Position description & performance evaluation: recovery room registered nurse

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					 Job description: Recovery room registered
Title                                        Recovery room registered nurse
Main function                                Performs nursing care for the patient in the immediate
                                             postoperative/post anesthesia period, assessing and
                                             documenting patient’s status upon arrival in the recovery room.
                                             Provides nursing care to meet patient needs related to surgical
                                             condition and type of anesthesia administered, monitoring
                                             patient and informing surgeon or anesthetist of observed
Duties and
                                             1.   Philosophy
                                                  a) Supports the facility’s ideology, mission, goals, and
                                                  b) Performs in accordance with the facility’s policies and
                                                  c) Follows the facility’s standards for ethical business
                                                  d) Conducts self as a positive role model and team
                                                  e) Recognizes patients’ rights and responsibilities and
                                                       supports them in performance of job duties
                                                  f) Participates in facility committees, meetings, in-
                                                       services, and activities
                                             2.   Communication
                                                  a) Communicates effectively and professionally with
                                                     patients, visitors, physicians, and coworkers
                                                  b) Interacts with others in a positive, respectful, and
                                                     considerate manner
                                             3.   Financial practices
                                                  a) Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids
                                                      wasteful practices
                                                  b) Reports wasteful practices
                                                  c) Analyzes work area and makes recommendations for
                                                      potential cost-effective improvements
                                             4.   Compliance program
                                                  a) Contributes to the progress and development of the
                                                     organization’s adopted compliance program
                                                  b) Performs according to established compliance policies
                                                     and procedures
                                             5.   Performance-improvement program
                                                  a) Contributes to the progress and development of the
                                                      organization's adopted performance-improvement
                                                  b) Performs according to established performance-
                                                      improvement policies and procedures
                                             6.   Safety/Risk-management program
                                                  a) Adheres to safety policies and procedures in
                                                      performing job duties and responsibilities
                                                  b) Reports observed or suspected safety violations,
                                                      hazards, and policy/procedure noncompliance to
                                                      safety officer or other designated person
                                             7.   Professional competence
                                                  a) Participates in continuing education and other learning
                                 b)   Shares knowledge gained in continuing education with
                                 c)   Maintains membership in relevant professional
                                 d)   Seeks new learning experiences by accepting
                                      challenging opportunities and responsibilities
                                 e)   Welcomes suggestions and recommendations
                            8.  Duties
                                a) Effectively organizes time, equipment, supplies, and
                                     personnel for management of the recovery room
                                b) Organizes nursing activities efficiently, considering
                                     staff abilities when delegating activities
                                c) Uses equipment effectively by anticipating patient
                                     needs and providing appropriate care
                                d) Confirms that proper techniques and procedures are
                                     used according to accepted standards of practice
                                e) Assists in managing inventory of supplies, drugs, and
                                     equipment to maintain availability and stock levels in
                                     the postoperative area
                                f) Maintains order and cleanliness of postoperative area
                                g) Performs safe and individualized nursing care for the
                                     patient in the immediate postoperative/postanesthesia
                                h) Assesses and documents the patient’s physical and
                                     emotional status upon arrival in the recovery room
                                i) Documents postanesthesia care and identity of second
                                     person in the recovery room during the patient’s
                                     recovery from anesthesia/sedation according to
                                     approved policies and procedures
                                j) Provides nursing care to meet patient needs related to
                                     surgical condition and type of anesthesia administered
                                k) Monitors patients and informs surgeon or anesthetist
                                     of observed complications
                                l) Performs thorough postoperative patient assessment
                                     prior to discharge of the patient
                                m) Assists in assessing the physical and emotional status
                                     of the patient in preparation for discharge
                                n) Develops a plan of care for the patient based on the
                                     assessment data
                                o) Reviews postoperative instructions and prescriptions
                                     from the surgeon with patient and significant other and
                                     documents in the patient’s medical record
                                p) Informs patient and family about appropriate care and
                                     procedure to follow upon returning home
                                q) Determines that patient and significant other
                                     understand conditions that require immediate
                                     care/method to obtain immediate care
                                r) Provides comfort and reassurance to the patient and
                                     promotes privacy and dignity
Responsibility for assets   Not applicable
                            1.   Cooperative work attitude toward co-employees,
                                 management, patients, visitors, and physicians
                            2.   Ability to promote favorable facility image with physicians,
                                 patients, insurance companies, and general public
                            3.   Ability to make decisions and solve problems
                            1.   High school graduate or GED certifi
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