Koch, Karen Klatt, Crystal
Grainger, Gary Kahn, Paul Oehrke, & Lori Garlock

Treasurer’s Report: Motion by Laurie Mueller, second by Rick Ball to accept the
January’s Treasurer’s report as presented. All ayes-carried

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Wendy Lucht, second by Marie Koch to approve the
Jan. 8, 2009 meeting minutes as presented. All ayes-carried.


1. Karen Klatt, Pastor from the Methodist Church was present and asked everyone what
   they thought of having a job fair at the High School for students. Local businesses
   could come and set up a table and talk about their profession. This is in an effort to
   inform kids on the different job opportunities that are out there and make them realize
   they can have a business locally and succeed. Chamber members thought this was a
   good idea for next Fall. Perhaps the High School principal could do a joint letter with
   the Chamber explaining this effort and send it out to Eagle Businesses and Eagle’s
   Chamber. Karen Klatt will relay this information to the Principal and either her or he
   will be in touch with the Chamber. Laurie Mueller asked if we could put the
   possibility of giving away a scholarship to a local student on the next agenda.

2. Some discussion took place on a new company to host the Chamber’s website.
   Laurie Mueller mentioned the company that the Village has, TownWeb Design. They
   set up the site, host it and give us a domain name, but we would still have to have
   someone maintain the site. This will be decided after we find someone who is
   interested in the position of maintaining our site, we would like to have Heather stay
   with us and will give her the first opportunity.

3. Laurie Mueller typed up a draft proposal for everyone to review. This will be
   presented to the person/persons interested in the job of maintaining our website. The
   officers will meet to discuss this next Monday and send it out.
4. The Village wide Rummage Sale was discussed. Lori Garlock has been doing this for
   the past few years and she said it would be the first weekend of May. The Chamber
   has lost money the last couple of years due to the high cost of advertising. Everyone
   decided that the cost to be listed on the Rummage Sale map would go from $5 to $10.
   Ruthann Mueller will get with Lori to put an article together on this, which is free in
   the paper. We can also possibly use the Park & Rec. sign to advertise.

5. Marie Koch reported that the ads for the 2009 Chamber Book are coming along. We
   have some new ads over last year. Our book will be featured on website.

6. Next meeting will be at Hot Rod Bar & Grill again.

Any Other Business: Reminder to everyone that the Chamber Party is Feb. 21st from
3-5 p.m. Everyone is welcome, we are hoping to get some new members to sign on.

2 plagues were handed out to A-1 Creative Plastics and Wilson’s Sport & Marine by
Kathy and Terry. Ruthann will be doing a short write up in the Enterprise. Laurie
Mueller will get more plaques ready. We would like to hand out at least 4-6 a month.

Motion by Rick Ball second by Gary Kahn to spend $35 on flowers for Neil Wilson’s

There being no other business Walters made a motion, second by Mueller to adjourn at
9:25 p.m.

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