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					Proposal Overview

Complete each of the requirements below. Please treat this proposal very seriously, as it will
likely make or break your project (in other words, if your proposal is good, then your
project has a much better chance of being good)! I know there is a lot of detail required
here, but, it will help you t organize your project better. You must complete all elements of
the project proposal before you begin coding your site.

You may answer some of the requirements directly in this document. Some of the
requirements including the mission statement, goals, sketches, organizational chart and the
timeline will require separate documents).

You must read the The Unusually Useful Web Book before you complete your project. The
practices described in this book should be employed in your project site. The book also
includes many useful forms to help you complete your proposal.


      What is the name of the site?
      What is the site's purpose/mission statement (e.g., why does the client want a site
       and what purpose will it serve)? (Described in the Unusually Useful Web Book)
      Who is the author? Hint that would be you.
      Define the audience (young, mature, male, female, stockbroker, American,
       Canadian, librarian, etc.). Who is your site being designed for?
      Set written goals for the site. (Described in the Unusually Useful Web Book)
      What will be the organization of the site? Please show this graphically by including a
       "tree diagram/organizational chart" of the pages on the site (if you don't know what
       I mean by this, please come see me). Information on creating charts in MS Office
       can be found at You
       can also use, a free Web based organization chart
       creation tool or which has a sitemap tool.
      Pencil Sketch the layout of the site before you begin any coding. If you know
       Photoshop or Fireworks you could use one of those programs to create a si te
      How will be the site's navigational structure (e.g., common navigation bars,
       forward/back buttons, link to home on each page, etc?). How will they be styled?
      What will be the site's content? Please include the proposed content for each page
       to be included in your site. The more detail you have, the better off you'll be.
      What will be the site's graphical design? Please indicate any graphics that must be
       developed, etc.
      What are the technology requirements? Will you be using straight XHTML and CSS?
       What new technology will you be learning and incorporating into this site.
      How are you going to ensure site consistency? Think of such things as color, font,
       graphics, table usage etc.
      Be sure to check your spelling and grammar!

Implementation Schedule

      This should be a week-by-week schedule. For each calendar week, you must list the
       tasks to be completed and an estimate of the time required for each. For each task,
       you should indicate
          o the estimate for how many person-hours it will take to complete the task
          o the date it will be completed
      Some suggestions for tasks to include:
          o Development of site's graphical design
          o Status Reports
          o   Development of site's organization
          o   Completed proposal
          o   Finalization of text/content
          o   Developing any graphics related to the site
          o   Taking any pictures required for the site
          o   Formatting pictures in Photoshop (if required)
          o   Developing the various pages of the site
          o   Publish the site

This implementation schedule must be completed BEFORE you start your site. You need to
learn how to estimate how much time it will take to complete the various components of a
Web site. While you are working on your site, track your hours to see how accurate your
estimated timeline was. Remember, this is a learning experience.